Rufftown Records’ new signee, Wendy Shay has refuted speculations that she may be sexually involved with manager Bullet.

Rumour has it that Bullet, CEO of Rufftown records engages in sexually related activities with his female signees, including the late Ebony Reigns, however, the newest act on the record label, Wendy, has debunked such rumours.

Earlier this week, a video circulated online which raised eyebrows on social as to the kind of relationship between the two.

In the video, Bullet and Wendy were captured all over each other and walking hand in hand and some fans believe that they are going too far than just a musician and manager.

However, according to the “Uber Driver” hitmaker, she considers Bullet as a father hence, she can’t have sexual relations with him.

Wendy claims the relationship between herself and Bullet is strictly platonic and the mere thought of taking it to the next level has never crossed her mind.

In an interview, the singer emphatically stated: “Oh naa, not at all. Bullet is my daddy. I have never even thought of anything like that”

The budding talent says she hopes to become an internationally recognized musician and strongly believes Bullet is capable of helping her gain that status.

Supporting her submissions, Bullet himself stated that he allows a free and cordial relationship with his signees to enhance a comfortable work environment, however, Ghanaians have misunderstood his intentions.

“I have a cool relationship with my talents. Music has to do with emotions, so I always want to connect with them on that level in order to bring out the best in them”, he said.


Actor Majid Michel has asked Christians to desist from making public the various negative events in their various churches.

According to him, the world is currently fighting the church and therefore feeding the world with such information will offer it the opportunity to destroy the church.

Majid Michel who made this known through a post on Instagram said “Guilty of calling out Pastors and Christian leaders in general about things we have observed and as much as what we say or mean to say may come from a good heart, i do not believe it is our place to say such things and make such statements, especially, publicly”.

“The world is already doing as much as it can to fight the body of Christ and it does us no good supplying them with the ammunition to wage a fiercer battle against us. Are they pastors that do the wrong things and take advantage of unsuspecting and loyal members? Yes! But how does it help our cause to turn on the light on those negatives in our family? When we cast a shadow over our family, it affects everyone in the family. When we announce the negatives they overshadow the positives because as u know, the world celebrates the negatives and only evil makes the news,” the actor said in a post on Instagram.

He noted that as Christians, the best the could be done is to pray for and cherish each other.

“We’re Christians! children of love and we’re called to change the world and help each other through love, faith and humility. Let us pray for one another rather than tear at each other. let us teach those close to us to be humble, knowing that we ourselves stand only by His grace. Let us teach each other to be wise and beware of dogs in the house but to always remember that the family comes first and whatsoever we say or do, let us do as unto the Lord. let us cherish the Name by which the whole family is named and protect it. “it is better to light a candle than to curse darkness”. Let us pray for one another not criticize each other.”


The late Ebony Reigns was on top of her game when she was alive . Indeed she was a legend and a force to reckon with in a male dominated industry.

Ebony Reigns effort was not in vain as she won the artiste of the year at the 2018 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards posthumously.

However, the latest recruitment of Ruff Town records, Wendy Shay who is tagged as Ebony’s replacement has said that she is not copying the late Ebony Reigns.

According to Wendy Shay, she is doing her own style and Ghanaians should accept her for who she is.

But speaking on Hitz Gallery on Hitz FM on Friday which was hosted by Dr Pounds, Wendy Shay said she just came to the music scene and Ghanaians should stop tagging her as Ebony’s replacement . She proceeded by saying that she is unique in her own way.

“I need time to show Ghanaians that this is Wendy Shay and it might take a little bit of time . If I work hard Ghanaians will know am coming with a different agenda and this is my true self so people should appreciate me . At the end of the day ,Ghanaians will accept my style and not see me to be copying the Late Ebony’s style . I’m just going to do my thing ,more hits , more songs each day and nights. I believe Ghanaians will accept me for who I am” she said .

Wendy Shay also disclosed that she met Bullet, the CEO of RuffTown Records in December last year, which was before the demise of Ebony Reigns .

According to the ‘uber driver’ hit maker, she met Bullet again in March, 2018 to finalize a 5-year contract with Rufftown Records .

Her latest single dubbed ‘Uber Driver’ with controversial lyrics is receiving massive airplay. It is a great feat for a new artiste.

Wendy Shay was introduced by the boss of Rufftown records , Bullet as his new recruit at the 2018 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards ( VGMA).


Actress Ella Mensah has been talking touch this week and has been featured on virtually every news outlet in the country.

The actress who is doing very well in Nollywood has said that her colleague, Nana Akua Addo is a phony character and a liar.

According to her, claims that Nana Akua Addo enrolled at the New York School of Film are false because she also enrolled in the same institution at the same time and never set sight on her.

