Musician Article Wan has observed that several investors have resolved to not plough money into the music industry mainly because of numerous unfair treatments meted out to them.

He claimed in an interview that some artistes extend their promiscuous lives to the girlfriends of these investors as they snatch them away.

“We’ve got investors but sometimes, artistes treat them some way so they don’t feel like investing again,” he told MzGee. “Sometimes, people disrespect them, people are not faithful to them… There are instances the artistes snatch the girlfriends of these investors. That actually gets them crazy. How can you snatch the taste of your boss?”

Although he acknowledges how painful it is for investors to be betrayed in that manner, Article Wan who wishes for huge investments in talents said: “Investors shouldn’t look at what other artistes have done to them and say they will not invest in other good artistes. It’s killing the industry.”

Conversations about the ungratefulness of some Ghanaian musicians have been held on countless occasions as some managers expressed their unwillingness to ‘gamble’ with their resources.

Few months ago, Rapper EL, for instance, said the ungratefulness of some new artistes sometimes makes him refuse to sign them on.

“Very few of them are grateful when you lift them up there. The majority forget that you have ever done something for them when they make it. Can you imagine an artiste putting his career on hold and helping another artiste only for that person to be ungrateful in future,” he quizzed.


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