Afriyie Acquah and Amanda

Afriyie Acquah’s marriage to socialite and Business woman Amanda has been one controversy after the other but this time the Black Stars midfielder is shattered, if information available to is anything to go by.

A reliable source close to the soccer star has hinted that the marriage between Afriyie Acquah and Amanda is slowly melting down after a little over a year of marriage.

According to the source Afriyie Acquah has already sent some members of his family to Amanda’s family in Ghana to make his divorce intentions clear to them.

“Afriyie is divorcing Amanda! He has already sent his family to inform Amanda’s family that he wants to bring their daughter back to them. This has hurt Afriyie so much and he doesn’t want to continue the marriage”, the source revealed to

The source added that since the viral audio came out, friends and family members of both Afriyie and Amanda having being trying to solve the murky issues amicably but Afriyie Acquah is bent on going ahead with the divorce.

Afriyie Acquah has already deleted all pictures of himself and his scurrilous wife Amanda on his Instagram page and he has kept his divorce plans on the low because he has to concerntrate on upcoming Black Stars friendly match against Congo in Brazzaville on September 1.

It all started with Amanda’s nude pictures which she allegedly sent to a married man leaked on the internet but Afriyie Acquah came out to his wife’s defense denying that his wife never sent the nude pictures to any married man but she rather sent them to him (Afriyie Acquah) and that it was normal for a distanced couple to exchange nude pictures.

Earlier this week the audacious midfielder had a shock of his life when an audio of Amanda claiming she slept with Afriyie Acquah’s Black Stars team mate Jordan Ayew for 4 years leaked and went viral.

After the viral audio, several other tapes have surfaced on the internet reveling damaging information about Afriyie Acquah (Who is referred to as Monkey) including allegations that he is impotent, comparing the size of his penis and his sexual performance to that of Jordan Ayew (referred to as fresh boy in the viral audio) among shameful private information.



Ghanaian footballer, Afriyie Acquah’s wife, Amanda is in the news again.

She has been caught on tape telling a friend that she has been sleeping with Aston Villa player, Jordan Pierre Ayew.

Amanda told the friend that Jordon Ayew has not said a word about the affair to anyone so he is the first person to hear about it. She further reminded the guy of a naked picture she forwarded to him when the player sent her his mandingo.

Amanda was in the news months ago when she went hard on her ex-husband, Kenpong and his then girlfriend, Mona.



Kwaw Kese and Amanda Jissih

Musician, Kontihene has launched a scathing attack on Radio/TV host, Amanda Jissih. This comes on the back of the former’s advice to the latter to ‘work on his sharp tongue and attitude’. He took to Twitter writing:

“This girl gut the nerves to insult me, all because Kwaw Kese gave her G-string and 5,000 ghc on her birthday”. “Ppl don’t mind Amanda Jissih; the menopause is eating her brain up. Smh!

Kontihene had in a previous interview said that it was highly unlikely that he will collaborate on a song with Kwaw Kese because the latter doesn’t produce songs with good content. Kwaw Kese hit back at Kontihene in an interview with Amanda Jissih accusing him (Kontihene) of trying to resurrect his dead career because he ( Kontihene) was relevant ten years ago.

The Radio/TV host thought it wise to advice the ‘dedeede’ musician to work on his sharp tongue and attitude.

“Kontihene ur a good musician but work on ur sharp tongue and attitude. Leave me out of ur issue with @kwawkese. I only granted an intvw. If u Kontihene claim ur wise thn ur best ans to the questns u were asked shd ve been, no comment. U punched kwaw n he did same. Let me be. kmt.”


Amanda Jissih


Television presenter Amanda Jissih has backed Kwaw Kese on his verbal fight with fellow musician Kontihene.

Amanda Jissih on Tuesday evening said Kontihene lacks knowledge because of how he answered questions he was asked on radio and not expect a react from people he attacks.

Amanda Jissih on twitter wrote “If u Kontihene claim ur wise thn ur bst ans to the questns u were askd shd ve been ,no comment. U punched kwaw n he did same. Let me be.kmt”.

Amanda Jissih on Monday interviewed Kwaw Kese on Kontihene saying he, Kwaw Kese does not record songs with good content. Kwaw kese told Amanda Jissih that Kontihene’s career is dead and he [Kontihene] want to use him [Kwaw Kese] to resurrect the dead career.


Kwaw Kese

Hiplife artiste Kwaw Kese has replied Kontihene who claims there is no way he would collaborate with Kwaw because he does not do any meaningful music.

According to hiplife artiste, Kwaw Kese, Kontihene should concentrate on his dead career instead of publicly throwing punches at him.

Kontihene earlier in an interview with Pulse TV remarked that Kwaw Kese does not record songs with content and therefore he [Kontihene] will by no means consider doing collaboration with him.

“The kind of songs that I do, Kwaw Kesse will be a wrong artiste to be on them because I record songs with content, he does not,” he noted.

But ‘The man insane’ in an interview with Amanda Jissih on Hitz FM said Kontihene is no more relevant in today’s music so he does not want to waste his breath talking about him. He added that Kontihene wants to ride on his fame to resurrect his career but he will not give in.

“If we are talking about Ghana music now, there is nowhere that Kontihene fits in. Kontihene became news ten years ago so if he comes back to be talking about me and throwing punches at me then it means he wants to use me to resurrect his career. Kontihene is dead,” he said.

“Amanda, I’ve been performing at many crowd for the past days. We are the talked about. We are the talk of Gh now in terms of music and performances. I don’t want to resurrect his dying career. Let him die and remain in his grave. The whole world knows Kwaw Kese is still grinding and I’m still doing big shows. I’m performing every now and then and nobody talks about that guy {Kontihene] anymore so I don’t think he should use me to resurrect his career. I beg him he should just remain calm and be where he is,” Kwaw Kese added.


KontiheneGhanaian Hiplife artiste, Kontihene (real name Emmanuel Nana Appiah Boateng) has fired shot at his fellow musician – Kwaw Kese – saying the latter does not record songs with good content, a subliminal message indicating Kwaw Kese’s songs do not make sense.

Speaking on Pulse TV, Kontihene said it has never crossed his mind to record a song with the Mad Time Record’s boss.

He stressed that Kwaw Kese will be a wrong pick for a collaboration because of the kind of song he (Kontihene) does. “The kind of songs that I do, Kwaw Kesse will be a wrong artiste to be on them because I record songs with content, he does not”.

Kontihene further stated that today’s youths only record songs that will only get people dance to the tune instead of inspiring.

He dismissed reports indicating there is a rift between himself and the self-acclaimed ‘King of the Streets’ saying “it’s not that I have something personal against him but I don’t just invite any artiste to record with them.”

“I’m still praying to see a content-filled song from Kwaw Kesse,” he said.