Ghanaian movie producer Danfo BA has reportedly passed on.

He died in the early hours of Sunday October 14, 2018 at the Korle-bu Teaching Hospital in Accra.

According to a family source who confirmed the unfortunate news to, Danfo BA has been sick for almost a year now and has been moving from one health facility to the other but he finally gave up the ghost this morning at the Korle-bu teaching hospital in Accra.

He left behind a wife and three children but he adopted a lot of children under his care.

Danfo BA is known for producing the most popular local Akan Ghanaian movie “Kyeiwaa” which run from part one to part fourteen. He later setup a school to give less privileged children opportunity to access quality education.

At the time of filing this report Danfo BA’s best friend Socrate Sarfo and other close relatives were at the the late Danfo BA’s house to express their sympathy.

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Singer KiDi has disclosed that he recieves nude pictures from countless ladies on frequent  basis.

Lynx Entertainment signee said even though he loves women, he is not a womanizer and acknowledge ladies who DM him their n*kedness.

The ‘Odo’ hit maker disclosed this in an interview with Larkuor Adjartey on Celebrity Chit Chat With Larkuor on Lark TV.

Asked what is the craziest thing a female fan has done to him Kidi said;

“I Think that would be on social media. On my snapchat usually girls have a very spectacular way of saying hi to you and if they say hi and you don’t mind them, they have special way of say hi boldly with their chest”. 

KiDi who calls himself the ‘Gyal dem sugar’ also added that;

“I love ladies who send me their nudes, what can I do I have tried several times to stop them but they keep sending them, So when they do I give them thumbs up, sometimes I reply; keep it up girl you have done well.”

The ‘Odo’ hit maker has carved a niche for himself as the ‘ladies’ man’ and most music fanatics believe this is so because his style of doing music and lyrics appeals more to the ladies.

Others also believe the ‘Say You Love Me’ crooner is simply innocent.

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Beautiful Ghanaian Singer MzVee has revealed the qualities of the kind of man she would love to settle down with.

The “I Don’t Know” hitmaker in a latest interview with TV Africa was so blunt on her type of man. In quite a hearty and soothing session, Larry inquired about the beautiful Singer’s choice of a man she would love to marry.

MzVee stated some good qualities she would want to have in a man she would want to settle down with but was keen on a man who is rich and has the money to take care of her.

It’s not so common to have a young Ghanaian lady on live TV saying such, so it’s quite a shocking revelation to many.

The host asked her “What is your kind of man” and she replied “Hardworking, decent, God-fearing and should have that money” .

MzVees latest release “Bend Down” featuring her label mate, Kuami Eugene is currently trending at Number 5 with almost 500,000 views on Youtube and still counting.

Watch “Bend Down” video below:



Rapper Guru is counting his blessings after surviving several attempts on his life.

According to the Rapper, before the release of his latest album, Journey of Judah, he was poisoned on several occasions.

The NKZ music boss said several attempts were made on his life including people poisoning the water he drinks and food he eats.

“It wasn’t once. It was a continuous thing. [There are] different strategies that people use to poison people. Some will pass through food, some will pass through water anytime you are on stage you give your water to someone else and it’s a different ball game,” he told KMJ in an interview on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM.

Recounting one of the near-fatal incidents, he said, “the last time I was on stage performing, got on stage, the whole crowd jamming and all of a sudden you [take] water and your voice is not ‘popping’ up again, you can’t even talk…so you just have to move up.”

The rapper, born Nana Yaw Adjei Yeboah Maradona, said he has endured a lot and things have been “very difficult.”

To him, these attempts are things some people do to those in show business to bring others down.

“Every artiste, every industry player will, by all means, experience this…if you’ve not gone through it, expect it, prepare for it…people you love the most, you expect to be there for you will move away…,” the ‘Problem’ rapper said.

Guru says he is stronger now and the experience inspired his 34-track ‘Journey of Judah’ double album. “The album talks about my real life,” he said.



She was doing well as an actress and had even gotten some endorsement deals. But lately, Victoria Lebene has been appearing on GH One TV as a broadcast journalist and that has raised a lot of questions.

But she tells Showbiz she has not stopped acting but has to pursue other interests to survive as it is very expensive being an actress. Especially with the nation’s film industry currently ‘dancing on wobbly legs’.

“No I have not stopped acting, there is no way I will stay out of acting but we all know the issue, the country’s movie business is not doing too well, and keeping up is a bit expensive.

“You see, as a celeb, you need to grace occasions and as such have to look good—the dress, the shoes, the accessories etc, they all come at a cost. It is expensive to keep up that status so not getting anything from your workplace is not healthy.

“I for one, I have invested so much into my brand and I have to keep it up but where is the income thus the need to look elsewhere to shore it up?

“I sat down one day and thought about my interest in broadcast journalism and I said why not give it a try too, to get busy and earn something more. That is why I am currently at GHOne as a reporter. It is just another aspect of me that I am putting to use,” Lebene told Showbiz.

Talking about how things are going so far, Lebene said, “it has been great, feedback has been amazing, the team support and encouragement have been wonderful.

