For all those bashing singer and actress, Nana Frema for admitting to undergoing liposuction at Obengfo Hospital, she has one message: She does not really care because that surgery has brought back her confidence in addition to giving her a sexy look.

When Dr Dominic Obeng Andoh, who owns the Obengfo Hospital was arrested over the death of Stacy Offei Darko, Deputy CEO of National Entrepreneurship Innovative Programme(NEIP), Nana Frema was one of those who sang his praises.

According to the Anger singer who did the procedure about a year ago, working on her stomach is one thing she does not regret because of all the benefits that it came with.

“I had a big tummy then and was not comfortable when I went out but after I went to Obengfo for the liposuction, I feel bold, sexy and ok now.

“I remember when I had that big tummy, I would sometimes call off my appearances at programmes because I did not look nice in the outfits I wore.

“It was like this; I will agree to grace an event, get my makeup done, go for my dress and then when I wore it, my tummy would be in my face like that, I looked funny.

“I had to hide myself in big clothes and I lost my self esteem during those days, I didn’t feel beautiful. Today, I can wear anything I want, everything looks good on me, I can go out and not feel ashamed of myself or my body,” Nana Frema told Showbiz.

Formerly a size 18 with a tummy that measured 47, Nana Frema now has a body she loves with a waist measurement of 31, hips 51 and Bust 45.

She disagreed with the assertion that she underwent the surgery because of societal pressure. “Not at all, I did not do it because of the pressures of society. I did it for me, for me to feel good.

“Yes they played a role in it but in the end, it was for me, it was how I felt and how I wanted to feel. Look if something is not well with you as a person, you know, you feel it and that was my situation.

“Due to how I was, I didn’t want to appear in public, I was often depressed and frustrated because I was alone a lot so I must say, my old self cost me a lot,” she stated candidly.

On whether she had faced some stigmatisation since she opened up about the surgery Nana Frema answered in the negative saying “Not at all, I have not suffered anything like that. I have rather received congratulatory messages from people.

“I rather get people telling me they admire my boldness and some even ask me how I did it. They want to know whether it was painful and how they could get theirs done”, she added.

Talking about her music career, Nana Frema said, “it has been great so far, I started about 15 years ago as a backup singer. I have worked with people like Pope Skinny, Obrafuor, Guru etc but I decided to take a bold step on my own after my participation in the first edition of Vodafone Icons and it has been great since then”, she said.

Nana Frema hopes to do more things with her acting and singing career. She has songs like Anger, Love of My Life and the movies Within the Apartment, Apartment 22 and others to her credit.

See Frema’s current photos below:

Source: Graphic Showbiz

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