Amanda Jissih


Television presenter Amanda Jissih has backed Kwaw Kese on his verbal fight with fellow musician Kontihene.

Amanda Jissih on Tuesday evening said Kontihene lacks knowledge because of how he answered questions he was asked on radio and not expect a react from people he attacks.

Amanda Jissih on twitter wrote “If u Kontihene claim ur wise thn ur bst ans to the questns u were askd shd ve been ,no comment. U punched kwaw n he did same. Let me be.kmt”.

Amanda Jissih on Monday interviewed Kwaw Kese on Kontihene saying he, Kwaw Kese does not record songs with good content. Kwaw kese told Amanda Jissih that Kontihene’s career is dead and he [Kontihene] want to use him [Kwaw Kese] to resurrect the dead career.

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