MUMMY DON’T DISAPPOINT ME’ – 9-Year-old Boy Oswald Goes Viral Over Emotional Note To His Mum

A 9-year-old boy has become an overnight sensation on social media after a mindless tweet by a man who shared how list of items the boy requested her mother to get him as he celebrates ‘Our Day’ today.

In the list, the boy known as Oswald begged her mum, to buy his teacher Mrs Appiah, Dolait, biscuits, a big coke, chocolates and drinks among others.

However, what got Ghanaians emotional was when Oswald begged her mum not to disappoint her because his ‘Our Day’ celebration will be ruined and he pointed to the fact that it will take a long time for another ‘Our day’ to come again.

In what seemed as an emotional blackmail, Oswald brought his mum’s attention to the fact that he performed very well in his exams so she must not to disappoint him.

The Twitter user identified as Gambit added beneath the tweet a sad message of salaries being delayed and so his wish will not be fulfilled. He stated he will chew tea bread and this will teach him a valuable lesson.

People who found this list funny and touched by the fact that he will not be getting his wish started of by sending money to his mum to buy everything on the list for him. This was when the amazing turn of events started to unfold.

From brands offering food and food items to musician Kidi, Dope Nation, Mr Drew and others offering to perform at their school, Oswald was bombarded with an amazing host of offers. Check out the offers here.
This was the original tweet.

According to the Oswald’s mother who spoke to Joy FM today, her mobile phone has been flooded with messages and cash transfer otherwise called momo since yesterday after the list went viral.



It was all excitement after Ghanaian singer and music producer, KiDi stormed the Graceland School today to join them celebrate ‘Our Day’ with teachers and students after one of the students, Oswald went viral.

Oswald became the talk of social media after a list of items he presented to his parents to buy for him to present as Our Day gift for his teacher, Mrs. Appiah.

KiDi had taken to social media and quizzed where Oswald’s school is located so he can go and perform for the students and pupils for free so as to put smiles on their faces.

Just like the brands and companies honoured their promises, KiDi was also at the Graceland School to perform. He delivered an epic performance as the teachers and students danced to his tunes.

He had a personal time with Oswald and congratulated him, just like many Ghanaians are doing on social media, for thinking about his teachers.

Watch the video below;