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Nana Akua and SellyMovie Stars Selorm Galley Fiawoo aka Selly and Nana Akua Addo have been adjudged the best dressed female celebs at the just ended Ghana Movie Awards 2015 in the first ever celebrity red carpet review in Ghana #NkonkonsaRedCarpetReview.

After several deliberations by a well knowledgeable panel of fashion icons, fashionistas, fashion bloggers and fashion professionals drawn from several parts of the world led by CEO of Eurostar Global Limousine Group Mr. Oscar Yao Doe, the long list was shortlisted to the top 3.

The top 3 were Actresses Selly, Zynnell Zuh and Nana Akua Addo, from which the panel was tasked to choose a winner. Eventually, Selly and Nana Akua emerged top 2 and there was no breaking point between them because they both looked elegant and had almost the same flaws.

Nana Akua’s flaw was her heavy necklace which conflicted a little bit with her gorgeous dress and Selly’s flaw was her black bra which took a little shine away from her charming dress.

Several opinions including some from the public and the panel still remained divided. Therefore chairman of the panel Mr. Oscar Yao Doe who had the power to separate the two and break the tie decided to leave it as a tie.

So Selly and Nana Akua Addo have been officially announced as the “Best Dress Female Celebrities” at the 2015 Ghana Movie Awards and Zynnell Zuh took the second position. For their prizes Selly and Nana Akua walked away with a maximum size vintage bag worth 2500 Euros each from any brand of their choice and first runner up Zynnell Zuh took home a designer shoe worth 1000Euros from any brand of her choice.

“Best celebrity make up” also went to Nana Akua Addo which comes with 1000 Euros worth of cosmetics from Dior Maison in Paris or any brand of her choice and “Most Glamorous African dress” was won by Michelle Mckinney Hammond who goes home with 1000Euros worth of any fashion products from any brand of her choice.

All prizes are sponsored by Eurostar Global Limousine Group Abidjan Office. The male celebrities are next and winners would be announced in due course.

#NkonkonsaRedCarpetReview is by Ghanaian celebrity gossip and paparazzi website in collaboration with Eurostar Global Limousine Group and the most popular Ghanaian celebrity blog



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