Actress, Moesha Boduong has vowed never to sleep with another woman’s husband again because she is now a full born-again Christian and has dumped her old life.

You would recall that the actress after she announced her repentance and went to the Church to share her testimony, became a topic after a video of her in a maxi dress, looking unkempt, popped up where she was saved from attempting to commit suicide on an uncompleted storey building.

In an audio between Moesha Boduong and Ayisha Buduong, Moesha revealed that she is poor but she is hopeful of bouncing back soon and beckoned Ayisha Modi to pray for her.

In her words;

“Ayisha, pray for me. I am here, and they are praying for me. But I am craving chicken and sausage. And tomorrow I want goat meat. Ayisha, God said I should tell you that you are pampering me too much. Keep pampering me, okay. When I get the money, I will buy a biscuit and Fanta for you, okay. Now, I am poor. I don’t have money, but I will get money soon. When I step out, I will do God’s work. You would follow me, won’t you, Ayisha?

“Aiysha, thank you so much. I wanted to make you laugh. I know you’ve been praying for me. God should give you wisdom, knowledge and a discerning spirit. Solomon asked God for wisdom. You have a hardened heart. Relax, calm down. Do you know why you are aggressive? It’s because you love everybody the same way. So when you don’t expect them to do things the way they do. Then it hurts you but take your time.

“See, when you were bringing Daddy into my life, you and I even fought over him. Rember, I said no, no, no. You didn’t take your time. You should have taken your time to explain to me. When you are advising me, please take your time. I want your advice but take your time.

“Tell them I have spoken to Moesha, and she is fine. When people talk about me, don’t scold them. Just tell them that you leave it to God. She is my daughter, and God has saved her. Henceforth stop talking about my daughter. She will come out soon to do God’s work. When she comes, I will join her to share the gospel. Stop worrying my daughter. God wants to use her for God’s work. Tell them that when Moesha comes, she won’t go straight into hard-core ministry. She would start gradually.

“Now I am a born again Christian… I will go to church and do good. I won’t wear mini-skirts again. I won’t sleep with people’s husbands again. Now my body is the temple of the lord. I won’t give it to anyone again… If they insult me, let them. We will pray for them…Ayisha, I love you soo much. I cant wait to see you and hug you.

Listen to the audio below;


WE DON’T USE SOMEONE’S SICKNESS TO MAKE FUN OF THEM – Afia Schwar Blasts Salma Mumin For Leaking Secret Audio To Disgrace Moesha

Ghanaian comedian and former television presenter, Afia Schwarzenegger has heavily descended on actress, Salma Mumin for leaking a secret audio she had between her and the personal assistant to her colleague, Moesha Boduong just to humiliate her.

In a video she posted on her Instagram directed to Salma Mumin, Afia Schwarzenegger revealed that Moesha Boduong is battling mental illness but she can’t use someone’s illness to mock her.

According to the mother of twins, whilst Moesha was sick, she called Salma Mumin to beg her for her forgiveness but she refused and told her to fvck off so she doesn’t understand why Salma would be interested in anything concerning Moesha.

Afia Schwarz expressed her disappointed in Salma Mumin and her explanation for putting out the audio in the public domain and warned her not to laugh at a sick person because it can happen to anyone.

Watch the video below;


GIVE MOESHA A BREAK AND LET HER HEAL – Moesha Boduong’s Family Issues Statement

Family of Ghanaian actress and former slay queen, Moesha Boduong has released an official statement on her present state following reports of attempted suicide and loss of her properties after her acclaimed repentance.

You would recall that Moesha Boduong told some people in a viral video that she is born-again and apologised to Ghanaians for hooking young girls to rich married men and claimed that some big men only exchange their destiny and with little money after residents of an area rescued her from throwing herself to the ground from a storey building.

In a new development to all this issue that has still remained a worry to many Ghanaians, the family of Moesha Boduong originally known Maurecia Babinoti Boudong has issued a statement privy to NKONKONSA.com.

In the statement, they stated that Moesha has the right to a new beginning in Christ and a chance to make right her life and they support the decision she has taken in any positive way to help her find her real self.

They rubbished an audio recording making rounds online purporting to be Moesha’s brother and condemned the contents in the audio as they established that the supposed Nelson is not related to their family.

The family beckoned Ghanaians to let Moesha heal and give her the space to have a positive fulfilling and effective beginning for her.

