Ghanaian actress and movie producer, Lydia Forson has announced to all Menzgold customers to kill their hopes of getting their invested Menzgold capital at their back as NAM1 is never going to pay anybody.

According to the popular screen goddess, all Menzgold customers should forget their investment with embattled CEO of Menzgold, Nana Appiah Mensah.

In a tweet on her Twitter handle, Lydia claims that the CEO of menzgold, NAM1 is somewhere enjoying himself, chilling and drinking expensive wine, pina colada.

The 34-year-old actress who doubles as writer and producer further opined that Nana Appiah Mensah won’t face any trial in Ghana or anywhere despite EOCO and the police coming out to announce it.

She tweeted: “This guy is chilling somewhere drinking pina colada’s. He won’t face trial.
You won’t get your money either. You all got played.”

Well, Lydia Forson seems not to be the only Ghanaian celebrity having that negative thought, Ghanaians young millionaire, Ibrah1 has also been making the same allegations since it was brought to Ghanaians attention that the Owner of Menzgold had been arrested in Dubai and will be facing trials on 2nd February.


Lydia Forson and Adjetey Anang have hoisted Ghana’s flags high by winning major awards at the 2018 edition of Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award (AMVCA).

The two celebrated actors brought honour to their country at the awards ceremony held in Nigeria on Saturday night as the only winners from Ghana.

Lydia Forson was adjudged best supporting actress for her role in a Nigerian movie titled ‘Isoken’, adding to other laurels she won this year.

She beat equally good African actresses such as Emem Inwang, Ebele Okaro, Funlola Afofiyebi-Riami, Dorcas Shola Fapson and Toyin Abraham to win category.

Adjetey Anang also won the best actor drama award with his amazing performance in ‘Keteke’, beating fellow African actors like Wale Ojo, Kalu Ikeagwu, Rushabiro Raymond and Ghana’s own Chris Attoh.

Both Lydia and Adjetey have since Saturday been receiving congratulatory messages on social media for representing the country well.

Lydia and Adjetey are, indeed, doing very well in their respective careers and have been contributing to society in so many ways.

Lydia, for instance, has won a number of laurels this year, including winning best actress-comedy at the fourth Golden Movie Awards on June 2, together with Nana Ama McBrown and Sika Osei.

She won the same category back in 2015 at the same awards ceremony with her role in ‘A Letter From Adam’. She is currently the most active Ghanaian actress.


ARE YOU STUPID? – Actress Lydia Forson Ask Ghanaians

Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson has joined the recent debate on the propriety or otherwise of wives cooking for their husbands.

In a video she posted on Facebook, the actress blasts Ghanaians especially the media for wasting time to talk about cooking when there are a lot of developmental issues to discuss.

Her statement comes on the back of advocacy by some feminists on social media that men must share household chores including cooking with their wives and that women who cook for their husbands are “slaves.”

This has generated heated arguments on social media, prominent among which is the Dela Goldheart and Ace Ankomah encounter.

Lydia Forson in her video describes Ghanaians as being ‘stupid’ to have dedicated more of their time to debating whether or not wives should cook for their husbands.

“It’s only a stupid country that will come to a standstill because of cooking. Think about it. We have healthcare issues, terrible roads, our economy is a mess. But guess what we’re talking about, people – we’re talking about cooking. People are angry that someone is threatening to take away the right to be cooked for. We’re upset and we’re dedicating every single moment of our lives to talking about cooking. Do you see how stupid it makes us seem as a people?,” she said in the video.

“Do you see how stupid we seem? Do we see how unserious we are that seasoned journalists, radio presenters and proclaimed intellectuals are spending all their time and energy talking about someone trying to take away their rights? Are you stupid? Is food going to build roads, put clothes on your back or change the power crises? I am shocked that we have come to a standstill because of cooking. The fact that we reduced this discussion to food shows how far gone we are,” she further stated.

Lydia Forson’s argument is that the choice of a woman not to cook should not be a problem to any man; men who want wives that will cook for them should go for such women and allow those who want women who won’t cook to also decide for themselves.

“If a man wants a woman who wants to cook, he can marry her. In the same birth if a woman feels cooking is not her thing, why can’t she find her choice?” she asked.

Lydia Forson is an opinionated Ghanaian actress who has starred in movies like ‘Scorned,’ ‘A Sting in a Tale,’ ‘The Perfected Picture’ and ‘Keteke.’


Actress Lydia Forson and Media personality A.J Sarpong wowed patrons of this year’s Glits Africa Fashion Week, when they graced the runway with their larger than life personalities.

They both hit the runway on the day 2 of the , when they modeled for the #AboutThatCurvyLife Collection.

Lydia Forson rocking an all-black silk gown by Abaya of Lagos, Ms. Forson strutted her stuff to the glorification of all thick and beautiful women and bubbly Radio and TV host/ Producer, A.J. Sarpong  who appeared on the runway twice, attracted loud cheers from the crowd with her confident catwalk.

