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Shatta Wale 2Rapper Criss Waddle posted a viral video on Facebook revealing that Dancehall artiste Shatta Wale always pretend to be real but he is not.

Waddle added that he will punch Shatta Wale’s mouth to even make it bigger and that he has ‘sell-out’ and more. Criss made several wild allegations against Wale and the world has being waiting for outspoken Shatta Wale to come out with a stronger reply as always.

After the video, Criss Waddle then went on to post that he’s waiting for a reply from Shatta Wale.

He posted, “I am waiting for the Diss song wai,I beg give hard punchlines ooo,Don’t come sing Kpalogo or create lies,I want proper dancehall like the Jamaicans their on some make I feel the fire.I go give u reply p3p33p3!!!

Criss Waddle was expecting a reply from Shatta Wale, and this is how Shatta Wale has decided to reply him.

Interestingly, Shatta Wale’s reply this morning, is rather an advice and  a word of caution to his fans and to all and sundry to stop “dissing’ Criss Waddle and that he don’t have any issue with him.

He posted
“I have asked all and all to stop this whole video thing ..we need peace now and Ghana need us more..No one should diss Criss waddle cuz i dont have any issue with him..Lets leave all this for God to judge. Thank you”.Shatta Wale reply Criss Waddle

Source: NKONKONSA.com 

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