It reads;

27th July 2021

We issue this statement as family of MAURECIA (MOESHA BOUDONG)

Everybody has a past, a present and a future. We have all lived life’s that, depending on the “friends” or “people” around you, can positively or negatively influence your life. Some have lived high life’s and others have lived practical life’s.

No matter what happened or where Moesha has been and no matter whom she has “used” or “offended”, we believe that there comes a time in life when realisation sets in or a time when you “wake up” from your past and try to make good your life.

We believe Moesha has the right to a “new beginning in Christ” and a chance to make right her life. We are pleading with all persons to please allow her time from gossip, bad mouthing, social media bickering and negative talking to find herself.

We support the decision she has taken and will support her in any positive way to help her find her real self.

No persons have been authorised to solicit for funds to support her or on behalf of the family. However the family is extremely grateful to everyone who reached out genuinely to help.

We further note with disappointment an audio recording circulating on social media purported to be her brother. We condemn the contents of the recording and state categorically that it is not her brother. The supposed Nelson is not a known relative of the family.

Let’s let Moesha “heal” peacefully and let’s give her space from all networks to enable a new, positively fulfilling and effective beginning for her.

Everybody deserves some privacy at one time or the other in life and this is the least we can offer Moesha now. #givemoeshaabreak





Ghanaian actress and fashion entrepreneur, Salma Mumin has subtly thrown shades at her former friend and colleague, Moesha Boduong following the latter’s present predicament.

The last few weeks has been fraught with disheartening revelations and news about Moesha’ alleged spiritual battle with her life and soul following her public declaration of her repentance.

A lot of Ghanaians are concerned about Moesha’s well-being after she revealed plans to take her life due to the mental torture and depression she is going through after dumping her perverse lifestyle to follow God.

Salma Mumin and Moesha Buduong were good friends until Salma was accused of going under the knife to enhance her figure to look like her friend.

In a now deleted post, Salma threw a sublte punch at Moesha saying;

You can’t do ugly things to people and expect to live a beautiful life”.





Ghanaian actress and brand influencer, Rosemond Brown popularly called Akuapem Poloo has taken to social media and lamented over how she misses her colleague and friend, Moesha Boduong following her break from social media and her seclusion.

As you may already know, Moesha Boduong who after announcing her new faith in Christ Jesus and declaring herself as a born-again Christian has been indoors for some days now being looked after by her family and also placed under spiritual guidance by her church pastor, Rev. Gabriel.

Ghanaians are currently worried about her present condition after she was rescued by some residents of an area whilst trying to commit suicide by jumping from a storey building at an undisclosed location.

This morning, her friend, Akuapem Poloo made a post on her Instagram page and she revealed that she had a beautiful dream about Moesha but she did not reveal the content or details about the dream.

The mother of one who served two weeks in Nsawam prison after she was found guilty of indecent exposure,  however, went ahead to ask for prayers for her and expressed how much she had missed her.




‘GOD AND SATAN ARE BATTLING FOR MOESHA’S SOUL’- Ohemaa Mercy Makes Chilling Revelations

Award-winning Ghanaian gospel singer and minister, Ohemaa Mercy has waded into the conversation ongoing about embattled Ghanaian actress, Moesha Boduong and her repentance.

Sharing her thoughts on the issue which is currently the talk of social media and traditional media at all levels and platforms, Ohemaa Mercy said that Moesha Boduong is dealing with a spiritual force and therefore what she is going through is not physical.

She told Amansan Krakye on Kastle FM that the phase Moesha is going through is a moment where the spirit of darkness or the devil and Christ are fighting over her soul.

She explained further saying God is also trying to snatch the soul of Moesha from the devil in order to save her from the darkness hence the fight between the two which has culminated in her predicament leading people to say she’s going mad.



BE STRONG AND LOOK OUT FOR YOUR HAPPINESS – Van Vicker Says After Speaking To Moesha Boduong

Ace Ghanaian actor, producer and director, Van Vicker reached out to his colleague and friend, Moesha Boduong to obviously encourage her as she navigates her way into her new life as a born-again Christian.

Van Vicker disclosed on his Instagram page that he placed a phone call through to Moesha Boduong to hear her side of the story following rumours and reports that she is suffering a mental disorder after dumping her old life to become a fully converted child of God.