“I currently have a segment on the morning show, GH Today called Citizen Watch, where I go out and ask people what their thoughts are on some issues affecting society.”

She advised her colleague actors not to depend soley on only acting for survival. “From my experience, if you are into acting and that is your main source of income currently, it will be of a little bother. Acting is a good venture but currently earning a keep from it solely isn’t the best.”

Although she intends to still pursue acting, Lebene says she will accept only scripts with good messages.

“I will not take any role just because I need it or I want to earn an income, no, it has to be one that will impact the society positively.

“ A script that will give me exposure, one that will be screened in other regions or countries to expose my talent. So I am currently selective of the kind of scripts I get.”

Lebene, who holds a Human Resource Management Degree from Zenith University, said she developed the passion for acting during her time in school and hopes to take her career to the world stage.

By: Delali Sika/Graphic Showbiz


President of the Creative Arts Council, Mark Okraku Mantey has revealed that the government of Ghana has released some funds to the creative arts body.

The money, according to the council’s president, is aimed at helping the Creative Arts Council start some of its numerous projects.

Catherine Afeku, Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture in March last year inaugurated the Creative Arts Council, headed by Mark Okraku Mantey.

Also appointed to the Council was Gyankroma Akufo-Addo, daughter of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and actress Bibi Bright as Secretary.

Since its inauguration, not much had been heard from the council with many industry persons concluding that it was just a façade by the government to create the impression it cared about the sector.

But speaking on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM with Andy Dosty, Mr Mantey said the council is beginning to get the needed resources to start its work.

Key among the projects the Creative Arts Council president is looking at starting is a promise to build an ultra-modern recording studio before the end of the four-year-rule of the reigning New Patriotic Party (NPP).

The funds, Mr Mantey said will, more importantly, facilitate the passage of the Creative Arts Bill.

He noted that the Creative Arts Bill will pave way for the formation of the Creative Arts Fund. The creation of the fund will enable the council and the government do more projects to aid the growth of the creative arts industry.

Mark Okraku Mantey revealed that the money released to the council is enough to purchase land as well as begin the construction of the ultra-modern studio as promised.

“…With the monies that we are getting, we can afford to buy the land and begin the building this year. We will buy the land and start the building this year…,” he said.

Even though he did not disclose the amount of money they’ve received from the government so far on Daybreak Hitz, he had made an initial statement concerning a ₵2.4 million budgetary allocation by the government to the Creative Arts Council on Showbiz A-Z on Joy FM.

While many arms of the industry may seem disappointed in the Creative Arts Council’s decision to start a studio project, Mr Mantey stressed that measures are in place to ensure that all other sectors are attended to.

He revealed that there are discussions with the EXIM Bank to support other sectors of the industry with loans to execute their projects.

“…EXIM means Exports and Imports so you must make sure that your product is exportable so that you can come and pay EXIM Bank. We will talk to the film and fashion sectors to find out what their challenges are…,” Mark Okraku Mantey said.

The Creative Arts Council president hinted that there is the possibility that the ultra-modern studio will be constructed at the outskirt of Accra.



Lawyer Sandra Ankobiah has revealed that her decision to quit showbiz has not had any effect on her life as an individual, because people in showbiz are not taken serious and it doesn’t really pay.

Sandra Ankobia has indicated that she is currently building a different Sandra Ankobiah brand and therefore has left showbiz.

People who have had the opportunity to interact with Sandra Ankobiah will attest to her intelligence but for years, she has had to endure snide comments about her capabilities, especially as a lawyer and to a lesser extent as a presenter.

Somehow, Sandra Ankobiah takes the blame for how she is viewed in the public domain, telling Showbiz in a recent chat at the Afrikiko Restaurant, Accra, that the kind of image she portrayed some time ago is the reason why people underrate her.

With a smile, she said, “I hope to choose my words carefully without being offensive but the truth is that, people in showbiz aren’t taken seriously and in my case, that is what I fed the public with.

“As a lawyer and a showbiz personality, I had two different characters. I projected more of the showbiz. What I fed people with is the image they have of me and so I take full responsibility for that.”

Continuing Sandra Ankobiah said, “initially, people didn’t take me serious as they thought I was just one confused showbiz girl who didn’t know what she was about.

“I still remember the curious looks of some of my colleagues at FIDA when I first joined.

“But I didn’t allow that to kill my spirit because I knew my potential and what I could do. I allowed my work to speak for me.

“I put in my very best when I’m given an assignment and it earned me a lot of respect when I proved my worth,” she said.

Sandra Ankobiah may have accepted her fault but she disclosed to Showbiz her intention of changing the narrative about her brand which involves making some sacrifices.

“I’m building a new Sandra Ankobiah so for now, I’m not really into showbiz. I don’t mind honouring some few invitations but sincerely, that isn’t my focus,” she said.

When asked if letting go of showbiz won’t dwindle her financial fortunes, she just giggled and said, “I won’t say showbiz is a curse but the truth of the matter is that it doesn’t pay.

“You don’t get any monetary returns for the fame apart from the exposure so I’m losing nothing really.”

Children change their minds what they want to become quite often but for a young Sandra Ankobiah, she had always admired the look of lawyers in black and white wearing neck bands making their arguments in court as they defended their clients.

