Actress Xandy Kamel has finally revealed that she was the main financier of her wedding with her former husband Kaninja.

She claims she never felt love or sexual satisfaction in a marriage she probably spent all of her life savings on.

In an interview, the actress stated that she spent a lot of money on her wedding in May 2020, but that she never felt happy or at peace as a result of the failed relationship.

I spent a lot, a lot of my money went into it… in all these, my partner turned against me. He joined people to body-shame me. It really broke me, I felt like I have wasted money. It felt like marrying my enemy,” she said in an interview with Kwaku Manu on the ‘Aggressive Show’.

During the interview, Xandy stated that she was unconcerned about her relationship’s red flags since she was madly in love with the Sports presenter.

Xandy said that she couldn’t even buy herself pants and instead went shopping for her husband since all she wanted to do was help and push the man she was with.

She said;

Now my eyes are clear. I have become vigilant, all that is left for me is to stay hardworking to support my mother and siblings… I used to be more concerned about others. For that reason, I wasn’t focused on securing personal properties and helping the family. All my attention was on helping the man I was with. I couldn’t even buy panties for myself, I was instead shopping for my man.”

She accepted that both parties made mistakes that led to the breakdown of her marriage, but she never insulted her husband.

“There was immaturity in my marriage. There was pride, ego… things were done anyhow. I am not perfect but there is no way someone can say I disrespected my husband,” she insisted.

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“I DON’T NEED HIM BACK” – Xandy Kamel

A prophetess has brought out the beast in actress Xandy Kamel after trying to bring her ex-husband back into her life.

Actress Xandy Kamel came fuming on social media over an act she finds disrespectful.

The actress disclosed that a prophetess has come to her with a message from God on why she must return to her broken marriage.

Xandy and Kaninja’s years old marriages fell apart last year after a rumor surfaced that the latter was cheating.

Xandy Kamel said the prophetess claims her destiny is tied to her cheating ex-husband Kaninja.

She added that she was told how she must return to the marriage because it is ordained in heaven.

According to Xandy Kamel, even God cannot force her to return to Kaninja and any prophet who comes to tell her nonsense will have her to deal with.

She said, “I haven’t told any of you that I want anyone back in my life so stop telling me how God has revealed to you he is coming back to beg pls Paa let me enjoy in peace.”

“The next time any self-acclaimed woman of God slides into my dm with such nkwasiasem I swear u will smell pepper.”

WE WERE WARNED OF THE FIGHT AHEAD – Xandy Kamel’s Estranged Husband Kaninja Says

Kaninja, Sports journalist and alleged estranged husband of actress, Xandy Kamel, has subtly reacted to the reports of crisis in their marriage.

In a recent post he made on social media, Kaninja revealed that they were warned of the fight ahead so they were ready before the boxing ring was mounted.

He furthered that no though they are the target, the punches are misdirected and this post can mean a lot of things including his marital issue.



Ghanaian actress and presenter, Xandy Kamel is excited about her new life after her alleged marriage crash that put her mental health in a sorry State as a result of the pain of heartbreak.

Xandy got married to her husband, Kaninja of Angel FM in 2019 but their marriage is reportedly at the verge of collapse as Xandy accuses Kaninja of having extramarital affair with his ex-girlfriend.

Xandy has sent a new message for her cheating husband Kaninja and her haters right after her return to social media in a video she shared on her personal Instagram page.

In the video, the brand influencer is seen singing a song from Daddy Lumba which talked about finding someone better after leaving a toxic relationship.

Xandy who was filled with joy as it could be seen all over her wore a broad smile on her face saying she has become a better person now that Kaninja is no longer in her life and the intention that she was going to die because he left her for his ex failed.



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YOU WILL NEVER KNOW HAPPINESS THE REST OF YOUR LIFE’ – Xandy Kamel Pronounces Lifetime Curses On Kaninja

Actress Xandy Kamel has invoked the wrath of the gods on her estranged husband, Kaninja following the crisis in her marriage over which is on its way to collapse.

We have chanced on a video showing the embittered Xandy Kamel uttering irrevocable curses on her husband for accusing her of being a certified lesbian.

Xandy Kamel said that every bad thing her estranged husband has done to him will also happen to him including the shame he has put her and her family through.

She declared that Kaninja will suffer and will never know happiness for the rest of her life.



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Ghanaian actress and television presenter Xandy Kamel and her husband, Kaninja are deeply enjoying themselves as a married couple as they are one year into marriage.

Kaninja, a sport presenter and journalist shared his experience in marriage for the past 12 months with popular media personality, NKONKONSA revealed that he is a matured person now.

Speaking on how he feels about the trolls and criticisms that his wife, Xandy Kamel come under on social media, he said that he understands what she is doing and for him, any time people attack his wife verbally it reflects on her bank account as the more they insult her, the more she makes money because her primary source of income is from social media.

According to fine-looking radio presenter, the main people who are affected by what his wife puts on social media is her family so if her family is okay with it, he is has no issue also.

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