Reggie N Bollie 2After placing second at the 2015 X Factor music reality show, a number of songwriters and producers have expressed interest in working with Reggie N Bollie, Reggie has said.

Speaking on Happy FM’s Showbiz Xtra on Monday, a highly elated Reggie was full of praises to God and their fans for the support given them.

He revealed the group will hit the studios after various meetings outlined for them.

“Already, there are songwriters and producers who are talking to management to work with us. It’s beautiful. I think after the few meetings we have, at most in a week’s time, we will be in the studio because there is a lot going on behind the scenes and we give thanks to God,” he said.

On whether they have plans of collaborating with some great foreign acts, Reggie said, “anything can happen. We wouldn’t want to talk more. We want to put it into action so people will see for themselves.”

Asked if they had received any congratulatory message from the government, Reggie replied in the negative but was quick to add it was not an issue. He believes Ghanaian leaders have done a lot by supporting them in diverse ways.

“We haven’t received any message from the government but I don’t think it’s compulsory for them to. Honourable Dzifa Gomashie [Deputy Minister of Culture, Tourism and Creative Arts] has really been supportive. She promoted what we were doing. Nana Addo and his wife called us two weeks ago or so to congratulate us and wished us all the best. It’s been great,” he stated.

17-year-old Louisa Johnson was crowned winner at the 2015 X Factor UK over Ghanaian hyperactive pair Reggie N Bollie on Sunday.



Rocky Dawuni
Rocky Dawuni

The Grammy Awards announced its nominees for the 2016 edition yesterday Monday December 7, 2015 and Ghana’s own Rocky Dawuni’s Branches of the Same Tree album made it in the Best Reggae Album category.

The international Reggae icon is currently trending on both mainstream media and social media, and some Ghanaians celebrities have taken to social media to congratulate him.

Checkout few celebrities and what they had to tell Rocky:

Jayso: Congratulations @RockyDawuni !!! … You more than deserve it.

Kwame Yeboah: Congratulations brother, I’m so proud of you

Obrafour: Congrats @RockyDawuni for your @TheGRAMMYs nomination. #GHtoTheWorld

Stonebwoy: GRAMMYs! GRAMMYs!! Rocky Dawuni Nominated For Best Reggae Album  @58th GRAMMYs

Wiyaala: Wow! Our Ghanaian brother @rockydawuni is the first ever Ghanaian musician to be nominated for a #Grammy!

M.anifest: Congrats to Rocky @RockyDawuni on his Grammy nomination for best Reggae Album. Ghana applaud your own. Vim.

AccraDotAlt: The Ghanaian media rarely supported @RockyDawuni.Now that he’s been nominated for a Grammy,  every outlet is shamelessly  posting abt him.Really bizarre how over-funded media outlets in #Ghana w8 for Intl media to tell them what’s  cool in their own country. #rockydawuni

X.O Senavoe: Congratulations to @RockyDawuni on his Grammy nom for best reggae album. Way to make Africa and Ghana proud.

Lydia Forson: Congratulations Rocky Dawuni on your Grammy Nomination.. #TheYearOfTheUnderDog #WorkHardInSilence #LetYourSuccesTalk

Jon Germain: @RockyDawuni congratulations bro.. Its happened.. GRAMMY Nomination.. Wow..

David Oscar: Finally!!! It’s here……a grammy nomination for

Iwan: Congratulations For the Making Us Proud. Rocky Dawuni .. ‪#‎GrammyAwards.. We Love You ..



Nana Aba Anamoah
Nana Aba Anamoah

Former TV3 presenter Nana Aba Anamoah has joined GH One TV, the recently acquired television network of growing media group EIB Network, can say.

Anamoah is joining the network, which goes live with its morning show on December 14 ahead of its event roll out.

A move predicted by many watchers, it wouldn’t come as a surprise given EIB ‘s resolve to put forward a formidable force for its television property.

A good addition, she comes to GH One with years of unquestionable quality especially in the area of news and current affairs, which the new owners of the television station are bent on exploring to add to the unit’s already known forte as a credible entertainment channel.

GH One is being positioned by EIB as a must-have on local television; the decision to hire Miss Anamoah and the other talents who have signed up so far, is embedded in that direction.


Lydia Forson
Lydia Forson

An unruly fan of Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson has forced her to pour her heart out on how she really feels about people are just interested in disrespecting her personality and whatever she does.

The “Scorned” actress on Monday morning took to her Facebook page to chronicle an unpleasant encounter with a fan at a movie theater.

According to Lydia, the fan walked up to her and despite behaving in an overly familiar way, she tried being civil to him…until he passed a derogatory comment about her weight.

Read Lydia Forson’s experience and rant on Facebook below:

“When I say some people have no boundaries in this country they think I’m exaggerating.

But the truth is a lot of people don’t respect boundaries. If you’re polite or allow people into your space they automatically try to get overly familiar with you , and think it’s ok to speak out of turn.

