Criminal Investigations Department of the Ghana Police Service (CID) has reportedly, invited actress Rosemond Brown over a photo she posted on social media with her son.

The actress posted a photo on social media showing her complete nakedness to her son who wearing just underpants to mark the birthday of her son today, June 30, 2020.

The controversial picture has generated a lot of reactions from social media users, chiefs, human rights advocates, child rights advocate among others.

This caught the eyes of a child rights group Child Rights International, who have lodged an official complain to the police.

According to the letter to the Police, posing naked infront of a child and putting it in the public domain is “a violation of the Welfare Principle of Children’s Act and abuse of the child’s right to privacy and dignity”.

Nkonkonsa.com can confirm that Akuapim Poloo has been invited to report to the CID headquarters in Accra on Wednesday, July 1, 2020 for questioning.

Meanwhile, Rosemond Alade Brown’s Instagram Page show that she has deleted the controversial nude birthday photo she took with her son and replaced it with a different one.

The new photo has Akuapem Poloo and her son all dressed up in decent colourful African prints.

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Contrary to a statement by Shatta Wale that most Hiplife artistes are poor, the originator of Hiplife music, Reggie Rockstone said he not poor.
The legendary Ghanaian Rapper said he is just not a materialistic person and that does not mean he is poor. Dancehall artiste Shatta Wale claims Reggie Rockstone is broke and has made no significant impact in the music industry.

He mocked the Hiplife legend saying he lives in his father’s house because he doesn’t have money to build his own house and further added that Reggie Rockstone is the reason some young musicians who have adopted Hiplife are suffering in the music industry.

But is it true that Reggie Rockstone is broke and has nothing to his credit?

Reggie Rockstone, in an interview with Nkonkonsa on YouTube, has rubbished the claims by Shatta Wale and any person who shares a similar belief.

The grandpapa of Hiplife shared some thought-provoking ideas why he doesn’t boast about his material things.

”What I can boast is not about material stuff because I’ve never been materialistic. From Day 1 since I set off, all you know about Reggie is his music and my little swag. My friendliness, my good nature; you know I’m open. I’m accessible. What I will brag about is that I am going down in history in my country and in Africa, I am revered. I’m respected. I’m loved by my people but most of all I have life. Some are dead and gone but I am alive. Those who claim to have money also have people with more money than them. I wasn’t born in poverty. I was raised in a pretty affluent home. My father was not a millionaire; well, some say he was but my father was very humble, extremely humble…I am not a braggart. My personality is the show”, he said.

Watch the full exclusive interview below:

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Wendy Shay Storms Out Of Interview After Asked About Sex Allegation

Wendy Shay walked out of an interview on Accra FM after she was asked if she was having an affair with her manager and record label boss, Bullet.

She told the host she cannot answer “unprofessional questions” when he kept repeating the question she had already made clear was uncalled for.

The ‘Emergency’ singer stated that Nana Romeo, the host, was trying to push her to admit something that was not true.

Wendy Shay insisted there was nothing going on between herself and Bullet when the host insisted he had proof to the contrary.

The artiste said that she did not appreciate the questions nor Nana Romeo’s attitude towards her; hence her decision to end the interview.

Wendy, prior to her walk-out, apologised to her fans but refused to turn around when she was called back.


Ghanaian actor and broadcaster, Mikki Osei Berko, popularly called Dada Boat, has expressed ill feelings about the premium that some artistes are giving to dancehall/reggae music in Ghana.

Mikki Osei Berko says it is unwise for any musician in the country to claim to be a dancehall/reggae artiste because the music genre doesn’t represent Ghana and also do not reflect the country’s culture.

He poured out his heart in an exclusive interview on Nkonkonsa on YouTube.

He stated that artistes like Samini, Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale who are Ghana’s topnotch dancehall artistes are not doing the country any good because instead of them singing the original tune of Ghana, they have rather adopted foreign music and marketing themselves as dancehall artistes.

Dada Boat was upset that the dancehall/reggae artistes in the country are not doing highlife to market the nation’s real authentic music.

He explained that highlife music originates from Ghana and has a local musical content that should be sold to the world and to enhance tourism in the country.

According to him, the dancehall/reggae artistes are helping a foreign country like Jamaica to popularize their foreign culture to override highlife which is born in Ghana.

Mikki Osei Berko added that Jamaica feeds on the originality of their music which is primarily dancehall/reggae.

”Most of their tourist attraction is based on their music”, he said and so asked Ghana’s dancehall artistes ”are you helping Jamaica or you’re helping Ghana?”

