According to Mr All 4 Real, Prophets are not only those who stand behind the pulpit but musicians are Prophets too and they communicate their prophecies through music.

Using himself as an example, Ofori Amponsah in a video sighted by Pulseghana.com.gh says that somewhere around 2007, through a song, he prophesied about America and Russia going to war in 2020 he feels his prophecy is coming true.

Ofori Amponsah made a U-turn from the pulpit last year as he said he wasn’t called to be a Prophet after he shunned music for some time to be actively involved in evangelism.

His surprising return to do secular music has attracted a myriad of backlash from fans but the musician in this video says none of that will stop him from delivering prophetic messages from God.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think:


Ghanaian Rapper, Nana Yaw Maradonna otherwise known as Guru has unveiled the tracklist for his new album Journey of Judah.

The 34 track album features other renowned artists including Sarkodie, Lil Shaker, Medikal, Harry Songs, record label mate King Paluta, Ofori Amponsah and a few others.

With 17 tracks on each side of the tape, disk 1 is full of Afrobeats and Afropop whereas disk 2 takes his fans back to the Guru of early 2007. It houses a complete tape full of hip hop.

In November 2016, Guru announced his readiness to release his second album Gold, on the High Streets of Bantama.  However, this could not see the light of day due to the passing of the Afia Kobi Serwa Ampem II, the Asantehemaa and mother of His Majesty Otumfuo Osei Tutu II.

A press release signed by the chief of staff at the Manhyia Palace indicated a ban had been placed on all funerals, drumming and noise making throughout Asanteman until after the funeral of the Asantehemaa in accordance to the Asante customs.

Guru has since been working hence the release of a double album Journey of Judah.

Producers on the album include Ball J, Cash 2, Peweezle, Lil Shaker, Tubhani and many others.

Journey of Judah was released on September 29, 2018.


Ofori AmponsahAward winning Highlife Singer and Pastor Ofori Amponsah aka Mr. All4Real performed his hit single “Alewa” with Sarkodie for the first time at the Rapperholic 2015 concert.

Ofori dressed in all white joined Sark on stage at the Accra International Conference Centre to a loud cheer from the crowd on Christmas day.

Even though the song features Sarkodie the two hadn’t performed the song together until last Friday.

After performing “Alewa”, Mr. All4Real did few lines from his old hits “Otoologe” and “Emmanuella”.

Checkout the video below:

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Sarkodie at Rapperholic 2015 -3Multiple award-winning Ghanaian rappers, Sarkodie has ended 2015 with arguably the biggest concert in the year, the Rapperholic concert.

For about two hours, Sarkodie was on stage delivering great performances. He was joined by chat topping artistes and great surprise appearances including by Wizkid, Fuse ODG, R2bees, Samini, Jupita, Shatta Wale, Ofori Amponsah, Efya, Pappy Kojo and Joey B, Tee Phlow, Tinny, Killbeatz, Shatta Wale, Ofori Amponsah and many others.

Before Sark came on stage artistes like VVIP, E.L, Strongman, Episode, Rudebwoy Ranking and others took their turns to entertain the crowd.

Checkout Sarkodie’s full performance with other artistes:

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Video by: Zionfelix.com


Ofori Amponsah
Ofori Amponsah

Ghana’s onetime Rap heavyweight champion turned pastor Evangelist Lord Kenya has condemned Prophet Ofori Amponsah’s sudden u-turn to go back to Highlife music.

Kenya said Ofori told the world in 2012 that he had been called by God and that he was not going back to Highlife music so he cannot understand why he (Ofori) is going back to sing worldly songs.

An emotional Lord Kenya speaking of Peace FM’s “Entertainment Review” said he feels sad how his brother Ofori Amponsah is being ridiculed in the media after he released his latest single “Alewa” featuring Sarkodie.

Lord Kenya is convinced that there is something definitely wrong somewhere responsible for Ofori’s current situation.

“I feel sad how this issue is out there and everybody is saying what they like and I keep asking myself what has happened in my brother Kwame Ofori’s Amponsah’s life because there is something wrong somewhere”.

Lord Kenya said Ofori Amponsah called him in 2012 to tell him that he (Ofori) feel deep within him that he wants to do the work of God. He said he met Ofori, prayed for him and introduced him to one Bishop O. Ansah who helped them spiritually and even financially. Kenya admitted that worshiping God is sometimes very difficult “but what can stand between you and your God”, quoting Romans 8:35.

He believes some forces are pushing Ofori’s current double standards situation and he (Ofori) is allowing himself to be used. Evangelist Kenya warned Ofori Amponsah live on radio“Today, if through Kwame, somebody doesn’t get a change of mind and the person goes back and something happens, Kwame I want you to know that that person’s soul, God will ask you”.

He said Ofori is acting directly opposite what he told him as his spiritual brother because all of a sudden he is allowing himself.

“All of a sudden you have allowed yourself and look at what people are doing to you and look at what people are saying to you on radio. You are a man of God they cannot talk to you like that. There is something wrong somewhere”.

