Ghanaian actress Vicky has revealed in an interview with that she doesn’t have any memories of men she has dated in the past.

Vicky Zugah and Bolt with her name tattooed on his chest.
Vicky Zugah and Bolt with her name tattooed on his chest.

Vicky, who was asked to comment on stories making rounds in the media that her ex-boyfriend Leo Mensah of “Nkoakoa TV” fame dumped her for another actress Chichi, said she doesn’t remember dating any man by the name Leo Mensah.

According to Vicky if there were any men in her life before now, then she doesn’t remember them.

“The only man I know right now is the one I am dating. I don’t know any other man. If there was any man in my life before, then I don’t remember them. I don’t remember any of my ex-boyfriends as I speak to you now, the one I remember is my present guy. I don’t know what are talking about all I know is that I am happy and I am in a new relationship”.

Asked who she is dating now Vicky said “the only boyfriend I know is Bolt and I am very happy with him now”.

As to whether she would forget Bolt if he also becomes her ex, she said “Oh no! It would depend on how he becomes my ex”.  

The beautiful actress has confirmed to that she is happily dating and living with Sierra Leonean representative at Big Brother “The Chase”, Bolt. The two have been seen in public several times enjoying their love moments.

During his stay in the Big Brother house in 2013, Adrian Bolt Lewis had sex with Ethiopian housemate Betty before he was evicted.

Vicky on the other hand is known to have dated actress Nana Ama McBrown’s current boyfriend Maxwell Mensah, she also dated DJ cash who tattooed Vicky’s name on his body, she dated Actor and TV Presenter Leo Mensah and now Bolt is the man in charge and he has also tattooed Vicky’s name on his check.