Criss Waddle girlAn 18-year old Senior High School (SHS) graduate only identified as Mary reportedly attempted committing suicide after being jilted by Ghanaian rapper Criss Waddle.

She claims to be a resident of Tech a suburb of the Kumasi Metropolis, indicates that she met the musician on Instagram and both became friends but the musician told her she was not matured enough to date him. Subsequently, he told her to visit him when he returns from his trip to Ghana some time later in the month.

According to her, she visited Chris Waddle countless times at his Tema and Prampram residences where both engaged in hot sexual bouts.

It was in one of such visits she indicated, Mr Waddle took pictures with her and posted on her social media pages attracting a barrage of insults and when she could no longer contain them, she decided committing suicide through knifing.

The musician has admitted meeting Mary but denied being in any a relationship with her. He said the lady in question only demanded to take pictures with him but he was not willing because he could not vouch for her credibility.

Upon a second thought however, he yielded to her demand and took the picture with Mary just like he does to his fans.

Meanwhile, The young lady who was rained with insults from fans of Ghanaian Rapper Criss Waddle for pestering him to take ‘selfie’ with him has finally broken her silence.

She alleged that the ace rapper Criss Waddle had sex twice with her contrary to the latter’s claim she only pestered him for pictures.

According to her, the ‘Bie Gya’ man told her at the time, he was outside the country and will hook up upon arrival in Ghana. When he finally arrived in Ghana, he allegedly invited his newly found friend over to Tema where he lives on two occasions where they had sex among other things.

Mary - Criss Waddle
Mary lying down after her suicide attempt

Mary and Criss Waddle Criss Waddle and Mary