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Keche Andrew and his wife, Joanna Gyan, have taken Ghanaians by surprise after the millionaire wife announced the arrival of their bundle of joy.

Joana Nkunim Gyan Agyei-Frimpong is the name of the little girl and is the goddaughter of Joanna Gyan.

Joanna was over the moon at being named a godmother and took to social media to reveal.

Apparently, a family friend had welcomed their daughter and named the child after Andrew’s wife.

She took to her page and shared photos of the little girl.

“Welcome my darling Joanna Nkunim Gyan Agyei-Frempong,” she wrote.

After the photo started causing havoc with people thinking the baby was hers, she came back to clarify.

“Her name is Joanna Nkunim Gyan Agyei-Frempong ..they name her after my name ..thanks to these beautiful parents who has always believe in me,” she clarified.

Fans excited that Andrew and his wife have their first fruit have to wait a bit.



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