videos: I BROKE MY VIRGINITY AT THE AGE OF 16 – Efia Odo Reveals

Ghanaian actress and TV Presenter Efia Odo, real name Andrea Owusu has revealed, how and when she lost her virginity.

Efia who was sharing her personal experience on her “You and Me” segment on Okay FM’s drive time program, said she was only sixteen years old and naïve, when she lost her pride to her first love who is Jamaican guy called Chase during her high school days in America.

She stated that she didn’t know anything about sex at that time but her boy boyfriend insisted they should do it and she fell for his pressure out of love.

The “Heels and Sneakers” actress said it was very painful in the beginning but she enjoyed it eventually.

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Efia Odo however admitted that she regrets losing her virginity at that early age but it happened because she didn’t know the value and why she should have waited.

She therefore urged parents to speak to their kids about sex before they become sexually active and advised young ladies to preserve their virginity for the right person and the right time.

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It is said that it’s only a fool who does not learn from his or her mistakes. So it is in order that actress, Efia Odo has now resolved not to flaunt her next relationship on social media like she did with her ex boyfriend, Kwaku Revloe after her bad experience.

Efia, who is now a presenter on Okay FM hosting the show, “Me and You” on Fridays, said the only time she will show off her significant other is when the guy puts a ring on it and asked her listeners to take a cue from her experience.

“You people should learn from me, please do not flaunt your partner on social media until you are married to him or her. I am not saying social media is not good but play it safe.

“The thing is that, when you put your things on social media it goes all out so if something goes wrong you cannot go back to withdraw it because it is already out there, you cannot change the story,” she said.

Efia continued, “I also learnt that this part of the world is different from elsewhere, we are in Ghana not in America so some things do not work here. For me, I have learnt my lesson so you should take it from me.”

In a previous interview with Showbiz, Efia Odo said no one can take her man away.

“I am not bothered at all, they should come for him. We have a God factor, how can someone take what God has given me? Such people should get a life and stop poking their noses into my affairs. He is a responsible guy and lives a low key life so where are they going to find him?” she questioned.

Throughout the interview, Efia Odo, who could not hide how smitten she was with Rev said, “I am so in love I must say. I was not looking for love, I did not go searching, it came to me.”

Unfortunately, barely three months after this interview the relationship crashed with rumours claiming Rev dumped Efia because she was a social media freak and was constantly put their dealings in public, something he was not in favour of.


Actress and TV Presenter, Efia Odo, has admitted that she is having a difficult time living as a Christian.

Though she has been severely criticised for exposing her body on social media, the actress insists in an interview that she is a devoted Christian.

“When I was in my early 20s…I played Sonnie Badu’s ‘Covenant Keeping God’ in my room after watching a sermon by Juanita Bynum. I started praying…The Holy Spirit took over…I started speaking in tongues. I just heard a voice saying ‘I am with you’. Nobody touched me,” she disclosed in an interview.

According to Efia, her Christian walk has not been easy in today’s world as he revealed that she constantly battles with sin.

‘It was like I was lukewarm. My flesh and spirit were always fighting,” she stated.

“I am in love with Him but I am struggling. To live in this world that we live in now and to be a pure Christian, worshipping God in spirit and in truth is not something that is so easy to do,” Efia Odo continued.

Speaking of her Christian life, the actress stated that her journey began when she was a teenager and also a member of a church choir in New York in the U.S.

According to her, she desired to discover God on her own so she refused to attend the same Church with her mum before joining the choir.

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Glitz Africa held its annual award show, “Glitz Style Awards”, on Saturday September 1, 2018 at the plush Movenpick Ambassador Hotel  in Accra, Ghana.

The event, hosted by Idia Aisien from Nigeria and Ghanaian Actor/Fashion Designer, Elikem Kumordzie, was held to honor individuals setting fashion trends in Ghana and across the African continent.

The event was attended by Becca, Efya, Zynnell Zuh, Anita Akuffo, Juliet Ibrahim, Sister Deborah, Eazzy, King Promise, Efia Odo, Eazzy, Gloria Sarfo, Martha Ankomah and more.

