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Dumelo - Ghana Movie AwardsOn Sunday the 13th of March 2016, six gunmen targeted hotels on a beach at Grand Bassam in Ivory Coast, a weekend retreat popular with Western expatriates about 25 miles east of the commercial capital Abidjan, before being killed in clashes with Ivorian security forces.

A top French expert said that the attack was “clearly against France”, which has former colonial ties with the country and a continent of 600 soldiers nearby.

Beach-goers were filmed screaming and running into nearby hotels for cover as up to four balaclava-clad gunmen sprayed bullets indiscriminately while shouting “Allahu Akbar”. The attack killed 16 people, including four Europeans.

However, Ghanaian actor John Dumelo has reacted to the terrorist attack, revealing that he passed by Grand Bassam in Ivory Coast a few months ago, insisting that one of the most efficient ways to stop “them” is by being each other’s keeper.

In his own words, he shared a photo from when he was in Ivory Coast, with the caption;

“As part of filming my tourism show, I passed by Grand Bassam in Ivory Coast a few months ago. Grand Bassam is where the terrorists attacked some people over the weekend. It’s sad.

It’s sad because even with advanced security in US and France, the terrorists managed to attack in San Bernardino and in Paris. One of the most efficient ways to stopping “them” is being each other’s keeper.

Let’s all have a 3rd eye for unusual and suspicious activity around us. This is not the time to play the blame game. “They” can’t take away our freedom! God bless Africa!”.

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