Touting further the uniqueness of highlife music, he mentioned Nigeirian legendary music icon the late Fela Kuti of riding on Ghana’s highlife to gain popularity all over Africa because he fused highlife music with Nigerian music tunes.

The sad thing, he expressed, is that although foreign arts are taking advantage of highlife, they don’t identify themselves as highlife musicians and so wondered why the Ghanaian arts would refer to themselves as dancehall/reggae artistes.

”You can claim to be doing some reggae in your tune but I don’t think that it’s wise to claim you are a dancehall or reggae artiste because that is not your music. That’s what I think. We need to promote our own music. Other reggae musicians sometimes play R&B songs and so forth but they identify themselves as reggae musicians…Why don’t they identify themselves as highlife musicians?”

Mikki Osei Berko therefore advised Ghanaian artistes to cherish and sell highlife to the world and stop copying foreign arts into the country.

Watch full interview below:

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Actress Tracey Boakye has announced the arrival of her second child.

The “Baby Mama” actress kept her pregnancy a secret but she has made a big announcement of her delivery.

She announced the good news on Instagram and she also revealed the sex of her new born baby.

She shared a picture of her baby bump with this caption “Thank you Lord. My second Angel is in! ITS A GIRL!”.

It is not immediately known if father of the baby girl is the same man the actress spoke about some 8 months ago.

It would be recalled that she revealed in an interview that the man she was dating is filthy rich and can cater for all her needs.

Tracey’s first child is 5 year-old Kwaku Danso Yahaya whose father is Footballer Yahaya Mohammed.

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Dancehall artiste Stonebwoy’s trending song ‘Nominate’ has made it on to the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart. The song debut at number 19 on the chart.

The Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart ranks the 25 best-selling international digital singles in the United States.

Nominate was released as part of Stonebwoy’s album Anloga Junction on April 24.

The album was made available on all digital platforms including Spotify, Boomplay, Deezer, Audiomack, Apple Music, YouTube Music, iTunes and more.

He further released a video for the song on YouTube which has garnered 1.1 million views barely two weeks after its release.

Reacting to the news, Stonebwoy took to his social media handles to thank his fans for making it possible to achieve that feat.

He urged people to keep streaming and sharing the album .


Ghana’s multi-awarded rapper Sarkodie is reported in some media outlets to have arrived in Ghana despite the closure of borders in the country.

Pictures of the rapper supposedly arriving in a plane at the Kotoka International Airport Friday dawn were circulating on social media and grapevine reports indicate that Sarkodie was jetted into the country in a private aircraft by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The rapper was also said to have undergone quarantine for awhile and allowed to go home after testing negative for Coronavirus.

To a section of his fans, this is great news but others have raised eyebrows over the actions of the government for allowing the rapper to secretly enter the country which breaches the President’s directive. But is it true that Sarkodie is currently in Ghana and if it is, why the preferential treatment?

Peacefmonline.com spoke with the management of Sarkodie whose real name is Michael Owusu Addo to ascertain the truth.

According to the rapper’s Manager, Angel Town, Sarkodie is still locked up in the United States and there has not been any arrangements for him to touch down in a private jet.

Angel Town told Peacefmonline entertainment desk that the story has been fabricated and therefore questioned the motive of the carriers of the news.

In addressing the question about pictures of Sarkodie carting his buggage at the airport which is to purport his arrival, Angel Town said the pictures were taken during one of the rapper’s old trips and people have retrieved it in an attempt to decieve people into thinking that Sarkodie is in town.

Sarkodie’s management is imploring the general public to ignore those pictures and the news of him being in Ghana stating that he is strictly abiding by the government’s directives to safeguard Ghanaians against infection of Coronavirus and until the borders are opened, he remains in his solemn abode in the States.

Source: Peacefmonline.com 


Ghanaian female musician , Sista Afia has debunked claims which suggest that Medikal wrote the verses on her new single “U Got Nerves”.

The “Weather” hitmaker has been the talk in the showbiz circles with some flawless piece of rap skills, something she has not been known for.

But Sista Afia in an interview said rap had always been part of her, has refuted claims of Medikal writing her verses.

“I wrote the verses in my new song and Medikal played no part. I sacrificed my sleep to put all these verses together without no input from him. The style might look similar to that of Sarkodie, Manifest or Medikal but that doesn’t mean it’s their writings. I love these rappers so definitely there’ll be similarities when I’m writing my rap verses. If for nothing, I should be given credit for that, because I put in a lot of efforts,” she told Ghana News Agency.

