Hiplife artiste Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah popularly known as Mzbel has conferred that she went for a surgery at embattled Dr. Dominic Obeng Andoh’s hospital.

The “Saucy Girl” Singer disclosed on Celebrity Ride show hosted by Zionfelix that she went to the Dr. Dominic Obeng Andoh of Advanced Body Sculpt Centre known as Obengfo Hospital for a flat stomach.

Sharing her experence with Zionfelix, Mzbel revealed that she was almost through with the requirement asked by Dr. Andoh only to be informed that she has to pay GHC 70,000 in order to proceed with the surgery.  The ‘Tongues’ hitmaker, however, said that the surgery was too expensive for her so she had to put a hold on the surgical procedure in order for her to prepare adequately for it later on.

Mzbel further revealed that when she was ready to go back in a week after to plead with Dr. Andoh to take GHC 50,000 instead of the said amount thus GHC 70,000, the hospital was shut down in order for the doctor to be well investigated by the death of Stacy Offei Darko, who died after undergoing liposuction at the Obengfo Hospital.

She added that the death case scared her a little and decided to forget about the surgery and move on with her long hour’s workout in order to put the body in shape.

Mzbel also admitted that a lot of the female celebrities have visited the hospital but she can’t disclose their names since it against the code of ethics of the hospital.

According to Mzbel, she went to Dr. Dominic Obeng Andoh to reduce her stomach fat since she was tired of working out for long hours and wanted a quick result for the stomach.

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Songstress, Mzbel has confessed that President John Dramani Mahama’s defeat in 2016 has affected her music.

Mzbel was an instrumental figure in the National Democratic Congress (NDC’s) campaign in the lead up to 2016 general elections.

However, the political party could not retain power and was booted out by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) led by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

According to the songstress, she has been affected by the defeat and change in government because she no longer gets the opportunity to perform at corporate events like she used to when NDC was in power.

Mzbel who was speaking on Kumasi-based Kessben FM monitored by MyNewsGH.com said “Before the removal of NDC from power, I used to play a lot of cooperative organisational gigs. There were some banks, hotels, etc, I used to play gigs for them on yearly basis. Sadly, after the change of government, those in the various positions who used to give me the deals have all been removed and some transferred to different places. This has really affected my music career”.

Mzbel is currently promoting her single, “Tongues” which is making waves on various radio stations and in various clubs.


Actress/TV Presenter Selly Galley celebrated her 30th birthday last Saturday September 30, 2017 inside TomRek Hotel at East Legon.

“The Premiere” Presenter decided to celebrate the milestone with her celebrity friends and family, and make her life more impactful by officially launching Selly Galley Foundation as well.

The Big Brother Africa star, actress and TV host has been very active on the humanitarian front. Selly has consistently worked with the African Child foundation- a school set up to offer free and quality education to underprivileged children.

As the Ambassador of the NGO, Selly has supported it’s humanitarian efforts.Selly’s effort has extended to setting up her own Nonprofit Organization, the SELLY GALLEY FOUNDATION, for maternal and child care outreach with the aim to cater to pregnant women in her communities; creating awareness for pre and post pregnancy conditions for safe childbirth.

The birthday celebrations were attended by Selly’s husband Big Cartel, Khareema Aguiar, Mzbel, Afia Schwarzenegger, Fred Amugi, Rosely Ngissah, Peter Richie and many top stars and saw performances from Wutah, Ben Brako and more. The party was hosted by MzGee and Israel Laryea.

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Singer Mzbel has had one of his children benefiting from NPP’s Free SHS policy, which takes off from this month.

The ’16 Years’ singer after experiencing the new policy when he walked to Achimota SHS in Accra to register her son lauded the NPP government and the policy which was launched on Tuesday, September 12 in Accra. Mzbel after giving positive comments about the Free SHS, which will benefit over 420,000 students in the country, has been lashed by most Ghanaians.

