Curvaceous Ghana-based Gambian actress, Princess Shyngle, has revealed to that her life is currently in danger for expressing her opinion.

According to the small-waist actress, she has received countless threatening messages from unknown persons including threats to take her life through text message, WhatsApp chats and even on Instagram.

After Rapper Sarkodie’s wedding to Tracy over the weekend, Princess Shyngle, who might even be classified as an ‘all over the place’ member, has come to shade her fellow female celebrities and confirm KOD’s viral statement that male celebrities don’t like getting married to ladies “all over the place”.

In a congratulatory message to Sark and Tracy, Princess posted on Instagram on Monday July 23 2018, that looking at Sark and other male celebrities and the kind of wives they chose, they really look for quiet ladies who are not ‘all over the place’, just like KOD said.

She wrote: “The most gorgeous couples❤🙌🏽 seeing the images of Sarks wedding online just got me thinking like seriously all the male celebrities are getting married to calm, chill, decent and well mannered no instagram or social media girls but all the female celebs above 30 almost 40 are all still single and busy attending weddings every weekend like don’t they feel bad 😂😂😂😂 no shade though 😂😂 abeg dear future hubby start coming now before I turn 28 abeg 😂😂😝😝😝 congratulations Sark and Tracy 😂😂😂”.

Her statement has attracted a lot of backlash and it has gotten to the extent of threatening to take her life. She confirmed this to, stating that most of the threats is coming from people who have created fake accounts on social media and unknown numbers.


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