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Shatta Michy and Shatta Wale
Shatta Michy and Shatta Wale

Wife of Shatta Wale, Diamond Michelle Gbagonah popularly known as Shatta Michy have received heavy backlash after she discussed her sexual activities with her husband on TV.

Social media has been buzzing with negative comments left, right and center on particularly Facebook; majority was her fellow ladies for being proud and coming out publicly that she had slept on her first date with Shatta Wale at the age of 17.

Diamond who couldn’t bear it anymore took to her Facebook page and said:

“Let’s be real here , yes I slept with him on the first date but aren’t we still together, happy with a lovely baby & building an empire??? How about the ex, sister, & gf who just gets f*cked by a different guy every 3 days ?? Hypocrisy is the main reason Gh is still like this. I like am, he like am, we do am , we’re living the life…..?#?notime ?#?kwikit.”

Diamond and Shatta Wale are traditionally married with a son.

Diamond Michelle Gbagonah revealed in the interview with Delay that Shatta Wale’s ability to satisfy her sexually made her stay.

“My meeting with Shatta Wale was supposed to be a fling but after our first sexual encounter, I decided to stay.”

When asked by the host if she decided to stay because of the sex, she answered; “yes, he is really good in bed and if the thing is nice, you will want to stay.”

Shatta Michy also revealed that she has a shop where she is into selling of hairs, accessories. According to her, she will be opening a restaurant soon.

On how her mother who run a guest house in Labadi, a suburb of Accra felt at that time, she said; “when I got home, she was angry but I think she understood. She knew that she had kept me home for too long and so if I go out, whatever reason for which I stepped out, I will over do it”.

Watch her interview with Delay below:

Watch Shatta Wale and his wife in “Baby” (Chop Kiss) video:

Source: NKONKONSA.com 

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