Ghanaian actress, Bibi Bright has completely ruled out playing romance scenes in movies for the rest of her entire acting life.

Bibi Bright made her resolve known to media personality, Frankie 5 on the ‘This is Gospel’ show on Hitz FM on Sunday, September 5, in an exclusive one-on-one interview.

The mother of two intimated that her decision not to play kissing roles in movies is not because of her faith as a Christian but because of her maturity and growth as woman and an actress therefore no amount of money will persuade her to act in romance scenes.

The staunch sympathizer of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) said she is now a mother and a wife therefore she is careful what she puts out there.

“If you’d cast me for a role and it’d involve kissing, I’m not going to take it. It’s not just because I’m a Christian; I’m a mother, a wife and I feel I’m on a different path”. “Back in the day when I had just gotten into the industry, when I was trying to find my feet, I was trying to let them know I’m a versatile actress.”

“When we were kids, we used to bath in the rain; but as time goes on, nobody will tell you to do so in the bathroom. We are growing, things are changing,” she added.



Ghanaian actress, Bibi Bright has recounted a harrowing experience she had several years ago that that terrified her the most in her life.

Bibi Bright revealed that she nearly got killed by a gunshot as the bullet missed her after her boyfriend mistakenly pulled the trigger whilst he was flaunting a gun he freshly bought.

Bibi Bright took to her Instagram page and shared a throwback photo that reminded her so much about her harrowing experience, saying this particular picture could have been her last as that was what she wore when the unfortunate incident happened years ago.

She wrote;

“Looking through my drive and I came across this pic from 2014.
This would have been my last picture taken because just 4hrs later I survived what would have been a gunshot to the head by just a few inches . My then boyfriend picked me up from work and before I got into his car, my uncle’s pastor, Pastor king who had just arrived from Dubai decided to just say a prayer for me before I left.. if not anything I remember the line ‘you will not die before your time’ 
Fast forward am in my man’s house and he’s is flexing with his gun ” registered” he jokingly pointed the gun to my head and I remember shouting that he should take it away from my head cs I don’t trust my house people, he kept laughing at how am scared of guns, he took the bullet case out and pointed it at my head again, I kept telling him to please take it away from my head then He said “don’t worry it has no bullet in it, see, then the gun went off !! Just a few inches from my ear.! Apparently a bullet moved up before he moved the bullet case! 
I remember screaming loud, don’t think I have ever screamed that loud again in my life but i could not even hear my self scream because my ear was deaf from the sound of the gun.
His friends rushed to the room screaming wondering why the gun had gone off. I sat on the floor and WEPT!! I remember He was also crying but at that point I didn’t care what he was feeling because all that was playing in my head was the pastors prayer for me. From that day on wards, I changed my mindset about Jehovah God, my heart turned towards Him and I have never looked back again.

Looking at how far Jehovah God has brought me all I can say is Thank You Lord”.

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Ghanaian actress, Bibi Bright has chided politician and Public Relations Officer for the National Democratic Congress, (NDC), Sammy Gyamfi for opposing government’s decision to pay the spouses of the President and Vice President allowances and salaries.

In a series of tweets, Sammy Gyamfi stated that the decision by the state to pay wives of Nana Akufo Addo and his vice, Bawumia a monthly salary equivalent to that of a Cabinet Minister, is patently unconstitutional and reprehensible particularly given the fact that they are not Article 71 Office holders therefore same must be withdrawn forthwith.

He wrote;

For the records, the spouses of the President and Vice President of the United States of America are not paid any salary by the State. Why ‘Ama Ghana’? :@NAkufoAddo @MBawumia

Reacting to his tweet, Bibi Bright pointed to the fact that government has been paying president’s spouses behind closed doors branded as ‘allowances’ and now that the president has proposed the payment of salaries which will be taxed just like other civil servants, the opposition has decided to twist and turn it to emotionally frustrate the hearts and minds of Ghanaians.

Sighted on her |Instagram page, Bibi went on to ask how leaders can be accountable and transparent we continue to criticize truth and uphold the unknown.

She wrote;

‘For years since 2008.. ‘Ama Ghana’ has been paying some amounts of money under the table to former first and second ladies till date tagged as “Allowances” As teachers, nurses and other public servants had taxes deducted from their salaries for national building these under the table sums of money was paid with no tax deduction. Today, the president supposes that the ‘allowances’ that are been paid behind doors should be brought to light and paid as salaries so they can be taxed just like every other public servant, the opposition decides to run with it, twist and turn it to emotionally frustrate the hearts and minds of Ghanaians. 

