Actress Victoria Lebene is no stranger to controversy. In her relatively young career, she has endured her fair share of controversies: from her rumoured relationship with veteran actor Kofi Adjorlolo to her bikini pictures and ‘fake’ honeymoon picture. And while she may be over these scandals, the one thing that Victoria has learnt about it all is that Ghanaians are quick to judge should you falter in any way.
The sexy screen diva who got married few months ago said her husband will not have a problem if she plays romantic scenes especially kissing in movies ,but she would not even do it. “I know my husband will not have any problem with me kissing in movies but I am willing to take up challenging roles than just to kiss. The romance scenes are so common in our movies. I want more challenging roles instead of just kissing in movies,” she said.
The young lady who recently got married to Peace FM’s Eugene Osafo-Nkansah in a ceremony that attracted all the big stars one can think of said in an interview with Graphic Showbiz that, “Ghanaians talk without knowing the real truth. We judge based on what we see on social media, which is so wrong. 
“For instance when it comes to my bikini pictures which a lot of people made a fuss about, I saw nothing wrong with them because I have always been a model. So why should people bring such pictures up when I was getting married?” she queried.
After Victoria and Eugene got married, broadcaster Abeiku Santana dropped a bombshell that the actress’ relationship with Kofi Adjorlolo was a publicity stunt he (Santana) engineered to bring her into the limelight.
However, when Graphic Showbiz quizzed her about the Kofi Adjorlolo debacle, Victoria was not ready to go into details. She only said if Ghanaians knew her well, they would not have made noise about it.
“My husband knew me inside out and that was all I cared about and not what Ghanaians were saying. I think it is about time Ghanaians understood showbiz stuff, there is a private life and the showbiz stuff, and that is what I want Ghanaians to understand. I only made Ghanaians aware of my showbiz stuff,” she said.
Asked whether she was bothered by all the things that had been said about her, Victoria Lebene said she was not and chose to focus on the positive things.
“I don’t worry myself with negative things but the positives ones. Once I know I am clean, I don’t care whatever anyone says about me. Whatever you do, Ghanaians will talk but when you know what you are doing is right why do you worry about what someone says,” she said.
Although she is not against celebs or couples posting their marital issues on social media and asking for help, Victoria said she would never do such a thing.
“Why will I put my marital stuff on social media? How will anyone help me on social media concerning my marital issues? You will just be mocked and gossiped about without getting the solution to whatever you need. There is no way I will do such a thing. Rather if I need to share my opinion on something related to showbiz, I will gladly do that,” she said.
She has featured in movies such as My Ramadan, Babani and Jackie Goes To School. Victoria said her husband would not have any problem with her if she kisses in movies, but she would not even do it.
Source: Graphic Showbiz

I NEVER DATED VICTORIA LEBENE – Kofi Adjorlolo Finally Opens Up

Veteran Ghanaian Actor and Broadcaster Kofi Adjorlolo has finally explained his rumored relationship with actress Victoria Lebene.

According to the legendary actor, he never had an amorous relationship with Victoria Lebene, adding that they are just good friends.

He added that the actress has never been his girlfriend and everything that ever happened between them was just friendship.

Kofi Adjorlolo further stated that Victoria invited him to her wedding but wasn’t able to make it due to his busy schedules.

“Victoria Lebene is just a friend and we were not dating. If you are famous everything about you is made public. For two years I never spoke about it because there is no truth in it.

It was just hype for her but I was only worried about my two children but I allayed their fears when they asked me about it. We are friends, she even invited me to her wedding but I was seriously working in Kumasi so I couldn’t make it.

Her husband is even my friend, we are cool. Lebene has never been my girlfriend”, Kofi Adjorlolo disclosed.

It was alleged that Kofi Adjorlolo and Victoria Lebene were in an amorous relationship for almost two years.

It was also reported that the couple broke up after the controversial marriage counselor Cyril Lutterodt jabbed Victoria for dating a man who is old enough to be her father.