According to Lord Kenya he has been defending Ofori Amponsah in the media and everywhere but when he released his new Highlife song, he has been trying to reach Ofori but for some reasons Ofori has refused to pick his calls.

Lord also warned Ofori that he and others Christian brothers who have been with Ofori since he started doing the work of God would not allow some evil forces to take Ofori Amponsah back to the world.

“Enough is enough! They are talking and they are saying too much. It’s time for you to go back to room, look for somewhere, go to Akyia mountains or somewhere quiet and speak to your God because your God is capable of saving you to do His work. Don’t listen to what some people are telling you”, Lord Kenya emphasized.

Reacting to Lord Kenya’s passionate appeal, Ofori Amponsah who was live in the studios of Peace FM thanked Lord Kenya and promised to contact him for further discussions between the two of them and possibly get spiritual advice from him.

He however, pointed out that since Lord Kenya is his spiritual bother, he would have preferred if he spoke to him personally than rather coming on radio because not everything can be discussed on radio.

Listen to Lord Kenya’s full warning below:

Source: NKONKONSA.com


OFORI AMPONSAH -5Highlife Singer and Evangelist Ofori Amponsah has denied rumors making rounds in the media that he said he is not a pastor.

Ofori Amponsah’s manager Frank Agyekum has revealed in an interview with Peacefmonline.com that Ofori Amponsah’s statement has been taken out of contest.

According to Frank, Bolaray asked Ofori during an interview, what he (Ofori) would do if he has an event to perform on a Sunday morning and he is also supposed to preach to his congregation at the same time and Ofori answered that he has other junior pastors who can take his place so you would rather attend the event and perform to change the lives of others.

According to Frank the issue of not being a pastor came in when he (Ofori) was asked if he would consider himself as a pastor when he performs on stage or inside a night club.

Frank explained that Ofori said he is only a Pastor when in church or preaching the word of God anywhere but he is not a Pastor if he is on stage or performing inside a night club.

“Ofori said his a pastor when he is in church, evangelizing or preaching the word of God anywhere but he is a musician when is on stage or performing anywhere”, Frank stated.

Meanwhile Ofori insisted he is still a Pastor and the general oversea of his own church during an interview on Neat FM’s “Entertainment Ghana on Tuesday.

Watch the interview below:

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Ofori AmponsahEvangelist and Highlife musician Ofori Amponsah claims he has no idea who Rapper Criss Waddle is and he has never heard his name before.

Ofori who was reacting to Criss Waddle’s harsh Facebook statement that he (Ofori) was never called by God, said on Neat FM’s “Entertainment Ghana” this morning that he doesn’t know who Criss Waddle is and he if really said that then he (Criss Waddle) just wants his attention.

“It is his opinion. Everybody would say what they want so some of these things I shouldn’t even react to it. I don’t read all those things so I don’t know anybody called Criss Waddle. A lot of people can say a lot of things about you but can you go to their individual houses to reply them? But people know who you are. The fans who like my music and follow me, they know me so someone’s comment about me will not chance anything”.

“Who is Criss Waddle what work does he do?” Ofori asked and when he was told that Chris Waddle is a musician; Ofori said “That means Criss Waddle don’t like the competition coming. This is very simply because I have never heard his name before so maybe be he wants an opportunity for me to say something about him”.

Rapper Criss Waddle released a statement on social media doubting the repentance of Highlife musician Ofori Amponsah. Chris has thrown a direct question to Ofori Amponsah after he released his new Highlife single “Alewa” featuring Sarkodie.

Criss Waddle took to his Facebook page to question the “Otoolege” hitmaker why he’s back to Highlife music.

He wrote; “Ofori Amponsah God never Called You, infact he didn’t even Flash you!!! Why exactly are you back to highlife? S3 Sesia wo p3 Kakra?#?AMGToTHEBLOODCLATWORLD ?#?akaBaako”.

This Ofori Amponsah believes is an attention seeking gimmick by Criss Waddle.

Source: NKONKONSA.com


Criss Waddle
Criss Waddle

Rapper Criss Waddle has released a statement on social media doubting the repentance of Highlife musician Ofori Amponsah.

Chris has thrown a direct question to Highlife maestro, Ofori Amponsah after he released new Highlife single “Alewa” featuring Sarkodie. Criss Waddle took to his Facebook page to question the “Otoolege” hitmaker why he’s back to Highlife music.

He wrote; “Ofori Amponsah God never Called You, infact he didn’t even Flash you!!! Why exactly are you back to highlife? S3 Sesia wo p3 Kakra?#?AMGToTHEBLOODCLATWORLD ?#?akaBaako”

Ofori Amponsah’s manager, Frank Agyekum, had confirmed in an exclusive interview revealed months ago that Ofori Amponsah never said he was quitting Highlife music, he only needed restoration from his old ways that’s why he became a Pastor.

In July 2012, the award winning Highlife musician claimed to have received the calling of God to be a pastor.  He formed a church named Family of Faith and Love Ministries, which he now heads. This year, he announced that he was making a return to secular music, insisting it wouldn’t conflict with his work as a Pastor.