Reality TV star and television presenter, Emefa Adeti has stated that she will choose money over heaven during a Question and Answer session on the maiden edition of ‘Moments with Joy.’

‘Moments of Joy’ is an opportunity given to listeners to ask presenters on the Joy brands Joy FM, Joy Prime, Joy News, and Hitz FM any questions. It’s also an opportunity to find out who the person, behind the face or voice, you love so much really is.

When it was Emefa’s time to face her fans, she provided some intriguing answers to the questions posed to her, one of which is the aforementioned.

“How have you coped with the loss of your mother?” she quizzed the tv host who recently lost her mother.

“It’s difficult, and I don’t know how I do it but all I know is put things behind me and move on. Sometimes, I get very teary-eyed and I ask myself, ‘what would mom want me to do to?’ There, I gather all the strength and I try to do what it is I have to do,” she said.

The answer that shocked the KMJ, host of the show, was when she was asked to choose between heaven and love.

Emefa said bluntly, “Oooh, for now, I would say money because I am told my mom is in heaven but haven’t seen it so I will deal with what I have. Money is what I know so I will stick with that.”


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