Criss Waddle bie gya video 2
Rapper Criss Waddle and Bridget Shiel in “Biegya” video

Atlanta police and a councilwoman are offering a combined $10,000 reward for the killers of Bridget Shiel, 19, who was found shot dead and naked in a city park on May 31 according to reports by AJC.com.

Bridget Shiel’s body was dumped in a grassy area near a basketball court in Oakland City Park after she was shot multiple times in the back, buttocks and legs.

Before she was killed, two men were seen with her!

“We don’t feel, based on what witnesses said, she was there willingly, and these two males may be perpetrators of this crime,” Detective Vince Velazquez said in a press conference on Friday. One of the men with Shiel looked to be between 20 and 30 years old with a goatee and wearing a white T-shirt. Police said there was no clear description of the other man. While there is no evidence of sexual assault, “we have to suspect there was at least some kind of attempt,” Velazquez said.

Atlanta Police believe Shiel knew her killers, and that she was shot elsewhere and before being transported to the park. “Somebody knows something out there. Somebody knows something,” Atlanta City Councilwoman Cleta Winslow said during a news conference Monday. “So please come forward.” “When shots are being fired and it’s around our children, that is something that is very serious and very close to my heart,” she said. Councilwoman Winslow offered $5,000 toward the reward fund while the Atlanta Police Foundation will match the amount, according to AJC.com

Shiel’s funeral was held on June 11th after her family raised $5,000 toward her funeral costs via a Gofundme account.

Bridget Shiel became popular in Ghana after her death for starring popular Ghanaian Rapper Criss Waddle controversial hit single “Biegya” which was shot in Atlanta.

Watch the “Biegya” video below:

Source: Atlanta Police with additional information by NKONKONSA.com