Ghanaian actress and influencer, Rosemond Brown, popularly known as Akuapem Poloo has finally explained the reason for her feud with Afia Schwarzenegger for some time now.

In an interview with Fiifi Prat, Akuapem Poloo revealed that she admires Afia Schwarzenegger and has never poor-mouthed her, despite the fact that she is not on good terms with her.

When asked why, she stated that Afia Schwarzenegger once disparaged her mother, who had nothing to do with her, all because she constantly removes her clothes in photos.

She also claimed that the CEO of Pinamang Cosmetics was involved in their feud because she kept bumping their heads together


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Loudmouth Ghanaian socialite and former comedienne, Afia Schwarzenegger, has sparked controversy on social media after she named herself and Dancehall singer, Shatta Wale as the only showbiz celebrities in Ghana who don’t kiss a$$.

Unless you are a new person in Ghana, there’s no way anybody could argue with her assertion. The duo represents the most controversial persons of all time in the mainstream industry and Afia reminded us just how she continues to illuminate this personality with her partner in crime

She asked Ghanaians to tag Shatta Wale who she referred to in this context as his twin to tell him that she has really missed him.

Taking to her IG wall, she wrote;

Tell my twin @shattawalenima I miss him. We define Show-Business in this country..PERIOD!!!!!! And its Showbiz not Asskissing!!!



I DON’T WANT PERFECT ALL I WANT IS YOU – Afia Schwarzenegger Emotional As Lover Pours Out His Heart

Loudmouth and outlandish socialite, Afia Schwarzenegger went over the moon and become emotional after her new lover poured out his heart for her.

You would recall how Afia Schwarzenegger heaped praises on her new Ewe boyfriend as she revealed that there has been substantive changes in her life since she met him.

She said she is even changing because of him. In a recent post the influencer revealed some sweet words her new lover had told her which made her emotional.

She wrote, “My husband said n I quote… we recycle rubbish to manufacture great things…

I never wanted a perfect woman, all I want is you!!!( that is deep,wisdom is talking)

Gosh can you all organize money for me…. so I can buy more tissues… can’t stop crying!!!!!

Thank you El… I love you my king”

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Ghanaian socialite and outlandish former television presenter, Afia Schwarzenegger, has expressed her gratitude to God that her children did not adopt her lifestyle but are living sober and decent lifestyle.

Afia Schwarzenegger’s twin boys, James Ian heerdegen and John Irwin Heerdegen will turn 20 on August 21,  and she took to social media to brag over the fact that her sons do not drink alcohol or smoke and was happy that these 20 years of her life has been drama free.

“Dear God,
I thank you.. me, mother have sons that don’t drink alcohol nor smoke…
20 years of No drama…,
 Afia Schwar wrote.

I HAVE FOUND THE FATHER OF YOUR TWINS – Ayisha Modi Exposes Afia Schwarzenegger

It appears Ghanaian music executive and businesswoman, Ayisha Modi has vowed to bring down her rival and comedienne, Afia Schwarzenegger as they continue to be at each other’s throat.

Ayisha Modi in a recent post on her Instagram page revealed that she has verified information about the real father of her twins as she claims she has found who the man is.

According to the Bhim Nation sympathizer, Afia Schwarzenegger’s baby daddy is not a German as she claimed but an old American man.

‘This is Nana Ama Afrakoma my blood 🩸 😂😂😂😂. She and her mother took care of your twins (Boys) for 7 years, whiles u were in South Africa doing prostitution. When you were deported from South Africa to Ghana , she took u in and did whatever a sister, and a good friend will do for u, Madam what did u do to her after 25 years of your friendship?

Show the world 🌍 ur kids passport 😂. How can a lair like u be trusted in our Media? Instead of you to use ur life story to motivate your followers, you are there brainwashing them. The day the world will hear ur life story, I know and believe the whole nation will disown u for lying and brainwashing the ppl . Didn’t you try sleeping with her husband? 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣. Madam if you don’t shut up 🤐 I will be ur down fall cos guess what I have found The father of ur sons 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣, and he is not a German 🤣🤣😂😂,

He is an old American man named John 🤣😂. Dare me again and I will come live with @empressbingy and she will tell the whole world your real life story 😂😂😂. All ur life story on the Net are all fake like ur mouth 😅😅🤣🤣😂🤣🤣. Madam am a Zongo girl with Zongo spirit ooo😂🤣🤣, at the same time a Ga. SIA . This fight will end 2032 and it’s a promise 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣. Come and curse yourself again SIA😂’

YOU WILL DI£ FROM YOUR OWN CUR$ES – Ayisha Modi Fires Back At Afia Schwarzenegger

The beef between controversial media Personality, Afia Schwarzenegger and music executive, Ayisha Modi has gotten fiercer than we thought as they have now resorted to invoking curses on each other.

The two who already started a feud due to Moesha’s condition reignited their beef after Rev. Obofour was made a GA Chief.

Afia’s first comment about this got Ayisha Modi replying with anger and claiming Afia usually begs for her daughter Pena.

Afia Schwarzenegger unleashed serious curses on Ayisha Modi for what she had said, and now Ayisha Modi has also replied with same cur$es saying Afia is going to die from her own cur$es.

