Controversial Ghanaian preacher, Prophet Kumchacha has shared insights into the present condition of embattled Ghanaian actress, Moesha Boduong.

A lot is being said about Moesha Boduong following reports that she attempted committing suicide after publicly declaring herself a born-again Christian in church during a service and it was also rumored that she sold all her possessions and is currently broke.

Weighing in the conversation on social media and the various traditional platforms, Prophet Kumchacha said on Kingdom FM that Moesha Boduong is being haunted by an evil spirit because she acquired her wealth through evil means.

Prophet Kumchacha exclusively told Kwaku Dawuro on ‘Anopa Nkomo’ that it is because of the evil spirit tormenting Moesha that triggered the feeling to end her life.

“Instead of young ladies in Ghana to learn and school themselves on how to build a legacy, they think sleeping with “big men” is the solution to everything. It’s not every man that is human, some are spirits and you’d be possessed after sleeping with them,” he said.

“Evil spirit is tormenting Moesha that is why she wanted to commit suicide and going through all forms of frustrations … I am sure she has seen something scary after her experience with a man who is not a human being,” 

“Or maybe she has gone to seek wealth from evil acts and the repercussions are driving her crazy. Nana Agradaa has also repented, why isn’t she also going through this, she now even looks nicer, so Moesha’s own is not about repentance,” he said in Twi.

“You’re proud as a woman when your colleague female who is his wife is crying, let me tell you this, you may be slaying today using your body to get what you want but I’m telling you, ten years to come you’ll pay for it,” he added.


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