Belinda Nana Akua in an Instagram post Tuesday morning could not fathom the reactions of Ghanaians after she applauded the sitting government for the implementation of the Free SHS policy. According to her, she will commend the ruling NPP government when they enact good policies and rebuke them when their actions run the country down.

The controversial musician who sounded unperturbed by the backlash from the public following her comment about the Free SHS disclosed that the new policy would not change her love for the leading opposition party, NDC. The mother of one described herself as a proud supporter of the party founded on July 28, 1992.

Mzbel further pleaded with the government to extend the new policy to affect continuing students who have a year or more to complete senior high school.

“I am amazed by how people have reacted after I mentioned my Free SHS experience. Come on! Are we not expected to support what is Good and condemn what’s not? This doesn’t mean I have switched to NPP because I am a proud supporter of the NDC, but don’t forget I am a Ghanaian too. I care about the progress of this country and policies that will make life easier for all.

I strongly believe that politics shouldn’t divide us. It should rather be a platform to propel the sharing of forward moving ideas and the ability to support what will make the life of those who vote for us better. Let’s not deceive ourselves with the sides we stand on.

If something goes wrong, I will say it the same way I will approve of something that is right. Borrowing words from Benigno Aquino III, ‘I have a simple goal in life: to be true to my parents and my country as an honorable daughter, a caring sister, and a good citizen.’ And oh Nana I think Free should be Totally Free so the PTA fee distin di3 no lie. More importantly, this policy should be expanded to enable the continuing students (form 2 and 3) benefit as some parents struggle to pay fees of their wards already in the schools.

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Hiplife Musician Belinda Nana Akua Amoah known in showbiz as Mzbel has released visuals for her latest single “Go Your Way”.

In “Go Your Way”, Mzbel sings about breakup and why we should let go and move on when things are not working out in relationshipS and the video interprets the story of the song.

The video directed by Jerry X Smart was shot on location in Dubai.

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Singer Mzbel has stated that she sees nothing wrong with dating a married man because her God allows it.

The musician who was on the show Tuesday morning to promote her new singles denied claims that she was in an amorous relationship with the former president, John Dramani Mahama.

Nana Akua mentioned that she refers to the ex-president as ‘daddy’ and that tells they are not dating. When Zionfelix, host of the show told her there was no way she could call Mahama any other name aside ‘daddy’ since the world knows he is married, Mzbel quickly replied that her religion allows a man to marry countless women only if he can cater for all of them.

She added that a lady is also allowed to be with a married man on a condition that the woman is not a virgin. Mzbel made it clear that she sees nothing wrong with a lady dating a married man since her religion does not frown on it.

“My religion allows a man to marry as many as he wants so the ladies in Judaism accept the act. So far as he takes good care of you and does not give you problem, then you are good to be with him. Dating or marrying a married man is not a big deal.

The lady can also marry a married man but it has to be just one person in your life, unlike a man who is allowed to marry even more than twenty women and be decent with them. If I am dating a married man I won’t be ashamed of it” Mzbel told Zionfelix.

The artist real name Nana Akua Amoah Belinda, however, stated that she is not dating a married man when Zionfelix questioned if she is seeing someone’s husband.

“I am not dating a married man but if I am I won’t be ashamed of it because God permits it. In the old testament, Solomon and others had plenty concubines. The only thing a married man cannot do is to take an another man’s wife.” she said.

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Music Artist MzBel believes Christianity “is idol worshiping.”

Although she believes in God, she is of the opinion, there is no need to pray to the creator through an intermediary.

“I believe in God but I don’t believe we have to pray through Jesus through God. I don’t believe that Jesus is God. But from Sunday school, people have been taught about Jesus so it is difficult to change their mind,” explains the ‘16 years‘ artiste to Zionfelix on ‘Celebrity Ride With Zionfelix.’

“Me, I think it is idol worshiping because I wonder why people will put an image of a white man in their chapel and worship it. Some even have to picture the image in their minds while praying.”

She added that she doesn’t “believe that God will have to commit murder to save sinners. If God will forgive your sins she will.”

