“I HAVE BEEN RENTING FOR THE PAST 8 YEARS, I CRY WHENEVER I AM ALONE IN MY ROOM” – Retired Footballer, Odartey Lamptey Breaks Down

The story of retired Ghanaian footballer, Nii Odartey Lamptey is one that breaks the hearts of many anytime it is retold as he found out that the children he was raising with his wife from birth was not his biological children.

As reported earlier, the Court of Appeal threw out an appeal by his ex-wife, Gloria who was praying to court demanding to own the 7-bedroom- house he owns in East Legon, Accra.

Meanwhile, Nii Odartey Lamptey has not been living in the said house as he revealed on radio during an interview with Accra-based Angel FM that he has been living in a rented apartment for the past eight years.

According to him, his ex-wife, Gloria has hijacked the house and has refused him access to the precincts which forced him to look for an alternative place of abode.

The embittered father of three who was hit with a plague of marriage crisis seem to be living a life of constant sorrow and regret as he disclosed that he has been crying in his room when he is alone in his room sometimes,

“I have been renting for the past 8 years now since the first ruling, while my ex-wife is living in my 7-bedroom house at East Legon in addition to the 4-bedroom house sha has already been given.”

“Sometimes, I shed tears when I am alone in my room. My children encourage and ask me not to cry again,” he said.




Ex-footballer Nii Odartey Lamptey couldn’t hold back his tears on Gh One Tv as he narrated how he was grossly cheated by his greedy ex-wife Gloria Lamptey for 21 years.

According to Mr. Lamptey, it was even Gloria who approached him way back before their relationship started – making us believe Gloria calculated digging all the treasures in Odartey’s life from the scratch.

According to Odartey Lamptey the whole divorce brouhaha started when he declined a request from Gloria to send their supposed 1st child to a University in the U.K. He explained that the fees was around £26k then and because of investments he made he could not afford it, moreso when it seemed like it will be routine for all the three kids.

Talking to Nana Aba Anamoah, the ex-player then revealed that he opted for their supposed 1st child to go to Ashesi University in Ghana because he discovered that school is equally good too. This however did not go well for Gloria and at the back of this disagreement, she called for divorce with a mind blowing property share & alimony.

With the divorce rumours spreading like wild fire, Odartey revealed it was in this process he got a hint that even the children are not his. Based on that info, he conducted a secret DNA test on the children and he was surprised with the answer.

The Ex-Blackstars player revealed that at this point he contemplated suicide or even resulting to spiritual curse (Antoa) on Gloria and the kids but a good friend and his present wife (Ruweida Yakubu) stopped him from all those thoughts.

Mr. Lamptey however said he is over it all now particularly as he has gotten his house back and other properties Gloria opted to take away.

What lies heavy on Mr. Odartey’s heart is if he can give his own children with his new wife the very good life he gave to Gloria’s children who were not his particularly now that he is not in active service. He recounted those 3 kids had the best of Education from attending GIS to some other best schools in Ghana.

Shedding uncontrollable tears on “Cheers” Mr. Odartey says he has nothing bad against Gloria’s children because they are innocent.

To the light at the end of the tunnel, Odartey Lamptey has fathered two children with Ruweida and also announced his wife has conceived again so baby number 3 is on its way.

The 43-year-old smilingly said he doesn’t have enough time now so he must do it all fast.

“I HAVE FORGIVEN MY EX-WIFE” – Odartey Lamptey

After he was hit with shocking news that he is actually not the biological father of his three kids after 20 years of marriage, Ghanaian Soccer star Nii Odartey Lamptey said he has forgiven his ex-wife.

One of Ghana’s most celebrated footballers, Nii Odartey Lamptey has spoken about his devastating and public divorce battle with his ex-wife.

The former U-17 and U-20 and senior Black Stars forward has spoken about his ordeal for the first time on television.

Lamptey was hosted by Yaw Ampofo Ankrah during the 2017 Confederations Cup match between Mexico and Portugal on Kwese TV.

“It was very tough and devastating. I have been living in a rented apartment for the past four years and I’m grateful to God that I will now have properties and other businesses that I lost back. I don’t feel shy talking about it because it has taught me a great lesson and it’s also part of life”

The soft spoken Lamptey said he has no ill feeling after his life changing ordeal.

“I feel no regret or bitterness, I rather feel blessed. I have forgiven my ex-wife and moved on”. I have now settled down with my new wife and two kids”, Odartey disclosed.

An Accra High Court ruled that, Gloria Appiah, his former wife, committed ‘adultery’ when she conceived three children outside of wedlock and subsequently quashed her motion to be awarded half of the property of the former footballer.

Justice Cecilia Don-Chebe Agbevey, who presided over the matter, also ordered the estranged wife to vacate the footballer’s plush 7-bedroom apartment in East Legon.

Lamptey is the founder of the Glow-Lamp Soccer Academy in Elmina and also the proprietor of an educational facility in the Ghanaian capital Accra.

The relationship between Odartey Lamptey and Gloria Lamptey hit the rocks in 2013 after DNA results revealed that he was not the biological father of his three children after 20 years of marriage.

Lamptey insisted that he never asked his estranged wife to sleep with other men to get pregnant for him after allegations that he was impotent.

He now has two children with his partner, actress Ruweida Yakubu. Lamptey owns the Golden Lions Soccer Academy and Glow Lamp International School.


Ruweda and Odartey Lamptey baby

Former Black Star player Nii Odartey Lamptey and actress wife Ruweida Yakubu have reportedly welcomed their second child.

Yakubu, also a former Ghana’s Most Beautiful contestant, gave birth to baby number two on Tuesday August 16, 2016. It’s a boy and he is called Manuel.

Ghanaian football legend, Nii Odartey Lamptey made the headlines in 2013, when he revealed to the media about the shocking truth of his four children not being his biological offspring after he conducted a DNA test to confirm or deny his suspicions.

The matter degenerated into a divorce with his wife Gloria. In the heat of the controversies, Odartey Lamptey also disclosed that, his wife accused him of being infertile, which became a subject for discussion in the public domain. However in June 2014, he was proud to disclose to the media again that, he is the proud biological father of a new baby with his fiancée who happened to be actress Ruweida Yakubu of 2008 TV3’s ‘Ghana’s Most Beautiful’ pageant fame.

The now coach/football pundit plans to marry Ruweida after the court case with former wife Gloria is settled!

Ruweida Yakubu is best known for starring in a number of movies including ‘Last Virgin; ‘Sexy Angel’ and ‘Girls Girls Reloaded; ‘Kiss Me If you Can’ and others. She was also the leading character in the TV series, ‘Abiba’.

Source: NKONKONSA.com