Sandra Ankobiah has jumped to the defence of people who are tagged as “fake” just because they are ‘broke’ and look stylish at all times.

According to her, it is not appropriate to describe such persons as “fake”, adding that there is no rule as to how one must look like when ‘broke.”

Sandra, who is one of Ghana’s influential showbiz personalities and lawyer, has always been praised for her ‘expensive’ lifestyle.

Her sense of fashion is top-notch and always attracts people. She is regarded as one of Ghana’s celebrities who hang out at some of the most expensive places in the world.

It is unclear if she gets trolled on social media like other showbiz icons for her chic appearance.

She took to Twitter to defend those who are trolled in that direction on Saturday.

“Looking good when you are broke is not “FAKE LIFE,” she tweeted.

“It’s not a must that you look like a beggar because you are broke, or not at your ideal financial status. Package yourself. Perspective is everything,” she indicated.


Actress and Lawyer Sandra Ankobiah has gone hard on her critics for trying tell her how to live her life as a Lawyer.

Sandra seems tired of those who think they have moral rights to dictate to her how she should behave on Social media, how she should dress and even how she should walk and she’s not having any of it anymore.

If not for the existence of evidence that she’s a lawyer who has been called to the bar, most people do not see her as a lawyer mainly because of how she loves to live her life.

In an Instagram post she made on new year’s eve, she asked her critics to allow her to live her life how she places because she has the rights to.

In the full post on IG, she wrote:

“I’m a lawyer by profession, a businesswoman, entrepreneur, and a host of other things by occupation. I’ve got diverse passions and hobbies. All these add up to make me Sandra Ankobiah. I will live the life that I love, Re: my best f*****g life.

I will not be caged by anybody. This is 2019, the 21st century, I’ll be whatever tf I want. If I want to be a lawyer, an architect, a plumber, a fashionista, a world traveler, a poet, a dancer, etc, I’ll be all of those things. Gtfoh with your opinions about how I should act as a lawyer. When you get a first degree in law, a masters in law, and you’re called to the Bar, (like I have), you can act how you think lawyers should act.

But as for me Sandra Ankobiah, I will continue to live my best f*****g life. The fact that you see me dress nicely etc, doesn’t take away the fact that I’m damn good at what I do, and any other thing/s I set my mind to.

I can do my job/s and at the same time rock an amazing outfit and go wherever I want or travel to any destination I want. I’m doing me, pls do you. Happy new year. May 2019 be good to us all”.

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Lawyer Sandra Ankobiah has revealed that her decision to quit showbiz has not had any effect on her life as an individual, because people in showbiz are not taken serious and it doesn’t really pay.

Sandra Ankobia has indicated that she is currently building a different Sandra Ankobiah brand and therefore has left showbiz.

People who have had the opportunity to interact with Sandra Ankobiah will attest to her intelligence but for years, she has had to endure snide comments about her capabilities, especially as a lawyer and to a lesser extent as a presenter.

Somehow, Sandra Ankobiah takes the blame for how she is viewed in the public domain, telling Showbiz in a recent chat at the Afrikiko Restaurant, Accra, that the kind of image she portrayed some time ago is the reason why people underrate her.

With a smile, she said, “I hope to choose my words carefully without being offensive but the truth is that, people in showbiz aren’t taken seriously and in my case, that is what I fed the public with.

“As a lawyer and a showbiz personality, I had two different characters. I projected more of the showbiz. What I fed people with is the image they have of me and so I take full responsibility for that.”

Continuing Sandra Ankobiah said, “initially, people didn’t take me serious as they thought I was just one confused showbiz girl who didn’t know what she was about.

“I still remember the curious looks of some of my colleagues at FIDA when I first joined.

“But I didn’t allow that to kill my spirit because I knew my potential and what I could do. I allowed my work to speak for me.

“I put in my very best when I’m given an assignment and it earned me a lot of respect when I proved my worth,” she said.

Sandra Ankobiah may have accepted her fault but she disclosed to Showbiz her intention of changing the narrative about her brand which involves making some sacrifices.

“I’m building a new Sandra Ankobiah so for now, I’m not really into showbiz. I don’t mind honouring some few invitations but sincerely, that isn’t my focus,” she said.

When asked if letting go of showbiz won’t dwindle her financial fortunes, she just giggled and said, “I won’t say showbiz is a curse but the truth of the matter is that it doesn’t pay.

“You don’t get any monetary returns for the fame apart from the exposure so I’m losing nothing really.”