However, Kofi Adjorlolo has debunked the reports explaining that he never had a romantic relationship with the actress.



She was doing well as an actress and had even gotten some endorsement deals. But lately, Victoria Lebene has been appearing on GH One TV as a broadcast journalist and that has raised a lot of questions.

But she tells Showbiz she has not stopped acting but has to pursue other interests to survive as it is very expensive being an actress. Especially with the nation’s film industry currently ‘dancing on wobbly legs’.

“No I have not stopped acting, there is no way I will stay out of acting but we all know the issue, the country’s movie business is not doing too well, and keeping up is a bit expensive.

“You see, as a celeb, you need to grace occasions and as such have to look good—the dress, the shoes, the accessories etc, they all come at a cost. It is expensive to keep up that status so not getting anything from your workplace is not healthy.

“I for one, I have invested so much into my brand and I have to keep it up but where is the income thus the need to look elsewhere to shore it up?

“I sat down one day and thought about my interest in broadcast journalism and I said why not give it a try too, to get busy and earn something more. That is why I am currently at GHOne as a reporter. It is just another aspect of me that I am putting to use,” Lebene told Showbiz.

Talking about how things are going so far, Lebene said, “it has been great, feedback has been amazing, the team support and encouragement have been wonderful.

“I currently have a segment on the morning show, GH Today called Citizen Watch, where I go out and ask people what their thoughts are on some issues affecting society.”

She advised her colleague actors not to depend soley on only acting for survival. “From my experience, if you are into acting and that is your main source of income currently, it will be of a little bother. Acting is a good venture but currently earning a keep from it solely isn’t the best.”

Although she intends to still pursue acting, Lebene says she will accept only scripts with good messages.

“I will not take any role just because I need it or I want to earn an income, no, it has to be one that will impact the society positively.

“ A script that will give me exposure, one that will be screened in other regions or countries to expose my talent. So I am currently selective of the kind of scripts I get.”

Lebene, who holds a Human Resource Management Degree from Zenith University, said she developed the passion for acting during her time in school and hopes to take her career to the world stage.

By: Delali Sika/Graphic Showbiz


Victoria Lebene a young multi-talented Personality who has found her pace and passion with the Showbiz industry.
Her major field of work in the industry is Acting, Photo Modeling and Tv Hosting. She is also an entrepreneur who has a great passion in Skin care and cosmetics
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Actress/Model, Victoria Lebene has slammed an on going social media campaign on fear #FearKillsDreams.

The campaign which seeks to bring to the fore how people live their lives in the shadow of their fears and how they can face their fear enable them accomplish their full potential, features some of Ghana’s leading known personalities such as Nana Aba Anamoah, Kofi Okyere Darko, Brommon, Jon Germain, Samini, Edem, Kemini Amanor and Fiifi Coleman speaking to their individual definitions of fear and what it does to us.

However, Victoria Lebene seem to disagree with the initiators of the #FearKillsDreams because she believes it is people who kill dreams and not fear as the campaign seek to project.

She expressed her opinion about the on going fear campaign via her Instagram.

Read her post unedited below:

“Dedicating this article to some of the young talents in the Creative arts industry and in Ghana as a whole. 

I stand against the notion that fear kills dreams. Yes it’s true that fear is the unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger. Unfortunately, negative thoughts and self-doubt breeds negativity. Inferiority complex, low self-esteem, lack of confidence and a lot more. All these are contributing factors to fear but the question is where are all these being derived from?

 There are tons of women out there who are one way or the other frustrated, they have poured out energies to no good, they’ve tried seeking platforms where they could execute their talents and aspirations but hardly do they get the chance. Fraustration out of these canker of #SexForJobs #SexForGrades #SexForRoles #SexforEverything. Some authorities that would want sex while they seek platforms to exhibit talents or jobs to better themselves.

