nana-akua-addo-and-bibi-brightA lady by name Angel Awuah has confirmed to that the infamous post that provoked actress Bibi Bright to reveal several private information about her fellow actress Nana Akua Addo on Instagram, was sent with her phone and her Instagram page without her knowledge.

Angel told in an exclusive interview that Nana Akua walked into a pharmacy where she works as Pharmacist Assistant on Wednesday October 19, 2016 at about 7:20pm at Spintex Road in Accra and she asked to use her phone.

Angel said even though she knew who Nana Akua was, she was not sure it was her because of how she was dressed until she (Nana Akua) introduced herself and she went ahead to give her the phone. She said Nana Akua pretended she was making a call with the phone and rather use her Instagram page (Angel_Awuah) to post damaging comments about Bibi Bright.

“When she asked for my phone, I just gave it to her and concentrated on serving the next customer because I was the only one on duty.  So she excused herself and sat on a seat close to the counter. When she finished using the phone she gave it back to me and rather complained that someone is making her angry on social media and showed me some of the comments on her phone and I told her to calm down”

Angel stated that she didn’t noticed Nana Akua  had used her page to post comments when she returned the phone so she thanked her for allowing her to use the phone and left.

She said she didn’t really bother about it because according to her people come to the Pharmacy all the time and ask to use her phone so it was normal to her until Bibi Bright posted a screen shot of a comment supposedly posted with her page which she had no idea how it happened and she realized that could be the comments sent by the lady who asked to use her phone, which happens to be Nana Akua Addo.

“I got someone replying my page because apparently she had gone to tag me to Bibi Bright and a lot of comments kept coming I didn’t know what was going on because Nana Akua Addo is not my friend and I didn’t know who Bibi Bright is. So when I read the comments I decided to go to the person’s page to see what was happening, then I realized Nana Akua had used my page to send all those comments within that short time she took my phone”.

Angel went ahead to get in touched with Bibi Bright who felt so hurt by the said comments, to explain that her page was used to post the comments alright but she was not the one who posted it.

“I told Bibi that I am really sorry and that someone used my phone but then she said she doesn’t believe me but one thing that could make her believe me is that several people were calling to tell her good things about me that I am not that kind of person”.

She said the only thing that would make Bibi believe her was if reveals who used her page to send those comments to her.

“So Bibi asked me who took my phone and looking at the way things were going I can’t hide the truth. I can’t tell her that someone I don’t know just took my phone and left when I know the person’s name and who the person is. So I had to tell Bibi the truth that is was Nana Akua Addo who took my phone”.

According Angel the comments Nana Akua posted with her page sounded like the person knows Bibi Bright well and she has issues with her but she (Angel) didn’t know Bibi and everyone knows that she is not so active on social media and she has not called Bibi before.

Angel Awauh said even after telling Bibi the truth she still insisted that she know something about it, accusing her that Nana Akua might have paid her to send those comments to her but she wants the world to know that she is innocent.

“I want Bibi Bright and the whole world to know that Nana Akua Addo used phone and I had no idea what she was up to or why she decided to do what she did. God known I am speaking the truth”.  

Meanwhile, Bibi Bright has confirmed to that she got into contact with Angel and she believes that indeed the lady who used Angel’s phone was actress Nana Akua Addo.

Nana Akua Addo has declined to comment on the issue insisting that she will respond at the appropriate time.

Read some of the comments allegedly posted by Nana Akua Addo with Angel Awuah page:angel-awuah-instagram-2