Children change their minds what they want to become quite often but for a young Sandra Ankobiah, she had always admired the look of lawyers in black and white wearing neck bands making their arguments in court as they defended their clients.

However, just a year after she fulfilled that dream and passed out as a lawyer, she had to abandon the childhood ambition of defending her clients in court.

Her reason? The burdensome processes of Ghana’s law courts which makes getting judgment on cases take too long has made it unattractive to her.

“A lot of people have the idea that every lawyer must be a litigator but that isn’t true because it is not every lawyer who goes to court.

“In my case, I have always admired that but the interest faded and I abandoned the thought after school.

“I now love to be behind the desk to undertake other equally important projects as a lawyer,” Sandrah Ankobiah said.

Abandoning that part of the law has gingered the former host of Fashion 101 to fully take on advocacy work by providing free legal services to the less privileged.

Not only has she joined the Ghana chapter of the International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA), she has also set up her own Legal Advocacy Foundation to boost her fight to bring legal services to those who cannot afford it.

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Award-winning Ghanaian songstress Rebecca Acheapong popularly known as Becca inaugurated her new business, Koraspa in Accra on Saturday May 5, 2018.

Many celebrities were in attendance to support the ‘African Woman’ hitmaker. TV Presenter and broadcaster Nana Aba Anamoah, actress Jackie Appiah, Rapper Trigmatic, Singer Efya, Sandra Ankobiah, Dentaa Amoateng and many others were there to support the Zylofon signee.

The Spa is located in opposite the A and C shopping Square in East Legon which intends to cater for all the spa needs of customers.
Checkout photos from the event:

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“I’M NOT SCARED OF ANYTHING” – Sandra Ankobiah

Lawyer Sandra Ankobiah has disclosed that nothing scares her.

According to her, when she sets her sight on something, she works hard at achieving the feat.

She made this known while chatting with her followers on Twitter.

She said “I’m not scared of anything. Not even death. It’s a part of life”.

Sandra Ankobia spoke about her life and career as she encouraged her followers to be the best at whatever they do because that breeds excellence and success.

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Ghanaian celebrity lawyer, Sandra Ankobiah visited White House, the official residence and workplace of the President of the United States, located in Washington and met some top officials of President Donald Trump’s administration.

The beautiful lawyer and entrepreneur is in the USA to participate in the 2017 edition of Fortune-U.S. Department of State Global Women’s Mentoring Program.

The program provides participants with unique opportunities to develop their management and business skills while gaining experience in the U.S. business and non-profit environment. 

Sandra completed the one week orientation program where she attended leadership workshops and other business organization and development skills.

She also got the opportunity to go to the White House and met two of Donald Trump’s Deputy National Security Advisers; K.T. McFarland and Dina Habib Powell.

She also met Ivanka Trump who doubles as US president’s daughter and assistant as well as meeting Kellyanne Conway who is also the counsellor to President Trump, and Melanie Trump’s Chief of staff.

She also had dinner and spend time with some of Fortune’s Most Powerful Women. She got the chance to engage with the head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde.

Sandra is currently in Philadelphia to work with her mentor, Jami Wintz Mckeon at her company Morgan Lewis & Bockius for the next two weeks.

Jami Wintz Mckeon is the first female chairperson of the firm which is the largest in America and one of the five largest firms in the world.

Sandra Ankobiah was chosen from Ghana by the US embassy to participate in the Fortune-U.S. Department of State Global Women’s Mentoring Program. She is a lawyer, entrepreneur and a philanthropist. She studied International and Commercial Law, specialising in World Trade, from the University of Buckingham (LLB, LLM) between 2005 and 2009. She returned to Ghana and studied at the Ghana School of Law from 2010 to 2012.



Lawyer, TV Personality and Philanthropist, Sandra Ankobiah has donated various items to the SOS Children’s Village in Tema.
The items range from beverages, to confectioneries, to toiletries.
Sandra who was accompanied to the facility by her mother, said the spirit of giving during Christmas encouraged her to make the donation.
The fashion icon made a similar donation to the facility in December of 2013.

 Ahead of Ghana’s general on December 7, the ex-host of Fashion 101 also embarked on a nationwide civic education campaign dubbed ‘First Time Voters Project’ to educate young people who were voting for the first time as part of efforts to impact to society.


bibi-bright-and-nana-akua-addoIt appears actress Bibi Bright is uncontrollably piqued by actress Nana Akua Addo and this is clearly evident in Bibi’s recent rage on Instagram.