Sista Afia’s new single has aroused interest in the rap game among female artistes with the likes of Eno Barony and Freda Rhymes expected to respond.

Source: GNA


TV and radio personalities like Kofi Okyere Darko (KOD) and John Germain have left EIB Network, the owners of GHOne TV and Starr FM, is generating a lot of controversies.

KOD and Jon worked with the EIB in the last five years and were presenters on Starr FM until they announced their exit.

Their exit follows earlier claims that several others have left the media organisation over salary allegations.

Announcing their exit on Saturday, KOD and Jon were thankful to have worked at EIB and said they’ve parted ways with the company.

“After 5 straight years at EIB, we mutually parted company last Thursday. It’s been 5 awesome years with an amazing family. From Live FM, my love child as head of events & host of 360 Live (I truly enjoyed my days at Live with the youngsters) & later moving to Starr to host the Zone & Starr Dive, it’s been a fabulous learning curve,” KOD wrote on Facebook.

I’m indebted to the Duffour family, my brother & friend Bola Ray (since our mid-teens), Von, gorgeous Emaline, Jeffrey De Gea (who walked me through a lot), Miss Nancy Adobea Anane & my fav marketing & sales family…. our daily KOD tales ( Selassie Tettey Kekeli Gloria Hogba)….. and the last year with my old friend, the gorgeous Cookie & DJ Vyrusky on Starr Drive, it’s been an awesome trip. I want to say thanks to the EIB family for believing my capabilities & the fab times. A break from radio is in order after 24 years right? From Monday, you can catch me at NINETEEN57 off the Oxford Street from 10am. May God bless us all,” he added.

Jon Germain also wrote, “I am happy to announce that after 5 years and 9 months of being with STARR FM & the EIB family, we have decided to mutually part ways. I’d like to thank everyone who worked with me from the Drop off to The Zone… And everyone who tuned in to my shows.  All the best.”

However, Peace FM presenter Kwasi Aboagye alleged on his show that both personalities were rather sacked.

“The information I have is that due to the salary issues at EIB, KOD and Jon Germain formed a group with other staff. The reason was to demonstrate over their salaries and someone took a screenshot. They were planning a coup against Bola Ray and the other leaders at EIB so it was during those discussions that someone took a screenshot and sent it to Bola Ray.”

“So, Bola decided to sack them after seeing the screenshots. They hurriedly came to announce their resignation before their sacking was announced. They were sacked,” he reportedly said on The Entertainment Review on Saturday.

Effort to speak with Bola Ray on Sunday to confirm or deny the claims proved rather futile, as he didn’t respond to several calls placed to his phone.

Meanwhile, sources close to the station told NEWS-ONE that apart from KOD and Jon, others have also exited EIB. One other influential DJ on Starr FM has also left, but the source did not confirm whether they were sacked or not.

Although KOD has left EIB, he has a show which will start airing on GHOne TV very soon.

Latest reports also alleged that EIB’s Live FM has been sold over salary issues.


One of Ghana’s finest broadcasters Kofi Okyere Darko well known in the media circles as K.O.D has left EIB network.

K.O.D who has worked with the company for five years was almost on the verge of leaving last year.

He said there was pressure from his wife for him to leave when the company found themselves in some financial difficulty and workers were not being paid.

He has worked previously worked with Radio Gold before he left for England to pursue greener pastures.

Until his departure he was the host of Starr Drive on Starr FM in Accra,

In a Facebook post he announced that he is taking a break from radio after 24 years.

In a post on Facebook, he wrote;

After 5 straight years at EIB, we mutually parted company last Thursday. It’s been 5 awesome years with an amazing family. From Live FM, my love child as Head of events & host of 360 Live (I truly enjoyed my days at Live with the youngsters) & later moving to Starr to host the Zone & Starr Dive, it’s been a fabulous learning curve.

I’m indebted to the Duffour family, my brother & friend Bolaray (since our mid-teens), Von, gorgeous Emaline, Jeffrey De Gea (who walked me through a lot), Miss Nancy Adobea Anane & my fav marketing & sales family…. our daily KOD tales ( Selassie Tettey Kekeli Gloria Hogba)….. and the last year with my old friend, the gorgeous Cookie & DJ Vyrusky on Starr Drive, it’s been an awesome trip.

I want to say thanks to the EiB family for believing my capabilities & the fab times.

A break from radio is in order after 24 years right?

From Monday, you can catch me at NINETEEN57 off the Oxford Street from 10am.

May God bless us all