Two Ghana celebs- Comedian David Oscar and Actress Christabel Ekeh have been engaged in some hot exchanges on social media this morning.

Actress Christabel Ekeh
Actress Christabel Ekeh

Following the recent judiciary probe by ace investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas, which took the country by storm, David Oscar took to Micro-blogging site, Facebook, to express his opinion.

The actor, who recently launched his music career, expressed his readiness to fund Anas Aremeyaw Anas, to investigate Ghanaian Actresses and Presenters on his next undercover assignment, “I wonder how the unqualified few get the job”, said Mr. Oscar.

Actress, Christabel Ekeh, didn’t seem to take the comment lightly, to express her disgust, she screenshot the the post by, David Oscar and posted it on Instagram, calling for David Oscar to put an end to the “madness”.

Christabel Ekeh’s post seemed to upset David Oscar, who then took to twitter to ask Christabel why she had referred to him as mad. The award winning actress replied with a sarcastic, “I can’t be bother”.



Lawyer and TV Host Sandra Ankobiah is heartbroken after watching Anas’ explosive video on corruption within the judiciary.Sandra Ankobiah instagramLike thousands of Ghanaians, Ankobiah was at the Accra International Conference Center to watch findings of the report by Investigative Journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas on the corrupt justice system in Ghana.

It’s safe to say she was overwhelmed by what she saw, leading to the ‘broken heart’ she suffered. She took to her Instagram account to share her thoughts.

Below is what she wrote.
I’m extremely heartbroken after watching Anas’ video yesterday, as I’m sure a lot of people are too. At the risk of being prejudicial, let’s all bear in mind the phrase “innocent until proven guilty.” My heart breaks because a perceived corrupt judiciary undermines the rule of law, the stability of the country, and the integrity of our entire legal system. May true justice prevail. God bless our judiciary. God bless the legal profession. God bless Ghana.


After Anas Aremeyaw Anas premiered his new investigative work, “Ghana in The Eyes Of God” on Tuesday, 22 September 2015 at the Accra International Conference Center, some celebrities have expressed their opinion via social media.

TV personality Afia Schwarzenegger and movie stars Ama K. Abebrese, John Dumelo and Kafui Dey who were at the first showing could not hide their shock with the evidence exposed about the judiciary.

John DumeloJohn Dumelo new

John Dumelo who left the venue of the premiere few hours after the show had started also tweeted;

“After an hour of viewing the Anas documentary, I got up and left. It’s sad. Very sad. One thing the GBA should seriously look at is the conditions of service of judges. It’s like some live in chamber and hall. It’s sad. Let’s not point accusing fingers….what can we all do to help stop corruption.”

Afia SchwarzeneggerAfia Schwarzenegger“God richly bless u Anas Aremeyaw Anas… All our leaders must bow in shame….it is quite embarrassing and disgusting to sell Justice for 300 ghc, goats, sex… In the case of judge Derry begging for goat instead of sheep, Ajet Nassam angry cos his balance delayed, Justice Quist abandoning sitting to chase bribe …aaaaahhhhh but do u blame the judges when all u see is a wretched court!!!! We will rather renovate parliament with Chinese chairs n nonsense instead of fixing our courts n keeping an eye on our judiciary system…If I have to work in that filthy environment, I guess respecting the rules of that company will be difficult…” – Afia Schwarzenegger wrote.

Ama K. Abebrese Ama K Abebrese -3

Actress Ama. K Abebrese also opined;

“It’s hopeful to know that some judges turned down bribes. All hope is not lost. We need more of them. #JudicialCorruption #Anas”.

Bridgete Otoo Bridgete OtooTV3’s Bridgete Otoo also wrote;

“While we are criticizing, let’s keep in mind a great number of them refused the bribe and even threatened to Jail Anas! #JudicialScandal. 1. It’s not easy to bribe a judge! Anas mentioned in his movie the first three to six months was difficult …2. All the judges they approached declined .. they were about giving up six months into the operation then a court clerk phoned them!

Kafui DeyKafui DeyStarr FM’s Kafui Dey after watching the 3-hour video wants a Ghana Movie Awards for Anas.

“The Ghana Movie Awards need to create a documentary category and award Anas one time! #WatchingTheAnasMovie“

Source: NKONKONSA.com 


funny face

Popular comedian, Funny Face (Benson Nana Yaw Oduro Boateng) has waded into the raging controversy of corruption within the Ghanaian society.