Last night I went to watch a movie at the mall, and this guy behind the counter screamed my name with authority. You would think we were friends or he was my dad. Usually I don’t mind people calling me in public, it’s always nice to wave and chat with fans when they recognize you. But I think we can all agree that no one like to have their name called like they owe a person.

Anyway so this guy was already irritating me by his attitude but I played it cool.

I’m not a huge fan of fizzy drinks ie sodas etc. And when I do have it I like the coke zero, light or any of the low sugar ones. So I complained to the attendant that I hadn’t seen any of those drinks in a while.

He pointed at sobolo, which I do like and also showed me another version with lemon in it. I love lemonade so I immediately asked for a bottle. From no where this other guy says he’s glad I took the lemon cuz with my size I need it.

Cue “someone’s going to die music” 🎶🎶

Anyway I put on my “you’re gonna have it face ” and asked what made him think he had the right to make that comment?

Clearly he didn’t see what he had done was wrong. So I educated him on boundaries and how he had no right to even be overly friendly with me let alone comment on my size, health or any part of my body.

Again he clearly wasn’t getting it, but see I have a rule, that if someone disrespects you or says something to you that you find offensive, deal with it immediately or you will go home and be thinking about how you could have or would have.

I will check you there and then!!

So in that spirit I asked him how he would feel if I said “you look like you will have a weak di**k, and I think you should drink some joy daddy”.

The look on his face showed my point had sunk in, and if not had made him feel as disrespected as he tried to make me feel.

I knew as I walked away he would probably insult me or cuss me out, but I don’t care much. I was glad to be going to bed with a smile on my face and not feeling put down by anyone.

They will attempt to say I’m rude or that I shouldn’t have reacted at all, but I think a lot of people stupidly think water flows through my veins and not blood. If you’re bold enough to come at me, be bold enough to receive whatever I give you.

If you measure me by a moral compass that you don’t use then you’re brain dead.

Always remember this, having boundaries doesn’t mean you don’t have a right to an opinion, but that you respect that you don’t have the right to impose it on anyone.

*meanwhile Mr. Man what’s it to you kraaa about my size eh? I wasn’t built for you, and the people I was made for don’t have a problem so why should you?

On this note I wish everyone a joy daddy day.. ‪#‎peaceout”

Source: and Facebook


Kantanka celeb driveThe #Kantankaishere fever is spreading like wild fire after the official launch of Kantanka automobiles.

The whole nation is excited and the celebrities have also joined in the excitement. Some celebrities including Singer Kwabena Kwabena, Actors Ekow Smith Asante, Jame Gardner, model / Singer Deborah Venessa among others have been spotted getting a test drive in the Kantanka four wheel drives.

Two models of sports utility vehicles, the Kantanka Omama and the Kantanka Onantefo, were unveiled, together with the Kantanka K71 saloon car at the commissioning of the automobile company earlier this week. The company is expected to increase production by January 2016.

The launch of the Kantanka automobiles was held on November 26, 2015, at the foyer of the Conference Centre (Accra) with major appearances from Amakye Dede,Becca, among others.

Checkout some celebs with the trending cars.

24289750.full 93563374.full Deborah Venessa Ekow Smith - Kantanka Kwabena Kwabena - Kantanka



Afia - Zanetor RawlingsRadio and TV Presenter Valentina Nana Afia Adjeiwaa popularly known as Afia Schwarzenegger, is rooting for daughter former President Rawlings Dr Zanetor Rawlings to win the ongoing NDC primaries.

The “Kokooko” hostess took to Instagram this morning to show her support for the promising politician. She posted Zanetor’s photo with this caption.

“Klottey korle is my constituency and that’s where I cast my vote…I don’t believe in any political party…I believe in individuals I believe in Dr Zanetor Rawlings and I will vote for her to be in parliament if given the mandate She is beauty with brains!!!!#Ashantigirlsrock”.

Meanwhile, news coming in about the ongoing National Democratic Congress (NDC) primaries indicates that, Dr. Zanetor Rawlings’ name is missing in the voters’ register in the Korle Klottey constituency.

All attempts to trace her name to vote in the ongoing presidential and parliamentary primaries have proved futile.

Zenator has reportedly been to three different polling stations but is yet to find her name on any of the voters’ register. She is contesting incumbent Nii Armah Ashitey and grandson of national hero Tetteh Quarshie, Leeford Kpakpo Quarshie.



Beverly Afaglo
Beverly Afaglo

Actress Beverly Afaglo has threatened to beat up TV Presenter Serwaa, if says anything bad about her or her family.

Speaking on Happy FM, the actress and wife of singer Choirmaster has revealed the next time Serwaa of GH One TV talks smack about her husband, she will receive a beating.

“I have seen her post on social media, I’m just not interested. I think this is the time she has come out to say she sells wigs, hair and bags and she wants me to help her market her stuff? I won’t give her the audience. I have said my own, if she tries again the next time I would be beating her in the studio”.

