Apostle Dr. Solomon, the husband of popular marriage counsellor Rev Charlotte Oduro, has disclosed that his wife pushed for divorce a few years after they got married.

In an interview with ZionFlex, the founder of the Royal Victory Family Chapel International spoke about the outspoken nature of his wife, Rev Charlotte Oduro, and her utterances regarding marital issues.

Apart from the calling on her life, the experience is best. Before, she did not respect me, and she was being influenced by my own colleague pastors and she wasn’t ready to submit as a woman and also didn’t know who she was.

If you are a man and a woman doesn’t respect or appreciate you, it hurts. She wanted to divorce on so many occasions, but I told her, no, I won’t leave you.”

When asked why he refused to grant his wife a divorce, the clergyman stated that he swore to himself to intimately engage only one woman in his lifetime.

He said, “My spirit doesn’t like divorce, and I know how divorce is. And I have told myself that I would only marry and live with one woman. So, my whole life I have known only one woman. Even if she still goes ahead to divorce me, I prefer to be alone and focus on the work of God. And these principles helped me to pursue her all the time.”



Ghanaian Counsellor, Charlotte Oduro has advised her fellow married women that they should be able to give their husbands se!x everyday.

She said this in a discussion on Atinka FM’s morning show, when she was asked if it is right for women to deny their husbands sex due to poverty in the marriage, she said women should rather be supportive and not focus on just money in marriages.

This was the statement she made;

“Women should not focus on the money the men do not have. The man does not have money, he is already hot. What will make him relax is a woman who has sense and patience and encourages him that things will not be the same till end.”

She continued that,” Women should know that it is not every day that the man will get money, it is not everything you want that you will get. Let us stand as women, what are you also doing to help the man?”

She further added; ”If the man is hardworking and forceful but because of something, things are not going on well, you need to support him as a woman, encourage him because that will make him bounce back.

“If he comes and he wants sex, what is it that you are denying him of? Is it because he does not have money?. Must he pay you before he gets sex from you? A married woman? No!.”

The Counselor also said, “Sex is the time for the man to release stress; you have to comfort him and encourage him and pray hope into his life.”

“Let us learn to speak well to our husbands as women and when things go well, we will be the ones to enjoy it.


MARRYING A PASTOR IS DIFFICULT-Counselor Charlotte Oduro Reveals

Marriage and Relationship counselor Charlotte Oduro has revealed that marrying a pastor is very difficult and that if you are not courageous you can’t marry them.

She made this known in an interview with Abeiku Santana on OkayFM, that people out there will think that marring a pastor is smooth and nice but those in her shoes will bear with her that that’s not the case. According to her the way the Pastors behave when they are in a congregation and how they talk about marriages is not how they are.

Making her submission, Charlotte Oduro said after advising the public, she goes home and she and her husband have to advise each other because they can’t send theirs outside.

Watch the video below;


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