The funny comedian on Tuesday afternoon posted an image of himself on Facebook wearing an aluminum pot over his head with a blue spongy net hanging over his face in a near perfect disguise to mimic ace investigator, Anas Aremeyaw Anas, whose current work in the judiciary has become topical even beyond national borders.

Funny Face’s message is simple: “#IamAnas…Am coming for you!” he posted on Instagram.


Nigerian and Chelsea FC footballer, Mikel Obi has celebrated one week of his new cute twins. Mikel Obi - twins The Super Eagles player welcomed twins with Russian girlfriend few they ago after he shared a photo of him and his twin with the caption;

“My whole world in my arms 💞 Welcome to the world my angels #pooh3 #pooh4 #twins”.

After exactly a week the Nigerian soccer star has taken to Instagram today to celebrate one week of his twins.

“Playtime #pooh3 #pooh4 💕 Happy one week birthday my angels”.

Mickel clearly cannot have enough of his adorable twins.

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Sensational Ghanaian duo Menn On Point are looking for to brighter future after shinning on UKs biggest music talent hunt show X-Factor.

Menn on Point Reggie Zippy and Bollie

The duo made up of Rapper Bollie of “U May Kiss the Bride” fame and dancehall artiste Reggie Zippy have expressed excitement after they made it to X-Factor boot camp.

Speaking to Nkonkonsa.com Reggie who now lives in UK with his partner Bollie said they are very excited that they have been able to make it this far adding that they are looking forward to taking the world by storm after the completion.

After the two failed to make a mark during their audition at Britain’s Got Talent earlier in the year, Reggie Zippy and Bollie, now known as Menn on Poinnt decided to take their talents to X-Factor UK and they made it.

Over the weekend, Reggie Zippy and his musical partner, Bollie, made news after they appeared on UK’s X-Factor and their massive performance got many people cheering them up and all four judges were impressed with their performance and talent.

Checkout their performance on X-Factor


Guru - Ruff N Smooth

Rapper Guru has reacted to allegations by Ghanaian Afro-Pop duo Ruff N Smooth that he (Guru) performed their song “Send Your Fire” in Gabon even though they had asked Guru not to perform the song.

The “Pooley” Rapper apologized to Ruff and Smooth; indicating that the performance was a mistake from the DJ.

Read Guru’s statement below:

We went to Gabon to perform at the Gabon Le Grand Concert on the 12th of September which by the grace of God, Guru as usual gave a splendid performance.

And will like to make it clear that it was never ever in our plans to perform the song Guru had with Ruff and Smooth and we had more than enough songs to perform for the whole event. What really happened was our Disc jockey due to some problems he had we his documents couldn’t go with us so we had to employ the services of a DJ in Gabon.

We met with the Disc jockey hours before the performance and gave him a list of songs Guru was going to perform and arranged them accordingly. We didn’t add the song “send your fire” to the playlist even though the song was a popular song in Gabon and as result of Guru’s slogan “See you baby”, the populace generally thought it belongs to him.

On the night of the event, as evidently seen in the videos which we will soon release in full, Guru gave a historic performance with his songs back to back, but at the end for some indistinct reasons the Dj dropped the Send your firetrack after Guru’s last song for the night.

We knew Guru was almost done with his performance so we were preparing the exit for him with the security, before we could run to stop the DJ, he had already started playing the song whiles Guru was on stage and he had no choice than to perform the song.

And at the end Guru told the crowd to watch out for Ruff and Smooth who will be there very soon.

Guru never had plans to perform the song and he never performed it three times as bullet of ruff and smooth claimed. We will like to say once again that the song being played was not in our plans and was out of control and we like to apologize to anyone who has been affected for the song being performed.

Finally, we expected Ruff and smooth to contact us to make known their displeasure and grievances in order for issues to be resolved but not to make certain allegation to dent Guru and his career. We know a lot has been said, but this was what happened in Gabon.

It looks like some people have wrong perceptions about my silence on issues arising. I have never responded to any issue so far not because they are true or I have nothing to say. But it’s because most of the time management stops me from doing so or we realize the devilish intent behind the accusation so we pay no attention to them.

But for people I call brothers who I have walked with and to accuse me wrongly with the aim of tarnishing my image and career before the right thinking members will be the last thing I will entertain. With what happened in Gabon I guess my management have explained the true turn of events and I have to make this clear to the whole world that I had no intention of performing the “send your fire” track which I featured on, and wasn’t expecting it to follow my last song on stage, but I was on stage and caught in the moment so had to perform it for the crowd but it was never my plan to.”

