“YOU WILL END UP IN A WHEEL CHAIR”- Sonnie Badu Fake Pastors

UK based Ghanaian Gospel Singer Sonnie Badu has warned Pastors, Bishops, and Apostles of God not to take glory meant to be given to God in the church.

He revealed that failure to adhere to this warning would result in an experience of some of the “pain and agony” Jesus Christ experienced; an experience that will eventually make them wheel chair bound and fed through tubes.

According to the “Let it rain” Singer who claim to have received an open vision on Monday February 6, 2016, said in a post on Instagram;

“In an open vision a few hours ago, God gave me a message to relay to all Pastors , Bishops , Apostles , and men of God that have assumed the place of Jesus in the church and comfortably claim the glory that should be given to Jesus alone. The Lord will let you experience just a little bit of the pain and agony that His son Jesus experienced. Including excruciating pain in the middle of your palm preventing any normal hand function. Followed by unbearable pain in your feet that will hinder your ability to walk and lack of sleep due to severe pain in your side. You will end up in a wheel chair, being fed through tubes for 3 weeks. Perhaps, you will then understand the sheer arrogance in taking the glory for a burden you did not and can never bear for the sake of humanity. #Selah”


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