Ghanaian actress, Beverly Afaglo has taken to social media to call out Ghanaian bloggers who are fond of promoting negative news of celebrities and brands all in the name of publicity for them.

In a lengthy message she penned on her Instagram page sighted by Nkonkonsa.com, the delectable script-interpreter lambasted bloggers for pushing foreign brands on their blogs and site, yet do not put equal premium on local artistes.

According to Beverly Afaglo, what bloggers feed the minds of fans and followers of their favorite celebrities is what they believe hence it is imperative to put the positives about the celebs out for their fans in order to enhance the growth of the entertainment industry.

“Dear Ghanaian bloggers, u all can be part of Ghanaian music growth to help make our music go far. If someone tries to rubbish the hard work of our artists and their brands and u pickup their videos and give them ur platform to even reach bigger audience pls what are u trying to promote? 🤔🤔🤔 Is that entertainment?

“Are u helping trend and ruin our artists to the world or u are making us the viewers/followers have worse thoughts of them and discredit them.

 “The mind is like a magnet, it attracts what it’s fed. U guys are able to promote some celebrities to the pinnacle that makes them look so good, decorated and untouchable that fans are even unable to comment trash about them. U can do same for our artists. Nobody is telling u what to post on ur page o, it’s yours but pls……..Please cut them some slack .They are all we got. Some countries hv worse artists but they still love them. #weloveghanaianartists#weareproudofghanaianartists”, Beverly wrote on Instagram.

Source: NKONKONSA.com 

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