Ella Mensah who was speaking to zylofonmedia.com said “I strongly doubt that Akua Addo schooled in New York. I enrolled in the same school at the same time she claimed she was there. It was a lie”.

She noted that Nana Akua Addo is all about the glam but always borrow clothes just to look good and be talked about by the media.

“She is one of the actresses that borrow clothes for events and pays bloggers to write stories about what she wore to places.”

Nana Akua Addo posted this in July last year from the New York Film Academy


Nigerian-based Ghanaian actress, Ella Mensah has attributed her decision to tone her skin to her desire to gain success in the movie industry especially in Nollywood

According to her, movie producers and directors prefer giving roles to light-skinned actresses at the detriment of talented dark skinned actresses.

’If you are a dark-skinned person, your talent alone is not going to push you up because a producer once told me that I have the height, the body and that I am pretty, but that the tone of my skin was dark and that if they put light on it, it doesn’t look attractive’’ she explained in an interview with Sammy Flexx on Zylofon Fm in Accra.

She noted that being fair is her decision and that is to enable her to gain acceptability in the movie industry and to allow her to fit in adding ’I thought about it and it is my own skin and thank God I am not going to hurt or kill anybody. So I did it because I love it and also partly because of my job’’ she opined.

Falling short of mentioning how much she spends on bleaching every month, the actress revealed that she gets her bleaching tablets from the United States of America.

Ella Mensah who describes herself as hugely successful in her acting carrier in Nigeria noted that dark-skinned actress have the huge task of going through very tough times and usually have to go the extra mile in order to succeed and gain acceptance

‘’My decision to tone came in when I decided to act fully in Nigeria because I didn’t want a situation whereby in my own country (Ghana) I didn’t get all the opportunities I needed, I tried, I pushed hard and there are so many people I fell on to help me make it in Ghana but they refused. Today they are nowhere near me and that is karma’’ she argued to justify why she is bleaching.


Curvaceous Ghana-based Gambian actress, Princess Shyngle, always makes news because of her body but last two weeks, she was at the receiving end of some serious trolling after pictures of her on a movie set surfaced.

From the pictures, it seemed her waist had shrunk even more and many social media users just had to comment with some lambasting her.

Others made fun of her comparing her shape to that of an hour glass and ‘tapoli’, a wooden grinder.

While many celebrities do not take kindly to trolling, Princess Shyngle remains unperturbed.

When Showbiz caught up with her at the Golden Tulip Hotel last Friday, where she attended the AU Arts Festival in honour of former President, John Agyekum Kufuor, she said she was not affected by the backlash and urged people to keep talking.

“Sweet, I do not care ohh, I am not bothered at all. For those talking, they can continue talking, it is good for me, it is making news and making me relevant so I am okay with it.

You just look at me; do I look like I am bothered or uncomfortable?

“Honestly, I do not even go online to read these things, but I think it is good.

I just got back to town and came to support the Former President, John Kufour.

If this trolling happened about two years ago, I would have had issues with it and feel bad but now, I have grown past that, I have a dead goat syndrome now, “she said.

She also debunked rumours that she had removed her intestines to get a flat stomach and smaller waist.

“They said I have taken my intestines out but look, I am going to eat so how can someone with no intestines eat? she asked.

In her bid to prove that her small waist is due to the constant use of waist trainers among others, she asked this reporter to take a closer look.

“See, what I have on is my waist trainer and that is what I use, coupled with constant exercise and eating well.

The bottom line is that, I am not perturbed.The people talking can continue talking.”
Princess was born in the Gambia and says she is a descendant from all over Africa.

“My paternal grandparents are from Ghana and Sierra Leone respectively while my maternal grandparents are from Nigeria and Mali.”

The actress, who has featured in movies like Why Should I Get Married, The 30-Year-Old Virgin and The Mysterious Wedding Planner, majored in IT, Business and Marketing from the Gambian Business College and worked with beverage giant, Coca-Cola.

She currently has a talk show on YouTube, Hot Talk With Princess Shyngle where she shares with her fans relationship tips among others.


Actress/Video Vixon, Rosemond Brown aka Akuapem Poloo has made a shocking revelation that Rapper, Medikal tried to have a sexual encounter with her against her will.

In a video she posted on her Instagram page, she alleged that Rapper and boyfriend of Deborah Vanessa has been flirting with her and even tried to ‘rape’ her when the two met.

We don’t know what exactly Medikal did to the actress that has landed him in a rape contention.

Well, what’s important is that, it did not happen and she’s warned Medikal to stay off as according to her, she’s engaged and is not ready to fight with Sister Debbie over him.

