Nikki Samonas 1Ghanaian actress, Nikki Samonas, has said her breasts are her favorite part of her body and, therefore, has no problem flaunting them.

Nikki’s breasts have become a topic of discussion in recent times on social media. A recent picture she posted on Instagram, where her boobs appeared bigger than usual, generated a lot of debate among her fans about whether they were real or fake.

But speaking on the Class Drive on Class 91.3FM on Friday, August 5, Samonas emphasized that her boobs were natural and she loved them.

“My boobs [are] my favourite part of my body. … I love them, people even say I have done implants. I mean that’s how good they look,” she told host Prince Benjamin, adding: “No, I haven’t done implants. Why would I do implants when they look so good?”

The mixed-race actress revealed she would only go under the knife for implants if her boobs sag after childbirth.

“I will do implants after childbirth; if [they] still look good, no, but if [they don’t], I will fix it. When something is wrong, you fix it,” Samonas explained.

Samonas said she loved her boobs because they were round and firm. “They are beautiful… I can stare at them in the mirror for long because they are so perfect, I think that is why He (God) didn’t give me a**, He gave me nice breasts because I don’t have a**,” she added.

The actress, who is known for revealing a lot of her cleavage, said: “If you’ve got it, you’ve got to flaunt it, so I try as much as possible to flaunt it when I get the chance to do so.”