 I’ve had series of messages through my media platforms of young ladies and their encounter with men asking for help to bring forth their modeling or acting career and some who are even ready to work with me as helps in my house. Look at some young ladies going all out in bikini and semi nude shoots, going out for auditions, meeting with agency casting calls, sleeping in music studios and so forth. Do you ever think they are fearful? Do you think if they were that scared, afraid, they would ever dare to? It’s simply because they do not have the right platforms to exhibit, practice and execute their thoughts and capabilities.

I think it’s high time we embraced talents from all angles, appreciate young talents and crafts, accept people the way they are and help in bettering them even if they have flaws and stop focusing on fear, fear has noting to do with dreams unless there is no hope to live that Dream. 

I am standing in for the youth in this country that have somehow tried their best to pursue their dreams and had no opportunity even when they tried. Let’s kill the causes of all dream killers and rather advocate for #dreamkillsfear It is people that kill dreams, not ‘ fear ‘Young generations need genuine help without no strings attached!”

Watch video of the Fear Campaign below:



That didn’t take long!!! Barely four months after Victoria Lebene ended her relationship with actor Kofi Adjorlolo, she has found love again.

The actress, who had stated she had a thing for older men (they are mature, caring and can think outside the box) after she and Kofi Adjorlolo’s romance became public has done an about turn and is now with a younger man.

“I have moved on, I am in love with a young fine gentleman,” she said when Showbiz caught up with her at Labone on Monday.

In defence of why she went for a younger man, Victoria explained, “It is not like I am into older men so by hook or crook I need someone older. Love is love and it can be found anywhere, this time around, I found it in a young man.”

She describes her man as very mature and understanding. “He understands the business I am in and he is someone who will not come complaining that I did this or that, this was said and written about me, I took a photo with this person and all that. He is cool with what I am doing so far as showbiz is concerned,” she added.

For someone who had professed her love for Kofi Adjorlolo, 40 years her senior and had even cried when critics like controversial Counsellor George Lutterodt had asked her to leave the man alone, it seems it was very easy for her to move on.

But she tells Showbiz, she had psychologically let go before she officially ended their relationship.

“I had moved on and worked on myself mentally the moment my dad got serious and told me he didn’t want me to be with Kofi. I am a strong person and I believe in positivity so things that I have control of, I deal with it but if I don’t, I just let it go and life goes on.”

Breakups, no matter how amicable can take a toll on both parties and it is normally recommended that couples take a while before jumping into new relationships. So with her quick jump into a new partnership, Victoria would have to address issues of cheating but she emphatically denies it.

“No! Far from that. I was not seeing the new guy while I was with Kofi. I met this guy after we broke up. In fact, I don’t want to talk about Kofi, he is past,“ she noted.

Moving on to other issues, Victoria talks about how her strict upbringing has impacted her life with her dad not giving room for any rebellious acts. This, she says, helped her do well academically.

Due to how strict her dad was, the Bitter Sweet Wine actress says she did not have it easy when she posted her semi nude photos on social media.

“My dad was disappointed in me, he did not take it lightly at all and his response made me feel very bad. I eventually had to take the pictures down.”

Victoria was a contestant on the Next Movie Star in 2014 and has appeared in films like Ultimate Story, Trapped in a Cage, The Storm and After the Sunset.

Watch full interview below:

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Actress Victoria Lebene has reacted to a suggestive photo of her and Broadcaster/Businessman Abeiku Santana making on social media, denying speculations that they are involved romantically.

According to the “Bitter Sweet Wine” actress, wife of broadcaster, Abeiku Santana is comfortable with the relationship that exists between herself and Abeiku.

According to her, she has a very good relationship with the wife of the broadcaster and she has no problem with the tempting photos she usually takes with her husband.

Lebene said the wife of Abeiku is cool with the pictures and how she relates to Abeiku her husband. She indicated that they live like family and do everything with them including business.

“Abeiku and I are like besties… His wife is comforatable, his wife is my friend and we do business together, we are like family…”, Victoria stated in an interview with Graphic Showbiz.

On the photo circulating on social media where Abeiku is seen grabbing the buttocks of the actress, she indicated that Abeiku did not grab her but was just dramatic about the whole thing.

