Amanda AcquahWife of Ghanaian footballer Afriyie Acquah, Amanda, has finally decided to break her silence on the leaked sex tape issue that hit social and mainstream media some months ago.

In an interview with Metro TV, Amanda spoke about how the issue affected her and how she learnt her lessons the hard way.

On how the nude video got leaked, Amanda said, “So I was in Germany when I received a call from a friend about the leak thing. Immediately, I just went down on my knees and was like oo God, this year too? I couldn’t just help it because I’ve been through a lot in this current relationship.”

She also disclosed that she will never and ever send nude photo or video to her partner. And this, according to her, is because she wouldn’t know where her partner’s phone would be in the next minute.

“If I’m even given a million dollars to send nude photo or video, even without my face, I won’t. I’m not gonna do that anymore because of the experiences that I’ve been through; because you might not know where your partner’s phone would be in the next minute,” she argued.

Amanda had this advice to all and sundry: “If you’ve not been through something like this, you would still enjoy sending nude photos out there. Prevention is better than cure. If I had met someone to advise me on this, I’m not sure I would have gone through all these bad moments in life. I’ve learnt my lessons,” she ended.


Afriyie Acquah and his wife Amanda
Afriyie Acquah and his wife Amanda

Wife of Ghanaian soccer star Afriyie Acquah, Amanda Acquah has stated in an exclusive interview with Peacefmonline.com that she is still legally and customarily married to the Black Stars player.

Amanda has denied rumors of her divorce insisting that she is married to the Torino F.C. midfielder. She admitted that their marriage is currently going through difficult times but its definitely not over.

“We are not divorced, we are just separated. We have been separated since March this year. Afriyie is in Italy and I am in London but we are still married and Afriyie Acquah is still my husband. My family has not received any drink from his family asking for divorce and we have not signed any divorce papers”.

Asked why some members from her husband’s family went on radio to confirm their divorce, Amanda said some of her in-laws including her mother-in-law doesn’t like her and she was even happy to hear that her son was divorcing her, so she rushed to grand interviews to the media but as far as she is concerned her husband has not even started any divorce process.

Amanda also stated that Afriyie Acquah still performs her duty as a husband and that he takes care of her like he always does as her husband. “He still takes care of me and performs his responsibilities as my husband. He sends me money like he always does and nothing has changed”.   

Asked if she has communicated with her husband since her sex tape was released, she said “I spoke to him and he is definitely not happy and he is shocked about the naked video that has been released because he knows he is the only one who has the video and he knows I did it for him”.

Source: Peacefmonline.com


Afia SchwarzeneggerControversial TV/Radio Presenter Afia Schwarzenegger has added her voice to the trending Amanda Acquah sex tape scandal.

Afia who has also been hit with similar scandals in the past has jumped to the defense of embattled wife of footballer Afriyie Acquah, Amanda Acquah.

Afia Schwarzenegger has stated in a Facebook post that  it is needless and pointless for people to be happy and jubilation over someone’s misery because people are always bound to make mistakes in life.

According to her, like every other human being, Amanda Acquah is free to make mistakes, citing the case of American socialite Kim Kardashian .

This is what Afia said unedited:

My look when I hear grown ass people giggling and laughing because of Amanda ‘s naked video..Really??

Well let me brief y’all…Kim Kardashian became popular by allegedly leaking her own sex video…She also made mention of Arabs; saying that even though they seldom see naked women, she doubts they’d be excited about the sextape of Amanda Acquah

Ghanaians should stop acting like Arabs because I doubt if men in Saudi Arabia(where such things are Harram ) will be excited over that video!?#?weakmindedpeople?

Babe please dedicate a song for 2 people and let’s move on!!!!! Amanda is human and is free to make mistakes just like any other person!!!!”

Source: NKONKONSA.com 


Afriyie Acquah and Amanda during the happy times
Afriyie Acquah and Amanda during the happy times

Amanda Acquah- wife of soccer star Afriyie Acquah has threatened to end her life over an alleged leaked sex tape she sent to her husband while they were still married.

Nkonkonsa.com investigations have revealed that a lot has being going on between Amanda and Afriyie after their marriage reportedly hit the rocks few weeks ago.

According to a close source Afriyie Acquah’s new girlfriend whose name has been given as Akuah Adomah got hold of a video recording of Amanda engaging in sexual activities which was supposed to be on Afriyie Aquah’s phone and she has allegedly released the said sex tape just to get at Amanda.

This has hit Amanda who has already been involved in countless scandals in the past few months and this time around it appears she can’t bear the shame anymore.

Amanda has threatened to kill herself in an emotional post on Instagram this morning. According to Amanda she has sacrificed a lot for her husband Afriyie Acquah but he ended up betraying her and giving her sex tape to his new girlfriend to release it on the internet.

Amanda still referred to Afriyie Acquah as her husband so it not clear if they still married or their divorced as the media reported few weeks ago.

Read Amanda emotional post unedited.