According to the award-winning script-interpreter, he needed to have a direct encounter with the embattled actress and former slay queen in order to get proper clarification on matters arising that borders on her life and he is happy they talked.

Sharing a throwback photo of him and Moesha Boduong on his IG page,  Van Vicker encouraged Moesha Boduong now Maurecia to be strong and look out for her happiness.

He wrote;

I wanted to be sure you are well so I called you @moeshaboduong Glad we could talk. I have seen and heard the stories, I am not too clear on the matters arising but be strong and look out for your happiness. #stayeeasy and #Godbless #theyounggodfather




Controversial Ghanaian preacher, Prophet Kumchacha has shared insights into the present condition of embattled Ghanaian actress, Moesha Boduong.

A lot is being said about Moesha Boduong following reports that she attempted committing suicide after publicly declaring herself a born-again Christian in church during a service and it was also rumored that she sold all her possessions and is currently broke.

Weighing in the conversation on social media and the various traditional platforms, Prophet Kumchacha said on Kingdom FM that Moesha Boduong is being haunted by an evil spirit because she acquired her wealth through evil means.

Prophet Kumchacha exclusively told Kwaku Dawuro on ‘Anopa Nkomo’ that it is because of the evil spirit tormenting Moesha that triggered the feeling to end her life.

“Instead of young ladies in Ghana to learn and school themselves on how to build a legacy, they think sleeping with “big men” is the solution to everything. It’s not every man that is human, some are spirits and you’d be possessed after sleeping with them,” he said.

“Evil spirit is tormenting Moesha that is why she wanted to commit suicide and going through all forms of frustrations … I am sure she has seen something scary after her experience with a man who is not a human being,” 

“Or maybe she has gone to seek wealth from evil acts and the repercussions are driving her crazy. Nana Agradaa has also repented, why isn’t she also going through this, she now even looks nicer, so Moesha’s own is not about repentance,” he said in Twi.

“You’re proud as a woman when your colleague female who is his wife is crying, let me tell you this, you may be slaying today using your body to get what you want but I’m telling you, ten years to come you’ll pay for it,” he added.



Ghanaian movie producer and director, Kofi Asamoah has come out to clear the air on the alleged sale of Moesha Boduong’s Range Rover Evogue ride.

Following the repentance of actress, Moesha Boduong and its related controversies after she was rescued by some residents of an area from committing suicide as video that went viral depicted, rumors rife on social media by some persons indicated that she had sold her properties including her luxurious Range Rover car and given the proceeds to her church pastor.

In an interview with Peace FM’s Akwasi Aboagye on ‘Entertainment Review’ on Saturday, July 17, Kofi Asamoah dispelled the claims that Moesha Boduong has sold her houses to her pastor however, he confirmed that Moesha sold her Range Rover but that was not because of her repentance and her new life as a Christian.

He revealed that Moesha Boduong sold the car to an artist who is being managed and groomed by award-winning songstress, Efya about a month ago even before her repentance and she sold it at a good price.

Kofi Asamoah noted that Moesha Boduong is in a good condition now with her family and entreated Ghanaians to say a prayer for her as she goes through these tough times of her life.




The leadership of the Revelation Church has issued a press release addressing the ongoing controversy surrounding the predicament of converted Ghanaian actress and slay queen, Moesha Boduong.

In the press release dated July 14, the leadership of the church headed by Pastor Gabriel said that it has noted the various comments and remarks on social media in relation to Moesha Boduong now Maurecia Boduong and ordinarily he church would not have responded as their focus is on her recovery and wholeness.

You would recall that earlier, music executive, Ayisha Modi vented her spleen on Pastor Gabby as she called him out on social media and accused him of being responsible for what Moesha Boduong is currently going through.

According to Ayisha Modi, Pastor Gabriel instructed Moesha to sell her cars and collected the money she earned from the sales and also claimed Pastor Gabriel gave Moesha an oil to drink.

The Revelation has on the back of the allegations levelled against their pastor decided to set the record straight via the press release stating categorically that Maurecia or any member of her family did not give any properties or cars or sale proceeds to the lead Pastor or the church adding that their claim is verifiable and what Ghanaians to disregard any other claim because it is a lie from the pit of hell.

They also stated that they have not given Maurecia anything to drink or eat as it is being purported and may take a legal action against the persons involved for defamation.

Read the statement below;