Bibi has opened Pandora’s box and this has got the internet buzzing since last night. Bibi is blatantly accusing her fellow actress Nana Akua Addo of being a traitor and a snitch among the female celebrities.

The mother of one who started ranting on Instagram Wednesday evening October 19, 2016 out of anger has cursed Nana Akua. According to Bibi, Nana Akua has created fake Instagram accounts and spreading lies about her and attacking other celebrities under the disguise of being another person.

Bibi added that the red carpet slayer used her friend’s Instagram account to tell the world something she confided in her in private.

Peeved Bibi Bright after raining insults on Nana Akua invoked curses on Nana Akua Addo. Bibi also mentioned the names of other celebrities including Selly Galley, Salma Mumin, Moesha Boduong, Yvonne Nelson, Sandra Ankobiah, Yvonne Okoro, Jackie Appiah, Juliet Ibrahim, Zynnell Zuh, among others who according to her are all aware and they are all victims of Nana Akua’s questionable behavior.

Read Bibi’s full post on Instagram:

“First of all that stupid evil so called actress who hasn’t acted a movie since the days of Noah Nana Akua Addo should know that I will come down to her level if she fools with me!! Who did an abortion? With whose cousin? You are the ONLY evil girl that I spoke to about my personal life! My boyfriend of 4yrs that I couldn’t marry because before we planned to get married, we found out that we were cousins!! What is wrong about this that you have sent your stupid ppl to come comment about? And who on my set didn’t know I was pregnant and had a miscarriage? Ask @freddieleonard @afeolumowe @amandaebeye @princesshyngle @zynnellzuh ? You called me and I told you about my miscarriage and my family issues with my boyfriend of that time and now you think you can use that and twist to mess me up? And wait……. Which bank manager has slept with me? I swear on Antoa that if any bank manager has slept with me then let me and my daughter die a painful death but if you Nana Akua Addo is lying…. May you and your generations never know PEACE!!! I will not come and call you belly blaze I will mention your name! Kwasiaaa you talk trash about @sellygalley @salmamumin @moeshaboduong @yvonnenelsongh @sandraankobiah @yvonneokoro @jackieappiah @julietibrahim @zynnellzuh you call them prostitutes who envy you. Stupid girl when you gave us money to Nigeria to buy the international awards you just received did you hear us come talk about it? Actress my foot! How many fake account do you have? 10-15.. Ugly bitch. Try me.. Try me and you will be sorry.!! Thunder fire that stupid mouth of yours. I will not send anyone to address you I will do it myself cos I ain’t scared of you! You pay $$$ just to compete with on Instagram with actresses that are actually shooting movies… Foolish Goat, go and report me to the police.. I will come and meet you. Husband snatcher, where is your baby daddy? Shldnt you be worried about him? May you and your generations be cursed for of your life.. Evil, jealous, envious girl! Me BIBI Bright….. You are coming to mess my image, let anyone do it except you. Instagram Queen and actress.. Check your level before you come at me. STUPID IDIOT..”

In another post Bibi posted Nana Akua’s picture with this lengthy caption:

This is the nana Akua Addo that am taking about… The only “actress” whose profile is all about Instagram photo shoot, all she does is call A and talk about B, call B and talk about C.. She is competing with @zynnellzuh and always talking trash about this sweet girl just cos Zynell is an ORIGINAL SLAYER who at the same time is acting movies both Ghana and Nigeria … As for nana Akua Addo, she flew all the way to AMAA awards when she had not been invited, went to beg that they make her present an award which she was planning to intentionally fall on page so the head line the following morning will Be “Ghanaian Actress falls on stage” that’s how desperate she is to be seen. She gave us money to pay for her in Nigeria so she cld win that award that she just won “best west African crap” she intentionally cried at the just ended glitz award like she didn’t know she will win when she knew exactly how the whole thing was going to go.. She said to me ” Bibi am going to keep doing photoshoot still I become a fashionista and take over @sandraankobiah who doesn’t even give a fuck about her. She doesn’t deserve shit if left to me alone. She is fake, envious and deceiving. It hurts me that our followers never get to know we actresses and actors really are. This industry is big enough for all of us so nana Akua Addo do your photo shoots and get your Instagram likes and followers and leave us to be in our lane. You even hate @vicamichaels like who the fuck can hate Victoria? If you are not a witch.. As for me d3i I won’t call you belly blaze oh.. I will mention your name and put up your picture… You such a witch that you even hate on @toosweetannan and got him decasted for a movie. You bad mouth both females and males. Are you correct? Shldnt you worry about your baby daddy that you took from another woman and you still planning to give him a son so you can trap him yet he is in London chilin with his new woman? See I can be classy as fuck but if you try me sister girl I will teach you that don’t ever in your ugly life mention my name left alone try your best to mess me up with lies. See GOD don’t like ugly and you sure are one ugly bitch!