Am still asking and am yet to get any credible answers about the back dating aspect of this news. I personally disagree that their salaries should be backdated since they, as in ALL former and previous first and second ladies have all been paid their allowances till date, I repeat all of them.

Then again I think what we need to ask again is ‘how much is this ” allowances”? For all we know it may be even more than parliamentarians or ministers pay. I quote former minister of energy under the ndc administration said “he didn’t even know that first and second ladies take allowances” so a whole member of parliament and a minister had no idea how much more you and I? my fellow Ghanaians what if this present day administration also decided to keep mute about these “allowances” and continued to pay sums of money under the table? 

. How do we ask for accountability and transparency as a nation if we continue to criticize the truth and uphold the unknown? 

. “Ama Ghana” my 2cents thank you’





Three years ago, actress Bibi Bright, gave her support to the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and actively campaigned for the party to come to power.

Bibi, who is currently the Executive Secretary of the Creative Arts Council, tells Showbiz that she has no regrets giving her vote to the NPP because it is delivering on its promises to Ghanaians.

“From free SHS to trainee nurses’ allowances, road constructions among other projects, I believe the NPP has done so well in these last two years and they need to be applauded. I have no regrets taking that bold step to campaign for them,” she said in an interview with Showbiz on Tuesday.

Bibi Bright was emphatic that she would still campaign for NPP come 2020 so the party could continue its good works.

“Ghanaians needed a change and I am proud I contributed my quota by campaigning heavily for the success of the NPP. In the next four years, if Ghanaians are seeing what I am seeing, the country will be better,” she said.

Some celebrities have suffered the negative effects of doing politics including being shunned and losing jobs but Bibi Bright says she rather had more roles when she campaigned for the NPP.

“Contrary to what happened to some of my colleagues who went out of jobs for campaigning for a political party, I rather got more roles from producers. I was busy shooting movies at different locations and the love shown me from Ghanaians is just amazing.

“I thought of my career and how it was going to be affected but I decided to take a bold step and speak for the masses and I have no regrets doing that. Whenever I support a good cause, I don’t care what happens later and that is what I said to myself when I decided to campaign for the NPP,” she said.

Bibi Bright said the only thing that would make her change her mind about NPP was when the party failed to deliver.

“I will only switch to a new party when the NPP fails to deliver and the next party sounds convincing enough but for now, I am very cool with NPP,” she said.

She has starred in movies such as The New AdabrakaLost In His GloryPromise Beyond among others, Bibi Bright is one of the few actresses who believes the movie industry will bounce back soon.

“His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo -Addo has great interest in our arts and he is investing big time into it. Very soon, Ghanaians will know how Nana Addo loves the arts that he is willing to do whatever it takes to keep it on its toes,” she said.

One of the acts signed on to Zylofon Media owned by embattled businessman, Nana Appiah Mensah, Bibi Bright pleaded with customers of Menzgold, another of Nana Appiah’s outfits, to have patience for the man popularly known as NAM1 because he would pay back their money.

“NAM 1 has been painted black by the media but he is not what people say about him. I know he has good intentions  for Ghanaians and I strongly believe he will pay customers their money because he is a good man,” she added.

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Ghanaian actress Bibi Bright has delivered her third child and it is a baby girl, Nkonkonsa.com can confirm.

The Zylofon Media signee and Secretary of Creative Arts Council of Ghana welcomed a bouncing baby girl on Wednesday February 13, 2018 in Accra.

Bibi Bright confirmed to Nkonkonsa.com that she delivered in early  hours of Wednesday, adding that both her and baby are in good health. The new baby is Bibi’s third child and all three of them are girls.

Actress Bibi Bright who is currently the secretary of Creative Arts Council, came into limelight in 2010 when she featured in a TV series titled “Missed Call” which aired on TV3. Bibi Bright has since then starred in other movies such as Lost in his Glory, Promise beyond, Arinzo – “Nigeria” , Spiritual killer, Hoodlums and many others.

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Until she remarried, actress Bibi Bright was not known for her patience. Very little things upset her and she could not accommodate anyone. But today, she tells Showbiz that marriage has made her very patient and she is happy about that.