She also about about her decision to date old men.

“I am an old man’s girlfriend. Everybody in Ghana knows that I don’t date young guys. If you are a young guy and I date you, I might break your heart. I like old men. They are very gentle,” said the ‘Saucy Gal’ act.

“They don’t also like sex. They can’t even have sex for long. You know, I don’t like sex like that. I like sex once in a while.”

Born Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah, MzBel is often at the center of controversies for her choice of costume on stage, and also her opinions on religion.

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Popular self-styled marriage Counselor Cyril George Lutterodt has said musician Mzbel is battling serious spiritual attacks.

Speaking with Abeiku Santana on Okay FM, the famous counselor urged Mzbel to seize fire with the case involving Pastor Josh Laryea.

The controversial counselor was with the view that despite the sins of a man of God, he’s still righteous than an unbeliever.

“Mzbel is going through serious spiritual challenges, because the witch which chased Mzbel to look for Christ has not stopped chasing her.

“So she has to know that her utterances can cause her to lose the protection that she had, so someone should tell Mzbel to better shut up.

“Because she cannot do what the man of God is doing and a man of God is more righteous than her, so she should get this nonsense out her head” he said.



Ghanaian musician Mzbel has admitted she took to skin bleaching in her teen years because it was the norm in Jamestown, a suburb of Accra, where she grew up.

The Awoso Me hit maker disclosed this on on Class91.3FM on Thursday 23 March, 2017 when a listener sought her opinion on skin bleaching.

The singer, in response, said: “Skin bleaching is bad,” sharing her experiences with show hosts Prince Benjamin and Natalia Andoh.

“Skin bleaching, I think, is bad. If you don’t do it right, you will end up having cancer. I grew up in Jamestown where, at a certain age, if you don’t bleach your skin you don’t know what’s up. If you don’t have a child so they can have an outdooring on the street, you don’t know what’s up. So by the age of 14, you start buying cream. And they only bleach their face. …It was like a trend and once your face is bright, it’s OK. So I have tried it before, I have tried skin bleaching because then, that was the thing there and all my life I grew up in Jamestown until I was done with high school,” she stated.

According to the controversial musician, she became aware of the dangers associated with the practice when she became famous.

“So, when I finally became a celebrity and I saw the disadvantages of these things, I started preaching against it, but unfortunately when you start bleaching and you stop and you do not use the right product you end up having some damages to your skin. So to be able to keep them away you have to continue always and you don’t want to end up having only a white face, so you have to do the whole body and it becomes like a part of your life,” she added.

With her knowledge of the side effects of skin bleaching, Mzbel noted that she has resorted to preaching against the phenomenon whenever she gets the opportunity to visit Jamestown, where the practice is widespread among the youth.

“So, whenever I have the opportunity to go to Jamestown to do charity work, we talk about teenage pregnancy, safe sex, skin bleaching, and I always use myself as an example. I tell them: ‘The amount of money you will have to use to fix yourself after you get the damages is not a joke,’” Mzbel disclosed.


Angry fan has vented his or her anger on Hiplife artiste Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah aka Mzbel during her performance in Belgium.

It seems MzBel’s single act of running down the president elect of Ghana, Nana Akuffo Addo would continue to haunt her as an angry fan allegedly threw an egg at her as she mounted the stage to perform in Gent, Belgium on Tuesday Dec. 26 2016.

The unforeseen act caused a temporal halt in the event as they sought to find out who exactly did the despicable act.

In a live video stream by one of the instrumentalists known on social media as OldBoga, the MC of the event is heard condemning the act and calling for unity among them.

Earlier, a number of fans had threatened to boycott the event if MzBel was not dropped from the bill. To them, her comments about the president elect was a sign of great disrespect for the elderly.

In line with that, reports surface later suggesting the 16 years old hit maker had been dropped from the show. However MzBel shot down such rumours as she shared videos of her rehearsal ahead of the show in Belgium.