anita-akuffoFast rising beautiful host of the Fashion GH TV show, Anita Akua Akuffo, has disclosed that she would not trade being a black African woman for anything in a campaign against skin bleaching among dark skinned women by Miss Black Beauty Africa pageant.

As an ambassador of the pageant to help champion the course, Miss Akuffo said she is in full support of the movement to encourage young black ladies become proud of who they are.

Read her full statement below:

“I’m Anita Akua Akuffo, a Tv Presenter, events host, and the face of GTP Nuvo. I work with Solid Multimedia. I’ve been in the industry for almost two years. I took part in Miss Malaika Gh 2014 & in 2016 I came on board as the Co-Host.

I think black beauty isn’t just about our complexion as blacks but it entails every single thing that makes us Africans.

I’ve grown to accept, love and appreciate myself as a black African woman and I wouldn’t trade that for anything. Sadly,most ladies haven’t been able to do same and thus, I’m in full support of championing the Black Beauty course to help young ladies become proud of who they are”.


Anita and Kuukua Korsah - GTP 1Two Miss Malaika beauties have been signed as the brand ambassadors for West Africa’s leading Wax print and Textiles Brand – GTP.

Former Miss Malaika contestant and host of Fashion GH, Anita Akua Akuffo has been signed as brand ambassador for GTP’s new product the GTP NuVo, alongside Miss Malaika 2015 Kuukua Korsah as the new faces.

The two pretty ladies are expected to project, promote and market the new product by any mean possible using their social media platforms and their faces would be used for billboards and other promotional materials across the country to advertise their their colourful trendy new set of fabrics.

Several pictures of Anita and Kuukua rocking different colours and designs of the GTP NuVo fabric has already been released and they both looking radiantly beautiful.

GTP NuVo is the new fabric sensation from the fabric masters, GTP. GTP NuVo fabrics are super fresh, perfect for all the things you love to do. A night out, fun at the beach or a smart look for any occasion, GTP NuVo does it all!

GTP is the foremost indigenous Ghanaian wax print brand. The brand has five labels namely: Nustyle, Adepa, Safoa, Nsroma and Institutional (Private label) with each product addressing the particular needs of the textile consumer.

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Kuukua Korsah - GTP Kuukua Korsah - GTP 2 Kuukua Korsah - GTP 1



Anita AkuffoFormer Miss Malaika contestant and host of Fashion Gh on GhOne television, Anita Akua Akuffo, says it takes more than beauty to succeed as a woman.

“I believe appearance is important but after the pretty face and the beauty, what is next? The beauty will get you the gigs but your input and how well you deliver is what ensures you stay on top,” she told Showbiz in an interview last Monday.

Citing an example to buttress her opinion, Anita said movie producers cast pretty ladies in their movies but some of them are not able to interpret their roles well because they are not intelligent enough.

“I feel sad when I see beautiful ladies on our screens who are not able to move a little further aside their beauty,” she said.

She explained that just a year as a TV broadcaster, she has come far because she has been able to merge her beauty with her intelligence.

Anita, who has hosted events such as Golden Movie Awards, Mr. Model Ghana, Miss International Ghana and Bass Awards, said she always excelled because she combined beauty with her brains.

“When you call me for a gig, I come not just with my beauty or grace but I come along with my intelligence and brains,” she said.

Talking about her career, she said it was quite difficult at the very beginning because she was the first in her family to go into entertainment and initially faced strict rejection from her father.

On whom she looks up to in the creative industry, she said she had always been inspired by nana Aba Anamoah because she knows what she wants and does not allow backlash and criticisms to get to her.

Despite appearing good all the time, Anita revealed that she is not expensive as people perceive her. According to her, most of the cloths she wears, including her hairdo, come from sponsors and what she does is to advertise them.

Currently a level 400 student of the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ), Anita, whose desire is to marry a rich and God-fearing man, aspires to be a lawyer.

The stunning TV presenter was quick to caution young ladies who want to emulate her lifestyle to be careful because most of her outfit and hairstyles are sponsored.

Source: Graphic Showbiz


Anita Akuffo 5Fast rising beautiful host of Fashion GH TV show, Anita Akua Akuffo, has disclosed that her father is against what does as TV Presenter and her involvement in show-business in general.

According to Anita the luck of support from her dad is the reason why she has decided to dress decent and takes her appearance very serious so as not to bring shame upon her family.

“My style of dressing is from my upbringing. My parents are very strict and my dad is already not in support of what I do, so the least I can do is to abstain from anything that will tarnish my family’s reputation,” Akua stated in an interview with Flex Newspaper.

She emphasized that pleasant appearance of showbiz persons is very crucial in the entertainment industry. Recalling her Miss Malaika audition days, Anita who believes appearance is of great importance in the media, disclosed how looks was the first thing the judges scrutinized before promoting a contestant to the next round.

“During my Malaika first round auditions, looks qualified us into the next round even before we spoke. Looks really does matter in the entertainment industry. Currently, whether in TV or radio, people consider your looks even before your capabilities,” Miss Akuffo told Flex newspaper.

Anita however added that, one cannot go very far in any form of business with their stunning looks, if they are not brilliant, hardworking, determined, focused or dedicated to whatever it is they do. According to Akua, as she is affectionately called by her folks, decent dressing is a brand she has been carving for herself since the year 2012, because her parents do not tolerate obscenity.

“Dressing decently is also a strategy that is helping me a lot since I entered the public domain in 2012. I don’t want people to see half naked pictures on my social media pages. You don’t have to go naked just for attention sake. You can be decently dressed and still look attractive,” she added.

The 2nd runner-up for Miss ECOWAS 2012 went on to address the perception that she cannot do without make-up. She said making-up has become part of her due to her line of work and she usually posts pictures of her in make-up on social media, in order to advertise her make-over artistes.

Miss Malaika, Ann said, shoved her into the limelight and opened many doors for her. Today, she hosts Fashion Gh which airs on Gh One TV, Viasat 1 TV, Max TV, TV7 and 4Syte TV, as well as host events, commercials, voice overs, etc. Anita Akua Akuffo is an aspiring Legal Practitioner who is currently in her third year at the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ), offering Communication Studies and specializing in Journalism.