Ghana’s top underclothing company, Aha! Brands has officially introduced men’s undies, , onto the Ghanaian underwear market.

The men’s luxury underwear, Lawen Taylor by Aha was launched at a swanky fashion show at the Accra Mall on Saturday, March 2. According to Aha! Brands, Lawen Taylor is the definition of comfort and convenience – not too tight and not too free! The various cuts offer a balance that is often missing in men’s undergarments.

The lingerie giants bring the Lawen Taylor product line onto the market after three years of research and development, highlighting its commitment to giving the Ghanaian man, top quality underwear that offer true value for money and also put patrons in an enviable class of immaculate gentlemen.

The CEO of Aha! Brands, Maame Esi Acquah Taylor said, “Our goal is always to serve our society,   improve the quality of life and do everything in our creative capacity to protect it. The importance of fashion in achieving this aim cannot be over-emphasised”.

“Made from unique materials, Lawen Taylor men’s underclothing have an innovative U-shaped pouch and are created with advanced, soft, breathable fabrics. They help to reduce sweat and wick moisture away from the skin,” she pointed out.

Maame Esi noted that wearing well-fitting, breathable underwear in a warm climate like ours is now very possible because Lawen Taylor has been carefully made with the highest quality standards to give men all the features they want and actually deserve.

The new product line is tightly curated to ensure that men have options but do not feel overwhelmed when it comes to making essential purchases. There are a variety of styles available, including Boxer Brief, Singlet or Tank Top, Round Neck Undershirt, V-neck Undershirt, and, of course, Poplin Classic Boxer.

Besides providing comfort and convenience, Maame Esi said, Lawen Taylor is a brand that is also positioned to help promote men’s health.

“In that respect, Aha! Brands has established the Lawen Taylor Prostate Cancer Foundation to run a nationwide campaign under the new Lawen Taylor brand to create and promote awareness about Prostate Cancer,” the CEO stated.

This disease occurs in the prostate — a small walnut-shaped gland in men that produces the seminal fluid that nourishes and transports sperms.

Maame Esi noted that Prostate cancer was one of the commonest and deadliest types of cancer in men, “And it is our hope that the Lawen Taylor Prostate Cancer Foundation will contribute significantly to the national drive to reduce the increasing cases of the cancer among Ghanaian men”.

The launch event was marked with an exciting fashion show, which was staged by 12 of the sexiest men in Africa, clad in undergarments from the all-new, all-classy Lawen Taylor line.

The fashion show also served as a platform for the selection of official models for the Lawen Taylor brand.

With excitement and passion, the models did their “own things” on the runway to warmly usher the guests at the event into the luxurious and caring world of Lawen Taylor.

The night was topped off with some scintillating music and food, and washed down with some choice wines and exotic champagnes, a mark of the treat that Lawen Taylor has to offer.

Aha! Brands was founded in 2012 by Maame Esi Acquah Taylor, who is also Miss Universe Ghana 2000. Her inability to find comfortably fitting bras and her desire to help other women facing a similar problem, inspired the creation of Aha! Intimates. With her savings and support from her mum, she started to design comfortable bras that would fit the average Ghanaian woman.

Maame Esi has developed the brand from those simple beginnings to a major line of lingerie, which includes a swimwear collection under the label as well as Ah-Qua Swimwear.

The former beauty queen and entrepreneur said her company was pleased to welcome the Lawen Taylor line, which is designed distinctively for men.

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