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The fight against domestic violence is still going on especially on social media and several celebrities have joined the campaign.

After Nigerian Actress Tontoh Dikeh shocked the world with her story with pictorial evidence, more and more ladies who have being suffering in silence, have been motivated to speak up.

The latest domestic violence victim who has decided to share her story is Ghanaian Actress  Vicky Zugah who has admitted that her ex boyfriends used to beat her.

The mother of two in an Instagram post said she was quiet just to save her ex-boyfriends but she believes this is the time to voice out for the world to know how some ladies suffer on the hands of their partners. According to her, she is now ready to leave any guy who beats her even if they have dated for just a day or decades.

“Am done keeping quiet just to protect their egos,am ready to shout and am gonna shout so loud evryone of u wil hear about it. I’ve been to funerals of people who lost their lives cos they were scared of wat society would say if they left the abuser. I am a victim too but am proud of myself cos I didn’t care wat society, the media or even my relatives had to say,I just kept leavin. And If leaving an abusive relationship means one has been dumped or jilted then so be it. if I start a new relatnship 2day and he hits me I wil stil leave again. Wil keep leaving til I find a “real man”… #RealMenDontHitWomen #LeaveToLive #ReportTheAbuser #StopMakingExcusesForThem #TheyDontLoveYou #LoveYourSelfFirst #TGBTG #ThankGodManIsntGod”

However, Vicky was not specific as to which of her ex boyfriends laid hands on her but she is known to have dated Actor Leo Mensah, one DJ Cash and Sierra Leonean representative for Big Brother Africa – The Chase , Bolt.

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