In the video, Akuapim Poloo, asked Medikal to be loyal to his girlfriend, Sister Debbie because she’s not interested in him and will never be because his boyfriend (whom you will see in the video) is cuter than him.

This wouldn’t be the first time, Medikal is being accused of having an affair behind Sister Deborah and Akuapim Poloo’s rant adds some weight to rumours that he’s cheating on his girlfriend.


Ghanaian actress and beauty consultant, Victoria Lebene Mekpah, is cautioning bloggers and individuals to stop referring to her as the ex-girlfriend of actor Mr Kofi Adjorlolo.

In a Whatsapp chat with Daily Heritage, she explained that she and ‘Mummy’s Daughter’ actor were not in any relationship .

According to her, Mr Adjorlolo and her were just friends.

“No, we were friends,” she said.

When asked if she is the ex-girlfriend of Mr Adjorlolo, she said, “Please I’m not and I won’t like to be referred to as such.”

According to the model, she is busy promoting her projects. “It’s a new era and I’m doing a lot of projects that would help the development of our country so I need a good name to help me penetrate successfully,” she said..

Ms Mekpah last week was unveiled as the brand face Ambassador for Pineapple Cosmetics products for Africa. She expressed her excitement and promised to help promote the brand.

“I’m humbled to be a part of Pineapple Cosmetics by Monna in Africa with an ambassadorial role to achieve the brand’s goal in adding enhancements to beauty,” she said.

“It will be a pleasure for me to see the brand grow to a much bigger brand to compete with other brands in Africa. I have always practised my passion for beauty consultancy, cosmetics and skin care so this is more like work and happiness for me.

“I believe every woman is beautiful and it is okay to maintain their looks by enhancing their beauty to create liveliness and improve confidence in the appearance of every female,” she said.

Pineapple Cosmetics deal in all ranges of beauty products from facials and eyes to general skin beauty. In attendance of her signing was Mrs Shirley Verittas Abba, Africa’s representative of Pineapple Cosmetics and the Chief Executive Officer of Pineapple­­­­_Gh and friends of Victoria and the media.

WE DON’T DEPEND ON MEN TO PAY OUR RENT –Jasmine Baroudi & Jessica Williams

Several Ghanaian female celebrities agreed to Moesha Boduong‘s revelation on CNN that due to the nature of the country’s economy, they ought to have someone to support their needs but others also vehemently condemned her for involving all Ghanaian women.

The actress and photo model told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour she sleeps with a married man primarily to pay for her apartment and other stuff.

But, Ghanaian actresses, Jasmine Baroudi and Jessica Williams have expressed complete disapproval of how most women depend on other men to survive.

In an interview with Mikki Osei Berko on After Hours on TV3, the two actresses disclosed that they are self-dependent and hardworking ladies so don’t see the need to seek for financial support from men to pay for their rent.

“We work hard for our money and the proceeds from our job is what we use to pay for our rent. Even if that’s how Moesha is, she shouldn’t have generalized it.”

Jessica Williams is a Ghanaian actress and model known for her roles in popular television series, “living with Trisha”, “Charade” and also featured in Rape Case, Prince Sam, among other movies.

She also appeared in he video for Bisa KDei’s Odo Carpenter and featured for commercials including CocaCola, Yazz, and Fiesta Condoms. Her father was a former movie producer called Alexiboat now into printing press production.

Jessica is also known for her 2015 statement about not going nude in movies even for a Hollywood movie or $1 million.

Jasmine Jamila Baroudi is a Ghanaian actress. Jasmine Baroudi is famous for her roles in series/movies including Adam’s Apple, Peep, V – Republic, Desperations, Contract, I Do and Inception. She has in the past been romantically linked with TV and Radio presenter, Benny Blanco.

The actress is married to fitness trainer-Williams Ofori Attah, popular on Instagram with the handle ‘Flashkickk’ and they were recently blessed with a baby.

Watch the interview below:

Source: Kasapafmonline.com


Nominations for the 2018 Black Entertainment Television(BET) Awards were announced on Tuesday night but Ghana was missing in the Best International Act category.

In the past years, some Ghanaian artistes were nominated in the Best International Act: Africa category. Artistes like Sarkodie, MzVee, D-Black, Stonebwoy have earned nominations in this award before.

This year, however, the category seems to have been merged with Best International Act: UK. The new category ‘Best International Act’ has Booba (France), Cassper Nyovest (SA), Dadju (France), Davido (Nigeria), Distruction Boyz (SA) and Fally Ipupa (Dr. Congo) as nominees.