Beverly Afaglo last week took an entertainment critic Serwaa to the cleaners for asking her husband to go back and join the group else he is doomed.

Serwaa was on Gh One TV to express her views on Choirmaster’s refusal to join the group but Beverly who seemed not happy about some pronouncement of the young lady took to Instagram to vent her anger. In her post, she referred to the said lady as a bitch, attention seeker among other unprintable words and wild allegations.

Meanwhile, Serwaa has finally reacted to Beverly’s reaction. Serwaa has apologized to the couple and insisted that Beverly’s insults has rather made her popular.




Eugene Baah aka Praye Honeho now known as Choirmaster
Eugene Baah aka Praye Honeho now known as Choirmaster

Hiplife musician Choirmaster born Eugene Baah has spoken about a statement his wife actress Beverly Afaglo made which went viral last week.

Speaking on Peace FM’s “Entertainment Review”Choirmaster said he watched the program on GH One Entertainment TV with his wife but he decided to leave the issue to his wife Beverly to handle it because it was lady thing and he fully supports every single word Beverly used on Serwaa.

“I remember I watch the program with my wife but I left it for her to handle because it was a ladies thing and I support her 100% for doing that”.

Choirmaster explained that “It is about time people are put at their right places. Everybody has suffered and worked very hard to build his or her brand in this industry and anybody at all cannot just wake up from nowhere and say what they want to say about my brand”.

“A lot has been invested in the Choirmaster brand from Praye days till now and I can’t sit and watch someone to disrespect my brand. How can she sit on live television and say that when she hears my songs she feels like vomiting? This is so bad”.

Choirmaster also condemned GH One TV for allowing Serwaa to make all those disrespectful words on their platform and they saw nothing wrong with it.

“Someone comes from nowhere, nobody knows her and a TV station will allow her to destroy my brand, I will not take likely. So I really support my wife for fighting that battle for me”.

Actress and wife of a former member of the music trio Praye, Beverly Afaglo last week took an entertainment critic  Serwaa to the cleaners for asking her husband to go back and join the group else he is doomed.

Serwaa was on Gh One TV to express her views on Choirmaster’s refusal to join the group but Beverly who seemed not happy about some pronouncement of the young lady took to Instagram to vent her anger. In her post, she referred to the said lady as a bitch, attention seeker among other unprintable words and wild allegations.

Meanwhile, Serwaa has finally reacted to Beverly’s reaction. Serwaa has apologized to the couple and insisted that Beverly’s insults have rather made her popular.



Beverly Afaglo
Beverly Afaglo

Actress Beverly Afaglo has broken her silence after her social media outburst calling a TV pundit a ‘BITCH’.

The wife of Musician Eugene Baah aka Choirmaster who posted several unprintable words against one Serwaa on her Instagram page, yesterday for allegedly speaking ill about her husband’s music, still stand by her words.

Speaking on Happy FM, the actress confirmed her account wasn’t hacked as many had suggested;
“No my account wasn’t hacked into. You can tell them it wasn’t hacked into. It was me.”

Meanwhile, Beverly had this to tell her critics through Instagram.

“So I was told that my post yesterday went viral n it’s on all entertainment sites n lots of cowards are hiding behind their fons n computers n insulting me? Guess what I don’t bother my pretty head reading those chaff so if u really got guts to insult me,show ur face up here on my page n let’s get it on 😏 …. Am not mincing words,anybody who steps on our toes will get double stepping.Get a life ….. Still #teamchoiristerz#CatWalk#single#wegohigher#weaintstopping”.

Beverly Afaglo instagram post



Bulldog and Shatta Wale
Bulldog and Shatta Wale

Former manager of the self -acclaimed dancehall king Shatta Wale, Laurence Nana Asiamah Hanson popularly known as Bulldog is reportedly preparing to tell his side of his controversial fall out with Shatta Wale in a press conference.

BullDog and his CEO Kendrick Yehowada, according to paid a surprise visit to the current most listened to entertainment show on radio; Hot and Classic Showbiz review on Hot FM hosted by Dr. Who and made the pronouncement.

Though Bulldog was in the studio, he was not allowed by Kendrick to answer questions pertaining to allegations leveled against him by Shatta Wale.

“Bulldog will hold a press conference. We are still working on the date but it will definitely be in November, 2015 and we’re considering having the press conference on your show ‘Hot and Classic Showbiz review’ right here (Hot 93.9fm)”, Kendrick told Dr. Who.

Shatta Wale recently on his press conference made life threatening and other appalling allegations against Bulldog.

The “Enter The Net” singer during the press conference made many revelations including Bull Dog threatening to kill him among other serious allegations during the almost one hour speech.

Shatta Wale indicated that Bulldog threatened to kill him like he killed the ‘other guy’ and also said Bulldog lacks managerial skills.