Nii Funny on stageSensation Hiplife artiste Nii Funny is not just making waves with his hit single “Broken heart”, he is also making impact with his stage performances.

Nii Funny who was one of the artistes billed to perform at the just ended ‘Lords of The Ribs’ comedy on Easter Saturday March 26, at the Accra International Conference Center shocked the crowd with his stage craft.

Nii Funny re-enacted the popular biblical Adam and Eve story and as a resulted he brought on stage a snake as part of his props.

Checkout Nii Funny’s full performance at “Lords of the Ribs”:



Nii Funny 1Sensational Hiplife artiste Nii Funny who is gradually gaining massive popularity with his single ‘Yooko Ebreaki Me’ has been captured on camera fondling the private part of a lady. have exclusive photo showing the upcoming Musician fondling a female dancer’s private part on stage and practically trying to ‘finger’ the innocent victim while performing on stage. investigates has revealed that the unfortunate act happened during a Live FM’s poolside party at Bedouin Pool Lounge on in East Legon Valentine’s Day.

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Nii Funny 3 Nii Funny 1
Fast rising hip-life musician, Nii Funny of ‘Yooko Ebreaki Me’ fame seems to be enjoying a gradual but steady ride to the top and some mystery of some sort working in his favour.

He popped up on the music scene in the last quarter of 2015 as just one of the several underground musicians struggling for success but his his song, ‘Yooko Ebreaki Me’, officially known as ‘Broken Heart’ soon became one of the most popular tracks making the rounds especially on the streets and a little bit on radio.

The official music video for the song has also been released and it featured several known faces including Gasmila, Funny Face, Ayittey Powers, Psalm Adjeteyfio and Papa Shamo of ‘Chorkor Trotro’ fame.

Nii Funny, a former student of the Accra Technical Training College, was born  Ishmael  Nii Ardey Ankrah and comes from a family of musicians. His dad is a singer and composer and it is certainly  not by sheer coincidence that Gasmila of Telemo Fame, Nii Soul (Joe Mentor) and Prince of Mentor fame are all his first cousins.

Yoo Ko Ebreaki Me is still making waves but Nii Funny has returned to the studio to do a remix of the song with Edem and his management is in talks with Kwaw Kesse to come on board the remix with his ‘Abodam’ flavour.

Over the weekend, he reportedly released his newest song, ‘Odonkpo’ in which he featured Kesse. is reliably informed that Nii Funny is managed by Halifax Ansah-Addo, Editor-In-Charge of News One newspaper.

Watch Nii Funny’s “Yoo Ko Ebreaki Me” video below: