A 27-year-old Paris based Model, Marina Mason popularly known as Michousb, has accused Ghana Black stars striker Mubarak Wakaso of infidelity.

According to the sexy Model who is originally from Central Africa Republic but currently based in France, Wakaso deceived her, got her pregnant and insisted that she should abort the baby with a promise that he would take care of her but he vanished into thin air after she aborted the baby.

Narrating the incident exclusively to Nkonkonsa.com, she said she met Wakaso on Instagram in 2016 and they became friends. After sometime Wakaso who plays his professional football in Spain, kept insisting she visit him in Spain and she finally agreed to visit him on September 16, 2016. According her when they met Wakaso told her he was not married and that he was living with his mum and friends so she had to stay in a hotel with him throughout her visit.

Few weeks after they met she realized she was pregnant and when she told him about the pregnancy he insisted that she should abort it even though she wanted to keep it. She finally agreed to abort baby and that was the last time she communicated with him. Wakaso has refused to answer all her calls and he didn’t reply any message she sent him.

She said Wakaso has deceived her and made her go through so much pain and almost lost her life after the aborting and he jilted her at the time he needed him. Marina has hence vowed to do whatever it will take to make him pay for all the pain he caused her.

“I know people will say it is my fault and that I wanted his money but I don’t want his money. The only money I got from him was 3000 Euros he sent me. I don’t want his money all I want is for him to apologize in public. I want him to apologize to me on his Instagram page because that was where I met him and that is where he has been lying to other women”

Marina obviously feels used and dumped, and she has threatened to release release Wakaso’s naked pictures, videos and private chats they had, if he refuses to render a public apology to her.

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Ghanaian soccer star Mubarak Wakaso is in deep waters right now, as a Paris based Model has threatened to expose him.

According the story which was first reported by Instagram gossip page @realhotgossip, the model is demanding a public apology from the soccer star, “for all the bad things you make her do” or she will expose him.

The report didn’t mention the lady’s name and it didn’t statement exactly what Wakaso did to the sexy lady but she has reportedly threatened to reveal every single detail of what happened between them if he refuses to render a public apology to her.

This is how @realhotgossip reported it:

“Please ooo! Obi nka nkyere Wakaso s3 Obaa na wo di no wo Paris no alarm blow. Wakaso this lady said you should come and apologize to her for all the bad things you make her do or she will expose you to your wife and kids and the whole world. Anybody who know Wakaso go and tell him this lady is ready to destroy his career and his life because he can’t put your koti in your trousers”.

Mubarak Wakaso is a Ghanaian professional footballer who plays for Spanish club Deportivo Alavés as a midfielder. He also plays for Ghana’s male senior national team the Black Stars. He is married with 3 kids.

Check out photos of Wakaso and his family:

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Wakaso kidsGhana midfielder Mubarak Wakaso is a known strong pillar in the Black Stars squad and his Spanish club but very little is known about his family.

Wakaso is not a force to reckon with on the soccer pitch, the UD Las Palmas players is also responsible father of 3 lovely kids and great husband to his wife Mrs. Nabuza Wakaso.

Nkonkonsa.com bring the adorable family of 26-year-old Ghana soccer superstar.

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