The glamorous event organised by Glitz Africa, also sought to strengthen the growing fashion industry by establishing, developing and promoting international industry standards here in Ghana.

The event, according to the organisers, is an opportunity for the fashion industry to celebrate and promote the extraordinary creative talents in Ghana and across the African continent.

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I HAVE A MAN, GO AND GET YOURS – Efia Odo Blasts Delay

Actress and TV host Andrea Owusu popularly known as Efia Odo yesterday came out to angrily lash out at controversial TV Presenter Deloris Frimpong Manso, known as Delay for involving herself in her relationship.

The actress, 25, did not take kindly to suggestions by the Delay Show host to keep her relationship on the low because the guy she was dating now had massive flaws and could make her relationship go south soon.

On hearing this, “Heels And Sneakers” star took to the micro-blogging website Twitter to call out Delay and suggest she leaves her alone.

She wrote “Dear Delay, I’m sorry I don’t sleep with peoples husband(no shade), that’s why I’m able to show MY MAN to the world. Why should I hide someone I’m so proud of, flaws and all? If a relationship will fail, it will be due to lies distrust insecurities and miscommunication. But we good!”

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She is known for her racy pictures so when she posted images of herself well covered up on social media recently, many were those who believed the lifestyle of actress, Efia Odo, has changed.

Well, those harbouring such thoughts should have a rethink because that is not happening.

Efia Odo, who is currently a co-host on Head Start and The Arena on Kwese Free Sports says she has no plans to change anything about her style.

“ My new pictures don’t mean anything. They do not mean I have changed or regret anything about myself. I host a TV show now and the thing is, I cannot wear bikinis to the office so I take photos in what I wear to work”, she told Showbiz on Tuesday.

According to her, covering up in her pictures does not mean she has become a different person, “It is interesting ohh, please I have not changed. There is nothing to change about me, I am still the bubbly and I -don’t-care- kind of person.

It is normal for people to expect that I take on some kind on rebranding just because I have taken up a new role as a TV host but no, I’m still me. The same old Efia Odo,” she added.

However, while Efia Odo, real name Andrea Owusu, insists she will not swap her lifestyle for any other, she has taken a second look at her relationship with her Maker after the death of her friend Ebony Reigns, who passed on through a gory accident in February,

“If there is anything that has stirred some change in me then it is the death of Ebony.

Her demise has brought me closer to God, my prayer life has intensified. Her death got me thinking and asking myself a lot of questions since I don’t not know when I will also be called to eternity.

“ I questioned my relationship with my fellow human beings and I asked myself, does it mirror the love the Bible preaches about?

How is my forgiving nature like?

How many times do I involve God in the things I do?

Where will I go after this life among others?

“I asked all these questions and I decided to do better in my relationship with others, be happy, and apologize when I go wrong. It’s in this spirit that I publicly apologized to actress, Fella Makafui when I threw shades at her.”

Efia disclosed she is happy with where she is now in her life, “I love what I am doing right now at Kwese TV.

I don’t have any formal training in hosting a TV show but I enjoy what I do. I had to learn on the job and the team has also been amazing.”

Born in Ghana, she left for the United States at the age of five until she returned to the country a couple of years ago to pursue her passion for acting.

Efia, who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the Nyack University in the US says her ultimate goal is to take her career beyond the shores of Africa.

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Dancehall Singer Shatta Wale has been ‘caught’ in bed with another lady.

Shatta Wale lives with his baby mama Shatta Michy and son Majesty in Ghana but a photo has surfaced on social media with the 2017 Ghana Music Award, UK Artiste of the year in bed with another woman.

In the photo shot from a snapchat story of the lady in question, Shatta Wale is seen lying on a bed with popular Ghanaian Actress Efia Odo in the US. The dancehall Artiste was in the US two weeks ago for a concert in Dallas and looks like he found himself more than that.

The Actress, who shared several photos and videos of herself with Shatta Wale in the US two weeks ago on Instagram finally decided to show off her BFF (Best Friend Forever) on snapchat with both on them in bed.

We do not have details of the kind of relationship between Shatta Wale and Efia Odo, but it looks their friendship is very very intimate.

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