Secondly, I never insulted Bullet when he contacted me on Whatsapp which he claimed on Pluzz Fm AM rise and here is the proof. I respect Ruff and smooth a lot as artists and a friend, but I guess once intention are known when you have a problem with them.

I want to thank the people of Gabon for the love and support and promise to return very soon. And talking about my works, I just released a video to my single “Baba God” a couple weeks ago which is doing very well and as soon I touch down in Ghana am dropping a video to my single “Epic”. I want my fans and the whole world to know we just getting started so they should expect more hitz.”

Source: NKONKONSA.com 


Lydia Forson at the beach
Lydia Forson at the beach

Actress, Lydia Forson has expressed her opinion on the biggest trending corruption exposé by investigative Journalist Anas Arimeyaw Anas.

The “Letter To Adams” actress used her Facebook page to send an open letter to Anas.

Read Lydia’s open letter below:

“LADIES and GENTLEMEN!!!!!! Drumroll……… Anas Aremeyaw Anas has done it again!!!! Once again the ace investigative journalist has gone undercover to unearth what wasn’t hidden in the first place. A corrupt society!

I find it amusing whenever there’s an issue of corruption and we all exclaim oooooh aaaaaah wow like it’s such a big deal.

I don’t want to dismiss the work Anas, in fact I appreciate his efforts to try and expose the ills in our society. However ,next time I hope he comes out with something we’re completely unaware off, something explosive, something to make me shiver and shock me to my core.

Because if we need this to tell us just how corrupt our country is then we’re either blind, stupid or extremely pretentious( I think it’s the latter).

Ghana is corrupt and its citizens fuel this corruption.The easiest way to make anything go away is with money.

So if you’ve never paid for a fast track passport, bribed a police man, or paid a little extra to have something done quickly for you and keep talking.

Yea yea yea, I know what you’re thinking, and trust me I’ve thought of it several times, “don’t like to pay bribe but it’s the system ” right?

WRONG! The system isn’t like the Matrix run with computers or fancy tech equipment. The system is run by human beings, including you and I. The guy at the passport office, the police man at the traffic light, the secretary at the ministry are all regular human beings, they have families, friends and normal lives. And whether they know it or not are part of the system and how it functions.

So here’s the thing, the secretary has probably paid bribe to the policeman, the policeman has paid bribe to the guy at the passport office and the guy at the passport office has probably paid bribe to the secretary at the ministry. You get the cycle now?

If WE want this to stop ,and I mean you and I need to fight the urge to fix everything with money. No excuses”.



A line in Sarkodie’s 2012 collabo with Jayso “Pizza and Burger” has been described as profound.

Sarkodie & Jayso - Pizza & Burger

The BET Award winner warned the judiciary to desist from taking bribes because investigative journalist Anas Aremiyaw Anas was coming after them.

“Police fio, Judges fo) aa mo regye amanfo) dough, monhw3 no yie na Anas re ba oo”, the lyrics read.

…And three years down the line, the lyrics of the song has come to past as the most dangerous corrupt exposé yet.  About 180 officials of the Judicial Service have allegedly been caught on camera taking bribes and extorting money from litigants in the latest corruption exposé by investigative journalist Anas Arimeyaw Anas. Profound indeed!

Watch ” “Pizza and Burger” video below:

Source: Nkonkonsa.com




Wanlov Da Kubolor has hit the alleged corrupt judges real hard this morning on social media.

“The “Kokonsa” Rapper has indicated that the judiciary was “created as a masquerade to cheat the common man”.

According to him, it is not surprising that 180 officials of the Judicial Service have been caught on camera taking bribes and extorting money from litigants in the latest corruption exposé by investigative journalist Anas Arimeyaw Anas.

The member of FOKN Bois music duo has stated that the British courts were designed to protect the interest of the rich adding that, the current system in the country makes corruption conducive for people.

Kubolor stated that the indicted judges should be imprisoned. He dispelled suggestions by a section of the public that judges are corrupt because they are paid meagre salaries.

Read Wanluv’s tweets @wanlov below:

” I just hear say one judge has suffered a stroke while the other one has been hospitalised. #AnaArimiyawAnas

dey all need to be at nsawam prison weeding right now now now

dem all 4 join their fellow criminals for nsawam

i said we should not be surprised…not that they are not guilty…dis system makes corruption conducive

the british/gh courts were never designed to serve the common man but rather protect the interests of the rich

have we always been our own enemies…?…when did the british judicial system become OUR own?

Not true & not y they are corrupt…they dress like our enemies did & study books our enemies left for them…das y

yet their very nature is corrupt because their profession was created as a masquerade to cheat the common man”