Some music enthusiasts had expected that Ghanaian artistes like Shatta Wale, Stonebwoy, Sarkodie and few others who worked hard in 2017 would gain nominations in this year’s BET.

Others are J Hus (UK), Niska (France), Tiwa Savage (Nigeria), Stefflon Don (UK) and UK grime act Stormzy (UK).
Migos, SZA, Bruno Mars, Drake, Beyonce, JAY-Z, Cardi B and Chris Brown have all been nominated in various categories.

The BET Awards were established in 2001 by the Black Entertainment Television network to celebrate African Americans and other American minorities in music, acting, sports, and other fields of entertainment over the past year. The awards are presented annually, and are broadcast live on BET. The annual presentation ceremony features performances by artists, and some of the awards of more popular interest are presented in a televised ceremony.

The BET Awards will air live on BET on June 24 from Los Angeles.

See the full list of nominees below:

Best Female R&B / Pop Artist Award


Best Male R&B / Pop Artist Award

Bruno Mars
Chris Brown
The Weeknd
Daniel Caesar

Best Group Award

A Tribe Called Quest
Rae Sremmurd
Chloe X Halle

Best Collaboration Award

Bruno Mars feat. Cardi B – Finesse (Remix)
DJ Khaled feat. Rihanna & Bryson Tiller – Wild Thoughts
DJ Khaled feat. Jay-Z, Future & Beyonce – Top Off
Cardi B feat. 21 Savage – Bartier Cardi
French Montana feat. Swae Lee – Unforgettable
Kendrick Lamar feat. Rihanna – LOYALTY.

Best Male Hip Hop Artist Award

Kendrick Lamar
DJ Khaled
J. Cole

Best Female Hip Hop Artist Award

Cardi B
Nicki Minaj
Remy Ma
DeJ Loaf

Video of the Year Award

Drake – God’s Plan
Cardi B – Bodak Yellow
Bruno Mars feat. Cardi B – Finesse (Remix)
DJ Khaled feat. Rihanna & Bryson Tiller – Wild Thoughts
Kendrick Lamar – HUMBLE.
Migos feat. Drake – Walk It Talk It

Video Director of the Year Award

Benny Boom
Director X
Ava Duvernay
Chris Brown
Dave Meyers

Best New Artist Award

Daniel Caesar
A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie
Dr. Bobby Jones Best Gospel/Inspirational Award
Lecrae feat. Tori Kelly – I’ll Find You
Snoop Dogg feat. B. Slade – Words Are Few
Ledisi & Kirk Franklin – If You Don’t Mind
Marvin Sapp – Close
Tasha Cobbs Leonard feat. Nicki Minaj – I’m Getting Ready

The Best International Act Award

Booba (France)
Cassper Nyovest (SA)
Dadju (France)
Davido (Nigeria)
Distruction Boyz (SA)
Fally Ipupa (Dr. Congo)
J Hus (UK)
Niska (France)
Tiwa Savage (Nigeria)
Stefflon Don (UK)
Stormzy (UK)

Best Actress Award

Tiffany Haddish
Lupita Nyong’o
Issa Rae
Angela Bassett
Letitia Wright
Taraji P. Henson

Best Actor Award

Chadwick Boseman
Michael B. Jordan
Donald Glover
Sterling K. Brown
Denzel Washington
Daniel Kaluuya

Young Stars Award

Yara Shahidi
Ashton Tyler
Caleb McLaughlin
Lonnie Chavis
Marsai Martin
Miles Brown

Best Movie Award

Black Panther
Girls Trip
A Wrinkle in Time

Sportswoman of the Year Award

Serena Williams
Venus Williams
Skylar Diggins-Smith
Candace Parker
Elana Meyers Taylor

Sportsman of the Year Award

Stephen Curry
LeBron James
Kevin Durant
Dwayne Wade
Odell Beckham Jr.

Album of the Year Award

DAMN. – Kendrick Lamar
4:44 – Jay-Z
Culture II – Migos
Black Panther: The Album – Kendrick Lamar & Various Artists
Grateful – DJ Khaled

BET Her Award

Janelle Monae – Django Jane
Lizzo – Water Me
Mary J. Blige – Strength of a Woman
Remy Ma feat. Chris Brown – Melanin Magic (Pretty Brown)
Chloe X Halle – The Kids Are Alright
Leikeli47 – 2nd Fiddle

Coca-Cola Viewers’ Choice Award

SZA feat. Travis Scott – Love Galore
Cardi B – Bodak Yellow
Kendrick Lamar – HUMBLE.
Drake – God’s Plan
Migos feat. Cardi B & Nicki Minaj – Motor Sport
DJ Khaled feat. Rihanna & Bryson Tiller – Wild Thoughts