Maverick Ghanaian social commentator, politician and businessman, Kennedy Agyapong lost his cool on his staff on live television during an interview.

Kennedy Agyapong who appeared on the most recent episode of ‘The Attitude’ which is televised on his own TV station, Net2 TV slammed the production crew for running adverts for up to 15 minutes whilst the guest is seated for nothing.

The Member of Parliament for Assin Central Constituency described their style of running the show as stupidity and foolishness bemoaning the fact that viewers at home will tune off or switch to another channel because they have taken too much time on playing commercials.

He threatened to sack all the production heads for continuously running adverts before his interview.

Speaking angrily to the host of the show, Kennedy Agyapong said;

“use yourself as an example, look what you have done here, it is bogus. Let me tell you, how can you think I have to come here to manage everything?”

He also added:

“This is a foolish act, what kind of nonsense is that? I’ve been sitting here all this while and all you do is an advert?… which TV Station will you go to and they will load plenty of adverts like that with the panelist just sitting there?”.


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