However, just a year after she fulfilled that dream and passed out as a lawyer, she had to abandon the childhood ambition of defending her clients in court.

Her reason? The burdensome processes of Ghana’s law courts which makes getting judgment on cases take too long has made it unattractive to her.

“A lot of people have the idea that every lawyer must be a litigator but that isn’t true because it is not every lawyer who goes to court.

“In my case, I have always admired that but the interest faded and I abandoned the thought after school.

“I now love to be behind the desk to undertake other equally important projects as a lawyer,” Sandrah Ankobiah said.

Abandoning that part of the law has gingered the former host of Fashion 101 to fully take on advocacy work by providing free legal services to the less privileged.

Not only has she joined the Ghana chapter of the International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA), she has also set up her own Legal Advocacy Foundation to boost her fight to bring legal services to those who cannot afford it.

Source: Graphic Showbiz


Prince David Osei

Ghanaian actor, Prince David Osei, has accused the Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Catherine Afeku of failing to make any impact on the country’s creative arts industry since being appointed.

According to him, despite the high hopes that accompanied the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government when they came into power, the creative arts have largely been left unimproved.

“Forget about the Ministry of Tourism. The Minister of Tourism has failed the industry, that’s what I keep saying I don’t know what the one in charge is doing. We felt like they coming into office would help, but they’ve not done anything remarkable that I have seen or felt so I think the Ministry is not doing well.”

Speaking to Citi TV‘s Nana Adwoa Sarkodie, Prince David Osei added that the country needed to leverage more on its film industry to create more buzz about Ghana internationally in order to boost tourism.

According to him, other countries have taken advantage of the allure of their movie industries to market themselves. He called on the government to learn from Hollywood, which he believes the United States has used to endear itself to movie lovers around the world.

“You need to come up with ideas. You need to make sure the right structures are there. You need to make Ghana a gateway for tourism. Most of us travel outside, others have not traveled outside before, but they can visualize how New York looks like because they’ve seen it on TV.

“That’s what Hollywood does. We need to open our sector, the movie industry should be the mouthpiece that will sell Ghana, through our movie making. Ever since they came into power, tell me one remarkable thing they’ve done.”. 


The Ghanaian society frowns on indecent public exposure and the law criminalizes it in any form.

However, in every society, there’s bound to be deviants who couldn’t care less about the norms and practices that shape it.

Even though there are no known production houses in Ghana who are into mainstream porn production, there are several ladies who are unofficially making money from this booming business on social media.

Legendary filmmaker, Socrate Safo, has revealed in an interview that there’s no law in Ghana stopping anyone from shooting porn, even though he wouldn’t venture into that business himself.

Speaking on Zylofon FM Wednesday morning, the Director for Creative Arts made it clear that the law is only against the public exhibition of pornography and not its making.

There’s no law against the shooting of Pornography in Ghana, but you can’t show/exhibit it in public…. In a way they’re telling you not to shoot it because if you can shoot it and not exhibit it in public then how will that work?

It’s just like SEC instructing Menzgold to suspend their Gold Vault and then saying they can pay the profits to their customers, how will that work…… I’m not saying anyone should go into porn, because there is also a law which can cause your arrest if you’re caught in the act shooting” he said.


A former nurse of Obengfo Hospital who worked at the facility between 2013 and 2017 has reportedly leaked a list of celebrities and non-celebrities in Ghana who are beneficiaries of Dr Obengfo’s plastic surgery.

According to a report sighted by on, Dr Obengfo allegedly kept a list of his clients very confidential however sometimes, he relied on the nurse to update the list for him with names, dates and photographs.

The first set of Ghanaian celebrities reported to have been beneficiaries included actress and TV personality, Joselyn Dumas, Moesha Buduong and Princess Shyngle.

According to reports, the nurse is alleged to have revealed that she started taking notice of Moesha when she started making waves “all over the place”.

The nurse is alleged to have indicated that Moesha got a waiver of some of the cost in return for an option to model for the hospital.

Moesha upheld her end of the deal until later when she backed off and paid the money difference to Obengfo.

The report went on to state that in return for topping up, Dr. Obengfo was to delete all her model photos for the hospital on social media.

One such photos of Moesha for the hospital was reportedly posted by Dr Obengfo in December 2016.

Joselyn Dumas, according to reports, visited Obengfo Hospital as one of its early clients before it made a name. The nurse purportedly indicated that Joselyn Dumas linked her Nigerian friends to Dr Obengfo.

The nurse also made reference to a December 2014 story which Dr Obengfo sponsored in the Graphic showbiz to hype some of his select clients. This included Joselyn Dumas, Shyngle, among others.

The Graphic showbiz story was shared by Dr Obengfo himself in 2014 on Facebook to encourage more clients to visit his facility.

Dr Dominic Obeng- Andoh, popularly known as Obengfo, is the owner and manager of Advanced Body Sculpt in Ghana.

He has been in the news, and lately, was caged by the police after he was linked with the death of the deputy chief executive officer of National Entrepreneurship Innovation Programme (NEIP), Stacy Offei-Darko.