#AboutThatCurvyLife is a movement started by Nigerian lifestyle journalist, Latasha Ngube to empower the African curvy community.

Lydia Forson and AJ Sarpong’s showcase was part of the #AboutThatCurvyLife Collective at the Glitz Africa Fashion Week which included designers such as Matthew Idang for Assian.

Watch Lydia and AJ on the runway:



Ghanaian screen goddess Lydia Forson has sent a word of advice to all Ghanaian married men.

According to the actress, the cliché that most people hold about married women that they lose themselves after child birth and that is why most men cheat on their wives is totally untrue.

The actress has taken a different twist to it, Lydia thinks, some men after fathering two, three kids lose the need to keep themselves in shape and stay attractive for their wife’s.

Well, the controversial actress took to her Instagram page and wrote: “Maybe you changed after marriage; grew a pot belly, stopped paying attention to yourself, gave more attention to the kids than her, or maybe your d** wasn’t the same after fathering those kids”.

The 32-year-old actress advised married men growing pot belly to hit the gym and keep themselves in shape and that may be their only chance of winning the heart of their spouses back “You need to hit the gym, groom yourself, drink joy daddy to improve your performance and win her back’’.

Ms. Forson ended her post, asking all men never to lose the importance of prayer in their marriage,” But most importantly PRAY; your house maybe under attack by the devil. Go on your knees and pray!!Don’t let the devil win!” she wrote.

Read Lydia’s full post below:

“Maybe you changed after marriage; grew a pot belly, stopped paying attention to yourself, gave more attention to the kids than her, or maybe your d** wasn’t the same after fathering those kids. You need to hit the gym, groom yourself, drink joy daddy to improve your performance and win her back. But most importantly PRAY; your house maybe under attack by the devil. Go on your knees and pray!! Don’t let the devil win! #ThePowerOfAPrayingMan”


International Women’s Day was celebrated all over the world on Wednesday March 8, 2016 and Ghana was not left out.

Top Ghanaian female celebrities joined First and Second Lady of the Republic of Ghana, Mrs. Rebecca Akufo-Addo and Madam Samira Bawumia to celebrate this year’s International Women’s Day which happened at the First Lady’s office in Accra.

Several female celebrities joined the top officials for the ‘Be Bold For Change’ campaign for women empowerment to mark the day.

Actresses and Musicians who were at the ceremony were Nana Ama Mcbrown, Becca, Efya, Yvonne Nelson, Joselyn Dumas, Akumaa Mama Zimbi, Tagoe Sisters, Daughters of Glorious Jesus, Lydia Forson, Shirley Frimpong Manson, Regina Van Helvert and many others.

Former First Lady, Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings, Chief Justice Mrs Georgina Wood, Former Second Lady, Hajia Alia Mahama, Chief of Staff Mrs Frema Opare, Dr. Rev Joyce Aryee and a host of other bigwigs were also at the event.

Checkout more photos below:



Outspoken Reverend Father and Professional Counselor – Rev. Counselor George Lutterodt has finally responded to actress Lydia Forson’s allegations that he is on drugs.

Lydia Forson who didn’t seem too happy about some statements Counselor Lutterodt made about some female celebrities including Nana Aba Anamoah, Joselyn Dumas and Victoria Lebene Mekpah, accused Counselor Lutterodt of using the wrong hard drugs on “E-Talk” Entertainment TV Show with Amanda Jissih on GH One TV.

Responding to Lydia Forson’s allegation, Counselor George Lutterodt said he believes Lydia Forson’s acting career is dying and she wants to use him to resurrect her dying career. According to him, he doesn’t consider Lydia Forson as an actress.

He disclosed that if Lydia is saying he is on drugs then they both buy the drugs from the same person.

“We have the same dealer, I know her but I didn’t know she was the one until I heard this story. So if Lydia is saying what I take is the wrong drugs, then she is the one who dilutes it”.

He added that Lydia Forson is a small girl and she needs to respect the elderly.

“Lydia Forson is a small girl, she can never attain my age, she would never get to my age and be at where I am to do what I am doing.  When you are from well cultured home, you know what to say to people who are older than you. Tell her that she has to respect and know to talk. when camera comes on you and they ask you a question and you don’t have answers shut up”

Reacting to Lydia Forson’s open him titled: “When the Counselor needs counseling”, Counselor said “Unfortunately I don’t even think she understands what counseling means. She has foolishness o her heart and we need a rode of correction on her to move it out”, Counselor George Lutterodt stated insisting that it rather Lydia Forson who needs serious counseling.

Watch the full interview below:



Lydia Forson dubWell-endowed Ghanaian actress, Lydia Forson has released new photos to show off her enviable curves and voluminous body.

