‘IS THIS A MOVIE?’- Gospel Musician, Cweci Oteng Reacts To Moesha’s Born Again Video

Ghanaian gospel musician, Cwesi Oteng has reacted to the viral video of actress, Moesha Boduong talking about how plans of committing suicide failed after some people came to her rescue as she shares her old life’s experiences with them at an undisclosed location.

Moesha Boduong who was looking unkempt in the video opened up on the kind of life she lived when she was in the world before becoming born again.

Weighing in on what many perceive as a gimmick, Cwesi Oteng hoped that it is not a movie Ghanaians are watching and thus family members should at this moment get medical attention for Moesha as what she is going through right now could be caused by several factors.

However, the ‘Mercy’ singer noted that he feels very sorry for the self-acclaimed born again Moesha.

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Gospel Singer Bro Sammy believes paying of bribe is not a sin especially when it would propel you to higher heights.

Just when everyone thought the VGMAs bribery allegation against gospel musicians by George Quaye was over, Bro. Sammy says we should spare him few minutes to give his take on it.

Several Gospel Musicians in Ghana including Ohemaa Mercy, Cwesi Oteng, OJ, Bernard Amankwah among others and even Gospel music producers heavily criticized, former VGMA PRO George Quaye for alleging that Gospel musicians offer bribe to win awards but Bro. Sammy has a contrary opinion.

The Gospel Singer who is known for his strong passion of composing warship songs says there is absolutely nothing wrong with his colleagues persuading award organisers to act in their favour by a gift of money or other inducements.

Bro. Sammy in an interview with Dave Hammer on Hello FM said when gospel musician wins the award, it opens bigger opportunities for the artiste to win more souls for Christ so he sees nothing wrong when a fellow offer a bribe to win an award.

Bro. Sammy who admitted that he has not come across a colleague paying bribe to win award made it clear that it is not a sin for gospel musicians to give an inducement for awards. He explained that secular musicians always win most awards so he sees nothing wrong if a gospel musician can pay to beat them.

“I’ve not seen a gospel musician paying bribe but it is not a sin when someone pays bribe. The secular musicians mostly win all the awards so if someone can pay for gospel artistes to sweep most of the plaques, it is beneficial.

The Bible says money can do everything so if someone will pay just for gospel to top the awards, it is good.” Sammy opined.

In an attempt to justify his statement, Bro Sammy further explained on Hitz FM this morning that he is not encouraging anybody to pay bribe and he has never paid bribe before but he if he has to personality pay bribe or any Gospel Musician wants to pay bribe to be able to win the ultimate award for the first time over the circular musicians, then he sees nothing wrong with it.

Bro Sammy added that the Bible says money can solve all problems.

“I’ve never paid bribe before but I will pay if the chance comes. It is not a sin to uplift the name of God. The bible says money can solve all problems so if it can help for others to hear about God, I see nothing wrong with it.

If you preach to someone to come follow Christ and he is hungry, the person would still be sinning but if you advise the person and add money for him to start something, the person will surely depart from the bad ways.

So to pay cash and win award to help push the name of God, I’ll pay because money is nothing before God,”

Bro Sammy was, however, quick to add that he had personally not come across any of his colleagues who have paid bribes to win awards before.

“I’ve not seen a gospel musician paying a bribe but it is not a sin when someone pays a bribe”, he said.

Source: NKONKONSA.com 


Popular Gospel Musician Cwesi Oteng who endorsed Nana Akufo-Addo and openly campaigned for the New Patritic Party(NPP) has predicted that Actor John Dumelo will become the President of Ghana one day.

Both celebrities from different political divides, advanced the course of Democracy in Ghana’s 2016 presidential elections. Ghanaian actor John Dumelo was for John Mahama’s NDC and Gospel musician Cweci Oteng for NPP.

It’s quit surprising that the latter would in any way endorse the former for a presidential position in the coming years but yes! Cweci Oteng has stated that John Dumelo would one day taste the seat of Presidency in the Republic of Ghana and has asked that the world never forgets his utterance.

The “Ebi God Dey Bless Me” Singer shared this thoughts on twitter.

“John Dumelo will one day be president of Ghana. Remember”.

Source: NKONKONSA.com