In all this, Nana Akua has not uttered a word yet. Keep reading as the controversy unfolds.

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sandra-ankobiah-2Sandra Ankobiah’s First Time Voters Project, an educative initiative which aims to raise meaningful participation of the youth in Ghana’s political processes, is an initiative of Sandra Ankobiah who is a Lawyer and has recently co-founded a Media Training Facility in Accra, SN Media Learning Tree.

Sandra, who is also a TV Host, has tasked herself to educate first time voters whilst motivating their involvement and addressing the decline in their political and electoral participation.

The nationwide campaign, kicked off at the All Nations University College in Koforidua on September 14. Since then, it has made stops at the Koforidua Technical University, the Islamic University College in Accra, and also Jamestown and the Nima market where the fisherfolk and market people were all taken through the electoral and voting process, as well as electoral offences.

Sandra stresses that the project seeks to advocate for meaningful young people’s participation that is necessary for democratization and social inclusion of the youth as a means to address the generation’s continuing apathy and alienation to political processes.

“The importance of voter and civic education during an election year cannot be overstated. Such an initiative will assist first time voters in better understanding their rights and responsibilities, as well as giving them sufficient knowledge about the country’s electoral process and political system,” Sandra said.

“We want to inform students beyond just having the right to vote. We want a vibrant Ghana for future generations but that will mean young people understanding the privileges and opportunities available to them,” Sandra said.

“This is why the First Time Voters Project is dedicated to enlightening young voters on the importance of getting involved in the political process.”

At every stop, Sandra also advises on the need to embrace peace and desist from partaking in any form of electoral violence. The project is supported by the Electoral Commission Of Ghana, The National Commission For Civic Education, Global Food Network, and the EIB Network.


Yvonne Okoro waterBeautiful actress Yvonne Okoro has as part of her social responsibility commissioned a water project in the northern region to provide portable water for the people of Wungu at Walewale.

The popular Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Okoro on Tuesday April 12, 2016 put smiles on the faces of the people of Wungu in the Walewale community of the Northern Region, when she commissioned, a borehole.

For a very long time, the community had battled with water scarcity. Natives including school children and the aged walk several kilometers in search of water every day. As part of Yvonne’s annual charity exercise, she decided to go to the aid of the community by funding the drilling of a borehole.

Business activities in the community on Tuesday came to standstill for a while to give the actress a rousing welcome for the commissioning ceremony which paved way for the borehole to be used.

Commissioning the project, Yvonne said, “It gives me joy to offer a supporting hand to those who need it in society. I hope this project will go a long way to impact positively on the lives of the people of Wungu especially the children and women. I want use this opportunity to thank God and everyone else who supported this project. I also thank African World Airline (AWA) for bringing us this far for a successful commissioning ceremony.”

Yvonne and her team including TV personality and lawyer, Sandra Ankobiah had earlier paid a courtesy call to the chief of Tamale, Naa Dakpena Alhassan and the chief of Wungu at the Wungu paramount palace.

She also visited West Mamprusi District offices and Daa-Gyei Academy, where she advised children at the school to take their lessons seriously after they sung for her. Amidst cultural performances by the Wungu Cultural Troop, natives including, school children as well as other actors from the northern part of the country came out in their numbers to support the Ghana Must Go actress to commission the borehole.

Also in attendance were Hon. Dr. Sagre Bambangi MP for Walewale and Wuni David D, the District Chief Executive (DCE) of the West Mamprusi District, who assured the actress the community would take a good care of the borehole.

“I extend my sincerely gratitude to you for deciding to come here. It is my responsibility as the DCE of the West Mamprusi District to provide water for the people and if you have come to provide water for the people, we are grateful…I want to assure you that we will take good care it and I am also taking this opportunity to ask others to learn from your kind gesture,” Wuni David added when Yvonne visited his office.

Yvonne Okoro remains one of Ghana’s relevant award winning actresses and producers who are doing well for society. Her latest movie, Ghana Must Go is currently making great impact in Ghana and expected to premiere in Nigeria very soon.

More photos below:Yvonne Okoro borehole

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