The “Scorned” actress who was adjudged 70th Most Influential Ghanaian at Ghana’s Most Influential (GMI) honours by e.TV Ghana on Thursday night June 30, 2016, released the hot photos less than 24 hours after she was honored to thank her fans for supporting her.

Ghana’s Most Influential honour is aimed at recognizing and celebrating the top 100 Most Influential Ghanaian personalities who have contributed immensely to the growth of Ghanaian society in various ways -as voted by the general public. Lydia came 70th position.

The new photos did not only portray a fearless and high-spirited Lydia Forson, but also show that the A Letter From Adams producer is not lacking in the beauty sphere. Sexy and curvy is indeed the new Lydia Forson expression.

See more photos below:image-2 IMG_4566 IMG_4567 IMG_4568 IMG_4569 IMG_4570 IMG_4572 IMG_4573 IMG_4575 IMG_4576 IMG_4577  Dress: Anasimba / Instagram @anasimba_official

Make Up : Nancy Blaq / Instagram @nancyblaq

Photography : OAB Photograpy/ Instagram @oabphotography



Lydia ForsonGhanaian actress Lydia Forson is worried that Ghanaian media has been left unchecked all “In the name of press freedom”.

The “Perfect Picture” Actress In a recent post on her blog, thinks in the name of press freedom ,the media, especially in Ghana has been left unchecked.

Read Lydia full piece below:

Politicians don’t rule Ghana, the MEDIA does.They determine who is right or wrong,who we should love and hate,who we should vote for or vote against.
Increasingly the media in Ghana and all over the world, is taking over , and we’re all completely oblivious to it.

When they decide to push an agenda there’s nothing stopping them.

They get us talking about things we otherwise wouldn’t talk about.They get us believing things that may not even be true. And they have the power to run this country down or change its course.

We’ve all become puppets in their circus. Sadly no one can talk about this without being accused of treading on their rights.But doesn’t a right come with some form of RESPONSIBILITY?

Polices the police?

I think in the name of press freedom ,the media, especially in Ghana has been left unchecked. Any attempt to call them out and they go on a defensive campaign. Which you will most likely lose, because they have a lot of “power”,remember that.

Now some may argue that a lot of these people calling themselves journalist (especially bloggers) aren’t qualified because they’ve not had any form of training.

But that’s like saying I’m not qualified to be an actress because I haven’t been to film school. Some professions don’t require you to have a certificate to practice, although it is encouraged.

However if you’re going to claim something you should at least live by the code of ethics that come with the title.

And that’s where the problem is, because how many of them even know these rules that govern the profession? And even if they do, who’s going to make them abide by them?

Last year an alleged rape victim’s name was circulated by many media outlets, I read in shock as a well known broadcaster tweeted the lady’s name.

Only yesterday I read as several sites reported of a video showing a politician being chased out of a community. Later for us to find out it wasn’t even in Ghana this happened. Will they retract and apologize for it? I’m yet to see.

Its an election year, and probably the reason why I’m passionate about this. Because if care isn’t taken, the whole country can easily be thrown into chaos.

So many blogs have sprung up as satarical sites, and although I’m all for a little humour, I’m also smart enough to understand the country I’m in and it’s people. And I would expect that a good journalist should always know his audience.

In a country where the word satire is even foreign to a lot of people, one should be smart enough to know that many will miss the points being raised.

And although the writers can’t be faulted for people’s lack of understanding, it is also their responsibility to know that because of that if care isn’t taken, depending on what they write could easily spark a fire.

So if you knowingly write a piece directed to an audience you’re aware will not understand the humour in it, and it inadvertently starts a fights a, shouldn’t you be held accountable to an extend?

Here’s the link to the Ghana Journalist Association code of ethics

Do you think journalist have been following theses codes?

And if they don’t, who and how do we keep them in check?

Note: I’m not in any way suggesting that press freedom should be limited, especially when so many people have lost their lives by fighting for this, however it will be disappointing and a shame to the memory of those lost in the battle for free press if the liberties aren’t used for what it was intended.



Lydia Forson and Beverly Afaglo at Celebrity Hall opening
Lydia Forson and Beverly Afaglo at Celebrity Hall opening

Actress Beverly Afaglo Baah has been spotted heavily pregnant with her second child.

The Ghanaian actress and her musician husband, Eugene Baah aka Choirmaster are expecting their second child.

Beverly was pictured with her protruding baby bump by over the weekend during the official opening of couple’s new unisex boutique called Celebrity Hall at Baatsona opposite the Total fuel station off the Spintex road on Saturday February 20, 2016. Beverly Afaglo - Celebrity Hall

The opening was attended by fellow actors; Lydia Forson, Roselyn Ngissah, Chichi Neblett and Helen Asante among others  including musicians Keche, 4×4 as well as Ghana movie Awards organizer Fred Nuamah.

Beverly and Eugene got married in April 2012 and they welcomed their first child Violin September 22, 2012.