“Little things used to upset me and I couldn’t live with anyone else apart from myself, but today, I am comfortable with anyone around me. Things that used to upset me no longer do,” she said.

According to her, she has realised that patience is everything and she is now mature because of that.

“I am now able to control myself and forget about little things that made me get mad before. I have been able to tolerate my husband no matter the highest provocation,” she said.

Bibi Bright says there is no situation she cannot handle now because she has developed a tough skin.

She loves children and she tells Showbiz she would love to have 10 children. “Although I have two kids, my plan is to make it 10 because my husband Akwasi Boateng and I love children. I want to surround myself with my children when I am old,” she revealed.

Known for movies such as Lost in His Glory, Promise Beyond, Spiritual Killer, My Home, Leave My Wife, Occult Girl and New Adabraka, Bibi Bright is very hopeful the movie industry will bounce back again.

She was recently almost defrauded by an ECG official who told her changing her prepared meter would cost her GH¢500. Now the angry actress, who is embarking on a “Say no to Corruption” campaign, is pleading with the government to look into matters like this.

This is what Bibi Bright posted on her Instagram page: “I campaigned for this government for change! And change is one thing that #ECGNEEDS!! Stop corruption at ECG! 

“The guy told me to do what I wanted and that it would not get anywhere! Obviously he is too comfortable with his ways of corruption! He knows for years that the corruption at ECG has no stop! Let’s rise up as a people as a generation and fight corruption! It must stop!!!!”

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Sensational entertainment company – Zylofon Media, has officially unveiled its ultra-modern office in the Ashanti regional capital, Kumasi.

The grand opening of the office located at Anloga Junction had most of the top music and movie stars in the region gracing the occasion on Thursday August, 3, 2017.

Familiar faces present included; Emelia Brobbey, Bill Asamoah, Mercy Asiedu, Papa Kumasi, Ellen White, Wyoosi, Big Akwes, Flowking Stone, Samuel Ofori, Maame Serwaa and many others.

Head of Production at Zylofon Media Enoch Atakorah, in his statement said, their office is open for business, which they intern to support Kumawood movie so they can get their movie and other contents can be bought and shared on online.

Also speaking at the launch Mr. Sammy Baah, Head of Public Relations at Zylofon Media said: “the long -awaited office has finally been unveiled and I believe your cry has finally been answered because Zylofon is here to support and also provide all the necessary logistics to aid film-makers, musicians and other great talents in showbiz fraternities”.

He continued that, Zylofon as a company seeks to appreciate the work of developers; by exchanging value for their works. Zylofon Media sees the entertainment and creative arts industry as the new phase of entrepreneurship in Ghana and beyond hence aspires to invest its resources into this growing industry. Quality comes with a price; therefore, good contents merits, a greater value.

Opportunities were given to kumawood stars and the media as they quizzed Zylofon heads on their plans to support the movie industry and also thanked them for bringing Zylofon Media office in Ashanti Region.

Zylofon Media signees Bibi Bright, Zynnell Zuh, TooSweet Annan, James Gardiner, Obibini, Kumi Guitar, Eddie Nartey among others were also present.

Here are more photos from the event:

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Entertainment Company Zylofon Media, in its quest to help grow the Ghanaian entertainment industry, has launched an all-inclusive arts club in the country.

The launch of the club is part of several activities activated by the fast-growing entertainment and media outfit in the past few months.

Recently, Zylofon Media revealed its intentions of venturing into movie productions. In line with this intention, the company has unveiled five actors they say will spearhead and help them achieve that dream.

The five – James Gardiner, Bibi Bright, Toosweet Annan, Zynnell Zuh and Benedicta Gafah were unveiled at a ceremony at the Zylofon Media headquarters in Accra last Friday.

Prior to the unveiling of the five movie personalities, the company had also signed on five musicians – Kumi Guitar, Becca, Stonebwoy, Joyce Blessing and Obibini – to Zylofon Music wing of the company.

The Ghana Arts Club, according to the company, will train and give professional help to budding talents in the art and the entertainment industry.

With a registration fee of ¢600, up-and-coming musicians, models and actors will get access to all entertainment facilities at Zylofon Media.

The three branches of the club are headed by accomplished music producer, Willi Roi; experienced model and fitness coach, Joshua Ansah; and renowned actor and film producer Eddie Nartey respectively.

