Ghanaian actress TV show host Vicky Zugah has shown how happy she is that she has no fake image to maintain.

Vicky Zugah threw shades at some of her colleagues saying that she doesn’t have any part of her life she has to be taking care of as she proudly shares a stunning photo of herself on her Instagram page.

According to her what you see is what you get and she also bragged that she is as real as it comes and there has never been an instance where she has faked her life.

“I am happy I don’t have a fake image to maintain. What you see is what you get. Some days I am amazing, some days I am a wreck. But every day, I am ME .” She wrote.

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Actress Vicky Zugah has revealed that most up-and-coming actresses who are desperate to get to the top easily give in to sexual advances from movie producers and directors.

The actress noted that the phenomenon of sex for roles is a growing canker in the movie industry and producers are using that to take advantage of young actresses.

Speaking in an interview with Naa Ashorkor on Showbiz A-Z on Joy FM Saturday, Vicky stated that the issue is on the rise and it is absolutely strange if a director does not ask an actress for sex for a role.

“Sex for roles in the movie industry is very real. I won’t lie about. It’s happened, it’s happening and it will happen again tomorrow and it’s normal,” she said.

“If you are a woman and you are in the industry and no one is asking you out like a producer, a director or someone who is in charge isn’t asking you for sex then, there is something wrong with you. This is what I think because men are attracted to what they see. If you are a fine girl, they will definitely ask you for something,” the ‘My Darling Princess’ actress explained.

“Some [up-and-coming actresses] who are very desperate. They like to get to the top in a minute, so they give it out to get what they want so it’s very real,” she revealed.

With over a decade’s experience in the movie industry, Vicky Zugah disclosed that several directors and producers have demanded sex from her before they give her a role.

Asked if she has ever given in to any of the advances, she responded in the negative and said in “most cases I lose the role.”

The mother of two, however, admitted that she has had a sexual relationship with a director but not for a role.

“You don’t have to necessarily put people in a movie just because you are sleeping with them or you are dating them; it’s not right. This is one of the reasons the industry is not progressing,” Vicky lamented.

She added that most big movies feature actresses who have slept with directors or producers, and therefore, do not deserve their roles.

“You see some people playing a certain kind of role that they don’t fit in,” she stated.

The actress, who also revealed that some directors and producers demand cash for roles, advised up-and-coming actresses to work hard if they want to get to the top.

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Ghanaian movie star, Vicky Zugah, has disclosed that she sees nothing wrong with ladies engaging in lesbianism, insisting it is a matter of choice.

The actress was on the Celebrity Ride show with Zionfelix, and discussed a variety of issues, including that of her current relationship status.

Touching on the issue of lesbianism, Vicky Zugah said she does not see anything wrong with two ladies having an affair with each other.

According to her, choosing to become a lesbian is a personal choice and she prefers to respect anyone who opts to tow such a line.

According to her, choosing to become a lesbian is a personal choice and she prefers to respect anyone who opts to tow such a line.

She, however, disclosed that she is still looking to settle down with a man, adding that she has not yet given up despite her troubled relationships in the past.

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Movie star Vicky Zugah has finally accepted her mistake and apologised for publicly admitting that she loves and enjoys anal sex.

After being bastardized by Ghanaians for indicating her preference for anal sex saying it turns her on, Actress Vicky Zugah has retracted and apologized for what many described as unethical comments in the African context.

It would be recalled a video that was circulating on various social media platforms captured the actress saying she loves anal sex and that people who want to engage in anal sex should just ask their lovers and if they are interested they can engage in the act.

She said “It is great. I mean anal sex is great so find out if your partner likes it or not and then you will enjoy the act. However, not everybody likes anal sex so you need to ask the person before you engage in the act with him or her.”

Subsequently, she claimed to have been misrepresented by the report in the media but when the video was played for her, she asked Ghanaians on her Instagram page to forgive her.

“I didn’t mean it the way it came out. Something definitely went wrong. Coming across things like this almost daily breaks my heart into a million pieces. How do I quit talking about this when it keeps happening? Lend me your ears please. Stop trying to shut me up. I mean no evil. I just want to save as many lives as I can while am still here. Don’t use my mistakes against me. Don’t allow mistakes of yesterday overshadow today’s good intentions. I will beg you all if need be. Give me the chance to do this please. I am sorry,I didn’t mean it the way it came out. Something definitely went wrong. Forgive me.” Vicky stated.

“ANAL SEX IS GREAT!…I LOVE IT” – Actress Vicky Zugah

Actress Vicky Zugah has given us an idea of her sex life and what she really enjoys in the act.

Vicky Zugah has revealed that she enjoys Anal Sex describing it as “great”.

According to the actress who is leading a crusade against spousal abuse, Anal sex is great but very enjoyable if people engaged in the act communicates very well.

“It is great. I mean anal sex is great so find out if your partner likes it or not and then you will enjoy the act. However, not everybody like anal sex so you need to ask the person before you engage in the act with him or her.”

Disclosing this on ‘in bed with adwen’ a show which airs on ETV on Saturdays, the actress said she loves anal sex very much but will always ask her partner if he is interested before she will ask him to engage in the act with her.


Actress Vicky Zugah has stated that nothing or nobody can stop her from speaking about her domestic violence experience with ex-boyfriends.

Speaking on Peace FM’s Entertainment Review program, Vicky said for the past fours years, she has been physically abused by three men she dated and all this while her family members have been stopping her from talking about it publicly until recently when she decided to speak out.