“And to My dear husband!! U Have betrayed me alot ofTimes And every scandal I Have had And recorded audio is because of u And ur indidelity!! Wat wrong Did I do by lovin u And stickin by u?u Have caused me soo Much pains but i Have kept silent And accepted all the blame that I am evil!! But i Have still loved u no Matter wat!! But allowin ur gal to get hold of My video And then later IT gettin out breaks My heart💔💔i will not deny that u Have been good And not been there this time i cant take IT anymore or keep quiet!!how can u be sooo careless And allow someone get my sex video?💔💔afriyie u have killed me😩😩😩and the only thing I feel like doing is to end my life now!! I jus want to die!! I betrayed a good man kenpong jus for u!! I gave up my own son jus to be wit u😩😩if I was a gold digger or a bad woman I will not leave a good man who made me who I am!! Afriyie why why why💔💔💔upon all this Jordan audio that came out that even wasnt wat people tot it was I kept quiet coz if I talk it will drag ur name in!! Cox u kno Jordan was many years ago and that audio was recoded 4years ago and I had only met u for 2months!! Monkey was not ur name but jus a name an inside name we all joke wit!! Which u kno about!! But cox of ur infidelity they framed me in a way to make it look it was something present and serious!! This impotent thin u kno I only said it coz she wanted to trap u wit a pregnancy and of cos its not true u are important but I only said it cox she was theeathnin me and jus said something and that one too they recoded and put it out there to make it look like I’m damaging u!! Thru this scandals I have had 2 miscarriages😩😩my husband u have disappointed me and I only pity my son my innocent child who will grow into a man one day😩😩I can’t take this torture any more if u hear that I’m dead come and bury me😩😩😩💔💔💔💔”

And this is what Amanda had to tell Afriyie’s new girlfriend Akuah Adomah who according to Amanda used to be her very good friend.

“Akuahadomah may God have mercy on ur soul!! A woman wit kids who can be as wicked and evil like this is over my understanding!! Tell me wat u have done to u to deserve this! If not for anything I have given u money b4!! Why are u guys always in Hamburg thinkin of doin evil to people!! U created ashawos of gh and got away wit it!! U pArtook in leakin my audios and that was not enough now my sex video I sent to my hubby?all because wat u guys did cudnt break me and I’m still livin!! U people have done ur worse by lettin the world seee my nakedness and I promise I will sue u wit my last and show u in Europe there are laws and u can’t jus defame me and go Scot freee!! Adomah u will no no peace in ur life!! U will suffer and become miserable for the rest of ur life!! U will never seee happiness all get a man to call ur own!!i leave u to God to revenge for me!! Jus because Nanaadwoa is ur friend u help her do evil to me??? I don’t blame u I blame my husband”.

For some reasons Amanda has deleted all the post about suicide threats from her instagram page immediately we published the story.

Keep reading as the story unfolds.

Source: NKONKONSA.com 


Amanda and Afriyie Acquah
Amanda and Afriyie Acquah

Black Star player Afriyie Acquah has reportedly divorced his wife Amanda.

According to a report by Ultimate1069.com Afriyie Acquah has divorced his wife Amanda after the latter is being accused of engaging in extra marital affairs with other men including teammate of the player.

It is gathered that the player who initiated the divorce processes somewhere last year, has duly completed everything and now has the clearance from the court to part ways with Amanda

Sunyani-based Suncity Radio reports that the Torino FC star whose parents are based in the region have presented all customary requirements to Amanda’s family and the break up has been approved in the absence of Amanda Acquah.

Acquah as a result, has removed all of Amanda’s pictures on his Instagram page and all social media platforms in a public confirmation of the divorce.

Amanda, a 28-year-old socialite, has been in the news in recent months for all the wrong reasons, and her marriage with the young football star was doomed from the onset, as many predicted.

The cheating wife has been fighting with claims the former Sampdoria midfielder is impotent and has been on medication to get his manhood in working condition.

The loose-tongue ‘town-girl’ labeled her husband in the most uncharitable description, describing him as a ‘monkey’ and a ‘villager’ while eulogizing and salivating over the huge cock of Acquah’s international teammate Jordan Ayew and another team mate.

Many experienced marriage counselors and individuals alike had questioned Afriyie’s choice of a partner in Amanda, but the Torino Star and the relatively inexperienced young man chose to ignore the various cautions and plethora of advice offered him as he was seriously drunk in love with Amanda.

The naked reality, however, started manifesting itself when the rather eccentric Amanda, stirred controversy by releasing an audio with explicit and vulgar language, attacking Mr. Kennedy Agyapong, affectionately called Kenpong, a renowned businessman, who had been dating the controversial socialite and the two have a son.

The most scandalous controversy yet to have hit the couple was when alleged naked pictures of Amanda began circulating on social media last year. This particular incident really hit Afriyie very hard, but the Torino star once again stood by his wife.

Amanda is widely perceived as certified a gold-digger, sparking massive confusion in her marriage which has now been finally dissolved.


Afriyie Acquah and his wife Amanda
Afriyie Acquah and his wife Amanda

Amanda Acquah, wife of Black Stars midfielder Afriyie Acquah has rendered an unqualified apology to his ex-husband Kennedy Agyapong, who is popularly known as Kenpong, for releasing an audio recording, last year, in which she made disparaging remarks about him.

According to a report by Daily Guide, she visited the airport residence of the respected former Asante Kotoko board member on Sunday to apologize.

“I am here to apologize for what happened, all the things I said was a calculated move to discredit him.

“He doesn’t deserve it, I said it out of anger, I feel so proud of our son now because of how he has taken good care of the boy. I am indeed sorry for my actions, I will say it was due to immaturity, I mean it from the bottom of my heart.

How can I be so heartless to a gentleman whose effort enabled me acquire a house. He has a clean heart. I just want to be close to him because of our son,” she was quoted as having said.

Kenpong has accepted her apology, according to the report.