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Rapper Rick Ross is being sued by a woman who claims she was drugged in his van before being raped by his agent during Grammy weekend.Rick Ross -1

The woman, identified as Jane Doe in the lawsuit, alleges she was at the W Hotel in Los Angeles where she met up with the rapper and his entourage, according to TMZ.

She claims they invited her to go to the Cannabis Cup, a marijuana trade show, and that she rode in a van with Ross, his agent Thaddeus ‘Black’ James, a DJ, three security guards and a driver.

The woman — who is ID’d as Jane Doe in the lawsuit — claims she was at the W Hotel in L.A. where she met up with Rick and his entourage, who had invited her to go to Cannabis Cup … a weed convention.

She says she got in the van with Rick, a guy named Thaddeus “Black” James, a DJ, 3 security guards and the driver. She says she was offered a glass of booze and shortly thereafter became dizzy and eventually passed out.

She says the next thing she knew, 2 hours had passed and she was in the van with Black.

The woman says she went back to Black’s hotel room and passed out again. She woke up at 8 AM, examined herself and realized her clothes had been removed and she had been s*xually assaulted.

The woman believes Black is the one who raped her.

She’s suing Black but also Rick Ross … because she says Black was Ross’ agent and he should have been supervising him, and it was Ross’ van”

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