According to Vicky, several friends, family members and even colleagues from the entertainment industry have being sending her messages to stop from talking for the sake of her kids but the mother of two said she would rather continue talking for the sake of her kids and also to encourage others who may be going through what she has experienced in the past to be bold and speak up.

The actress hinted that she is going to use her personal experience to begin a nationwide campaign against domestic violence.

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One of actress Vicky Zugah’s ex-boyfriends whom she has accused of physically abusing her, has spoken.

Actor and TV host, Leo Mensah who was named as one of the three ex-boyfriends of Vicky Zugah who physically abused her when they were dating has reacted to the claim by the actress.

The actor popularly known in showbiz as Ntoatoahene speaking with Abeiku Santana on Okay FM called his ex-girlfriend a pathological liar.

He disclosed that the mother of two is abusive especially when she is drunk. He also narrated a scene where he caught Vicky cheating on him in a hotel.

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Actress Vicky Zugah has opened up for the first time about how she has been physically abused by her ex-boyfriends for the past four years.

Vicky who spoke on the “Total Showbiz” segment of Okay FM’s Ekwansodwoodwoo Drive time show admitted that for the past fours years, every man she dated laid their hands on her on countless occasions.

According to her, all her lovers within the the past fours beat her and sometimes her face is bruised beyond recognition. Recounting her ordeal Vicky mentioned three men she has dated within the past four years namely DJ Cash, Actor Leo Mensah aka Ntoatoahene and most recently Sierra Leonean representative for Big Brother Africa – The Chase, Adrian Bolt Lewis and she confessed that all three of them abused her physically.

The mother of two also revealed that her worst domestic violence experience was when she had a broken arm and a bruised face after serious abuse by one of her ex-boyfriends.

“Yes! DJ Cash abused me, Leo Mensah abused and Bolt was the worse of all”.

Asked what could be the reason why three different men will consistently abuse her Vicky said “Well, what I did or did not do does not matter because nothing can justify a man laying his hand on a woman. I was never disrespectful to any of them, I don’t even argue with them because everybody who know me, knows I am a very quiet person”.

As to why she has decided to speak now, after suffering in silence for the past four years, Vicky stated close friends and family members have been speaking to her and prevented her from speaking out, so she has endured it all this while put she can’t take it anymore.

The actress hinted that she is going to use her personal experience to begin a nationwide campaign against domestic violence.

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Leo Mensah and Vicky during the happy times
Vicky and Bolt
Vicky and DJ Cash
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The fight against domestic violence is still going on especially on social media and several celebrities have joined the campaign.

After Nigerian Actress Tontoh Dikeh shocked the world with her story with pictorial evidence, more and more ladies who have being suffering in silence, have been motivated to speak up.

The latest domestic violence victim who has decided to share her story is Ghanaian Actress  Vicky Zugah who has admitted that her ex boyfriends used to beat her.

The mother of two in an Instagram post said she was quiet just to save her ex-boyfriends but she believes this is the time to voice out for the world to know how some ladies suffer on the hands of their partners. According to her, she is now ready to leave any guy who beats her even if they have dated for just a day or decades.

“Am done keeping quiet just to protect their egos,am ready to shout and am gonna shout so loud evryone of u wil hear about it. I’ve been to funerals of people who lost their lives cos they were scared of wat society would say if they left the abuser. I am a victim too but am proud of myself cos I didn’t care wat society, the media or even my relatives had to say,I just kept leavin. And If leaving an abusive relationship means one has been dumped or jilted then so be it. if I start a new relatnship 2day and he hits me I wil stil leave again. Wil keep leaving til I find a “real man”… #RealMenDontHitWomen #LeaveToLive #ReportTheAbuser #StopMakingExcusesForThem #TheyDontLoveYou #LoveYourSelfFirst #TGBTG #ThankGodManIsntGod”

However, Vicky was not specific as to which of her ex boyfriends laid hands on her but she is known to have dated Actor Leo Mensah, one DJ Cash and Sierra Leonean representative for Big Brother Africa – The Chase , Bolt.

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Sierra Leonean Big Brother Africa star – Adrian Bolt Lewis who is engaged to Ghanaian Actress Vicky Zugah, has reportedly jilted her and returned to his country.

According to sources Bolt has left Vicky and their son in Ghana without a word and it doesn’t look like he has any intentions of returning to his family.

Actor Johannes Maier who happens to be friends with both Vicky and Bolt has confirmed the news and he is asking his friend, actress Vicky Zugah, to forget about her Sierra Leonean lover, Big Brother Africa star Adrian Bolt Lewis.

Bolt and actress Vicky Zugah got engaged last year, and were blessed with a son they christened Andre.

From pictures that surfaced online, Bolt was missing at the naming ceremony of Andre. It was rumoured that veteran actor Abeiku Sagoe had to step in to fill the void.

Vicky met the ‘love of her life’, Bolt when he visited his childhood friend Maier here in Ghana. However, Maier told Joy News’ MzGee that he cautioned his friend (Vicky) but she was blinded by her love for Bolt.

“My friend (Bolt) is messed up. I told her to take her time. I am in a very bad position right now because both of them are my friends, what will I do? I know my friend was f..k up and she was a darling, she is a darling, she’s always been a darling but you can’t beat love, they were in love, what should I do, I’d be the bad one,” he said.

Is Bolt coming back to his family (Vicky and Andre) anytime soon? Maier was unable to tell, neither was he able to confirm rumours that Bolt was married back home in Sierra Leone.

He made an appeal to Bolt to return for the sake of their son.

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