She denied ever having an affair with the Broadcaster indicating that they are good friends with a very good working relationship.

She indicated that she has developed a thick skin for criticisms and therefore is not really bothered about what people say about her in the entertainment industry.

Watch full interview below:



Actress Victoria Lebene has won her first major award at the just ended Golden Movie Awards 2017.

Victoria played a lead character in a short film titled “Bitter Sweet Wine”, and the film which is yet to be released won the ‘Golden Short Film of the year award’ at the 2017 Golden Movie Awards held on Saturday July 22, at the plush Movenpick Ambassador Hotel in Accra.

Victoria who received the award with her co-star Anthony Woode and the Director of the film Justice Ornan Abadah expressed her appreciation “We are overwhelmed and we appreciate the fact that we have this award. To those that believe in us or not, we are going to make you proud”.    

Actor, Anthony Woode and Victoria Lebene featured in an epic two-cast short film titled “Bitter Sweet Wine”. The film was shot at one location in Accra and directed by fast rising Ghanaian filmaker Justice Ornan Abadah.

Bitter Sweet wine film is about James (Anthony Woode) who decides to surprise his girlfriend (Victoria Lebene) on her birthday night with gifts.

“Bitter Sweet Wine” follows this two as they have a long night expressing love, pain and also revealing their cheating escapades. The short film is set to be released online on 1st of August 2017.

Check out more pictures from the awards.

Victoria Lebene with her co-star and Director of the movie





Veteran actor, Kofi Adjorlolo has disclosed that he is disappointed over his botched marriage plans with 26-year-old actress, Victoria Lebene.

The 61-year-old speaking on Starr Chat said he was aware of the trolls his relationship with Ms Lebene generated but he was not perturbed.

“I take things very easy. I’m not someone who rushes and get farcy over things…that has actually kept me all these years,” he told Starr Chat host Bola Ray adding, “so when it all started I refused to be farcy over all these things.”

The news of Mr. Adjorlolo and Ms Lebene breakup went viral May 25, 2017 after the latter revealed that it was over between the two.

According to her, she had been going through a lot since the news of her relationship with the veteran actor hit the spotlight, noting that her father S.P Victor Mekpeh, a retired Chief Superintendent of the Ghana Prison Service had been against their relationship.

“I just think that I want to make it up to my father and the reason is that, he hasn’t been in agreement with the wedding and the whole marriage thing going on between me and Kofi Adjorlolo. It is something that has always been at the back of my mind that my father is not in support of it.

“So I have decided to make my father proud and to let him know that I have listened to him and I don’t want the marriage to come between me and my father because he is one of the reasons why I am who I am today,” said Lebene in a recent media interview.

Commenting on their breakup for the first time, Mr. Adjorlolo said “I realized that Lebene…apparently we could relate to each other so nicely” but for the unfortunate breakup.

Asked whether he is sad he is not marrying the 26-year-old; he said “she is so fine. The word is not sad but I think I will rather say I’m disappointed…not sad but disappointed. I can’t be sad.”


Veteran Actor Kofi Adjorlolo has rubbished all reports suggesting that he has jilted his young fiancé, Victoria Lebene.

Kofi who took over Victoria Lebene’s Snapchat account on Tuesday May 16, expressed how good it feels to be with someone he loves, denied reports of their breakup and they shared some intimate moments together.

Watch the video below:

Actor Kofi Adjorlolo and Actress/Model Victoria Victoria Lebene Mekpah have reportedly been dating for some time now.

Both Kofi and Victoria have confirmed that indeed they are dating and preparing to walk down the aisle very soon.

After news of their relationship hit the media, several people including the outspoken Rev. Counselor George Lutterodt have openly condemned their relationship and their upcoming marriage, stating that Kofi Adjorlolo is too old to marry 27-year-old Victoria Lebene because he is about 40 years older than her.

However, Kofi Adjorlolo’s recent interview with Kofi Adoma, sparked speculations that he may have dumped his young lover but he said they are all lies.