DOES HE SPEAK GA? YOU PEOPLE ARE JOKERS – Afia Schwar Blast Ga Leaders After Enstooling Rev Obofour As A Chief

Controversial socialite, Afia Schwarzenegger has berated the Ga Traditional rulers and gospel preacher, Rev. Emmanuel Obofour over their enstoolment of the latter as chief over the weekend.

Rev. Obofour who is the General Overseer of Anointed Palace Chapel (APC), was enstooled as a chief in Sempe, one of the Ga traditional areas and was given the title Nii Adotey Gyata I.

A cross section of Ghanaians alluded that Obofour has been enstooled as chief because he’s wealthy and can help with certain developmental projects in the community.

Reacting to this, Afia Schwar called the Ga traditional leaders jokers for enstooling Rev Obofour as a chief and she wondered how Obofour would communicate with his people since he cannot speak Ga.

Taking to the gram she wrote, “Does he speak Ga? Ghanaians are jokers, especially my people. I love Rev [Obofour] with my soul, but when your chief can’t speak your language, there’s a problem. I wish my Ga people will take royalty seriously, but who am I?”

I BEGGED BOLA RAY TO FORGIVE YOU AFTER DUPING HIM – Afia Schwarzenegger Tells Captain Smart

Ghanaian comedienne and former television presenter, Afia Schwarzenegger has refuelled her beef with popular media personality, Captain Smart following his remarks about the president of Ghana.

Captain Smart who has constantly been criticizing the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) government over how they are running the country slammed Akufo Addo saying he thought he never liked corruption but he has come to realize he dines with it.

Reacting to his commentary, Afia Schwarzenegger disclosed that she begged Bola Ray on his behalf after he duped him by taking Bola Ray’s money to work for him but never showed up and she told him that disrespecting the president will not revive his dead show.

She said,

“ The pot calling the kettle names…so sad.

I remember when I had to beg @bolarayofficial on your behalf ….when you collected their money n refused to show up for work!!!!

Disrespecting the president won’t revive your dead show !!!!


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WE DON’T USE SOMEONE’S SICKNESS TO MAKE FUN OF THEM – Afia Schwar Blasts Salma Mumin For Leaking Secret Audio To Disgrace Moesha

Ghanaian comedian and former television presenter, Afia Schwarzenegger has heavily descended on actress, Salma Mumin for leaking a secret audio she had between her and the personal assistant to her colleague, Moesha Boduong just to humiliate her.

In a video she posted on her Instagram directed to Salma Mumin, Afia Schwarzenegger revealed that Moesha Boduong is battling mental illness but she can’t use someone’s illness to mock her.

According to the mother of twins, whilst Moesha was sick, she called Salma Mumin to beg her for her forgiveness but she refused and told her to fvck off so she doesn’t understand why Salma would be interested in anything concerning Moesha.

Afia Schwarz expressed her disappointed in Salma Mumin and her explanation for putting out the audio in the public domain and warned her not to laugh at a sick person because it can happen to anyone.

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Ghanaian businesswoman, Ayisha Modi has thrown shades at rival, Afia Schwarzenegger and Tracey Boakye in a recent post by her on social media that promises to take their beef to another new level.

In what seemed as a lovely message to her fiancé, Sariki, Ayisha Modi used her message to ridicule Afia and Tracey as she promised not to get caught with another man in their matrimonial bed and also let the world see her nak£dness on social media.

She also revealed the source of their money and the things they engage in the name of making money and it includes blackmail, prostitution, bestiality, home-wrecking, infidelity, betrayal and others.

Below is Ayisha Modi‘s post;

“Desperate confused 🤷‍♀️ beings 😂😂😂😂😂. HisOnlyChick in their dreams 😂😂. HisOnlyChick but they can’t post their men🤣🤣😂. We are both rich 🤑 within 😘😘😘. Eventually all pieces fall into place. Until then, let’s Laugh 😂 at the Confusion. I bless the day I met you @giwasariki . Father for all I truly love ur powerful kind spirit. You are me and I am you in both Spiritual and physical. I have posted the great lion and Gods of Accra😂😂😂🤣🤣😂. Tag only responsible husbands and fathers. I quote only Responsible ooooo😂😂. LOVE 💕 YOU k3k3 bossu. Am making this promise to you in public, Dear responsible soulmate, i promise you that u will never ever catch me Ayisha Obaa Modi in bed with other man on our Matrimonial bed, I promise not to get pregnant 🤰 with my best friend’s husband, My love I so promise you that I will never ever be a Blackmailer to bring shame and causes upon our generation. I promise you that I will take care of our son without begging 🙏 or blackmailing anyone, babe I promise you my loyalty for life no matter what I swear, I promise u that u will never see my nakedness on social media, I promise I won’t insult any elderly person in my life🙏 promise not to sleep with cats and dogs just to make money for social media hype cos u have everything and even more than I need🤣😂 . Babe I promise to be loyal to everyone I love ❤️. I promise not to blackmail Presidents, Minister’s, pastors and friends around me . I will never ever be a disgrace to you and my family 😘😂, I promise to not steal chains , I promise not to be ungrateful or blackmail the ppl that as once helped me before , also promise not to live a fake life in the name social media hype, . Sarkiiiiiiiiii I promise you 2,0000 men willnt be tested before I can find out who the father our child is . This is my promise to u my Kind. My heart ♥️ Dey for u😘🤣🤣😂🤷‍♀️🤣. Them chop wrong meat 🥩.”

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