Speaking at the unveiling on Friday, Samuel Atuobi Baah, Head of Communications at Zylofon Media noted that the club will help provide a good hub of creative arts talents who will take over from the country’s older creative arts practitioners.

He stressed that apart from the Ghana Arts Club proving an indirect investment to the creative arts industry, it will serve as a pool of talents where various outfits can tap into.

WE KNOW WHAT WE ARE ABOUT – Zylofon Media Speaks

After signing on 10 artistes in the last six months, tongues have started wagging about whether entertainment company, Zylofon Media really knows what it is about.

But Zylon Media wants those tongues to stay put because it has ‘its head well screwed on’ and the fast track signing on of artistes is a good business decision.

Artistes under the wings of the company are Kumi Guitar, Becca, Stonebwoy, Joyce Blessing, Obibini, James Gardener, Benedicta Gafah, Bibi Bright, Zynell Zuh and Too Sweet Annan.

Although they they do not reveal all, Zylofon Media is believed to offer juicy deals comprising of houses, large sums of money, cars among others which is making people wonder how they are going to break even and go ahead to make profit.

Among industry players who feel the rapid sign-ons of Zylofon Media may result in it going the way of of similar companies that have preceded it, is artiste manager, Enoch Adjepong.

“Why do you think the likes of Mad Time Records, Goodies and Agicoat went out of business? Records sales are no more booming in Ghana and I wonder why a new record label would sign on so many artistes.

“Honestly what are they signing the artistes for; there is no way Kumi Guitar for example can make profit for the four year contract he has signed”, Enoch Agyepong who manages Fatao Keita, traditional artiste said.

According to him, he would not have any doubts if Zylofon Media just wants to use the artistes to organise events but to rake in sales is a bit far fetched for him.

However, Samuel Atuobi Baah, Head of Communications at Zylofon Media has a different story to tell.

According to him, Zylofon Media knows what it is about adding that his outfit took into consideration all the advantages and disadvantages before signing the artistes on.

“It is not as if the company has a lot of money to throw away. We want to help the entertainment industry that has suffered for a long time to grow. The entertainment industry to have a record label to sign on great talents” he said.

He explained that, Zylofon Media did a lot of research before it began operating.

“We are aware of all the record labels that signed on a lot of artistes and went burst. We have a well-thought out plan and very soon Ghanaians will know that Zylofon Media means business” he stated.

To him it is too early for anyone to describe Kumi Guitar as a failure adding that their outfit has a great plan for the Break Into Two singer. Mr. Samuel Atuobi Baah revealed that a lot of artistes are knocking on their door to be signed on. “ But we are not just signing for signing sake, we mean business and when our outfit is convinced about a particular artiste then we put pen on paper” he added.

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The Eurostar Ghana Fashion Review panel have announced its top 10 best dressed female celebrities at the just ended 2017 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

The glamorous event which happened on Saturday, April 8 at the Accra International Conference witnessed some very interesting sense of fashion on the red carpet especially by the female celebrities and fashion review panel have spoken.

The red carpet fashion review committee has selected best ten dressed female celebrities at the event.

The ten in no particular order are; Amanda Jissih, Nana Ama Mcbrown, Bibi Bright, Zynnell Zuh, Feli Nuna, Benedicta Gafah, Gloria Osei Sarfo, Berla Mundi, Selly Galley and Edem Fairre.

The list will be cut down to top five and finally to top three.

Each top 10 nominee is guaranteed 1000 Euros shopping vouchers subject to the nominee showing up to pick the prize by herself.

The Ghana Fashion Review is an initiative of Africa’s leading luxury car rental company Eurostar Global Limousine Group with support from media partner including Zionfelix.net, Nkonkonsa.com, Ameyawdebrah.com, Ghanagist.com, Ghkwaku.com, Ytainment.com, Starr FM, Cypressgh.com, 4Syte TV among others.

Eurostar Global Limousines Group was established in early 2012 is Africa’s first 5-star Limousine service providing luxury Chauffer driven limousine rental. The company is headquartered in Accra, Ghana and offers a one-of-a-kind service to the African market through their operations in Ghana and the Ivory Coast, a service that one would usually associate only with the leading cities of the world.

Below are photos of the 10 best dressed female celebrities announced by the committee.