Accra Circuit Court 9 judge, Ms. Afia Agbanu Kumador, has set Wednesday, 20th March, 2019, to pass judgement on Ghana’s national team (Black star) captain, Asamoah Gyan’s rape, sodomy, and extortion case involving the state and 4 accused persons, namely; Osarfo Anthony (Arts/Entertainment Writer), Chris Handler (Blogger), Sarah Kwablah (Law Student), and Ekow Micah (Musician).

Background Of Case

Daily Guide newspaper, published a story in June, 2015, which alleged that Sarah Kwablah, a 21-year-old student, wants to blackmail Asamoah Gyan with a sex video involving the two parties. The story caught national attention and was met with mixed beliefs and fraught with several conspiracy theories.

Sarah Kwablah’s side of the story, was however not captured in the publication. According to the paper, though they reached out to her via SMS, she failed to respond at the time of going to press.

Just after the publication, Sarah Kwablah approached Osarfo Anthony – then a writer for online media and gave her side of the story, which had it that, Asamoah Gyan raped and sodomized her which was caught on a CCTV in her house, but Daily Guide twisted the narrative of the story as “consensual sex” (video) to favour Gyan.

Sarah furnished Osarfo with all WhatsApp chats between Gyan and her, still pictures of her bloody naked body after the rape and sodomy she sent to Gyan – which alarmed Gyan, making him apologize for what he did, and Gyan’s WhatsApp voice notes in which he can be heard loud and clear, pleading with the girl not to let anyone see or know about what happened between them.

The site ( investigated and published more revelations on the alleged rape and sodomy story.

Asamoah Gyan’s team contacted the site’s Editor, Chris Handler and Osarfo, and pleaded with them to stop the publication.

The same Gyans, later, turned around to accuse Osarfo and 3 others, of conspiring to extort money from Gyan with their publications. Osarfo Anthony, Chris Handler, Sarah Kwablah, and Ekow Micah, were arrested, charged with conspiracy to extort money and arraigned before court.

Court Facts On Trial After 3 Years

The trial, which promised to be over within some few months due to eagerness, assurance, and readiness from Asamoah Gyan’s lawyer and manager to the press – to substantiate their allegation and have the accused ones convicted, has been characterized with shocking and farcical drama in court over the past 3 years.

The first State Prosecutor, ACP Moses Atibilla, relieved himself from the case in strange circumstances; ushering in a Police Prosecutor who also appeared in court for a little over 3 months and handed the case to another State Prosecutor after change of government in 2017.
The current State Prosecutor, Mr. Richard Gyambibi, appeared a few times in court and vanished into thin air without any formal reason to the court. Some police prosecutors in court always held his brief.

The court has thrown out all evidences: chats, SMS, pictures, audio voices, and video, the prosecution tendered against the 4 accused. The evidences were described by defence counsels as fictitious, doctored, and maliciously ‘piece-meal’ to implicate the accused ones. The court, convinced after examining the evidences, struck them all out.

Mr. Mathew Banahene, the landlord whose house Gyan allegedly raped and sodomized Sarah Kwabla (then a tenant), testified just once and stopped going to the court. Mr. Banahene had told the media Sarah Kwablah had pleaded with him to lie to the public he heard her “screaming” when Gyan was raping her, to make her story believable so she extorts money from Gyan and reward him with $ 20,000.

Mr. Banahene fumbled ingloriously in court, conduct, that made the defence counsels respectfully prompt the judge:

“My Lord, humbly take note of his conduct. This is how false witnesses behave in the box.”

Defence counsels, Maurice Ampaw and Apanga Lamtiig, punched holes into Mr. Banahene’s wild testimony during cross-examination, describing it as “concocted.” His mouth was not sealed by the court but he stopped going to court to testify. He discharged himself.

The Police Investigator in the case, Richmond Ayayi, was interdicted from the police service for his involvement in an alleged 60 billion cedis gold theft. Though he claimed in his testimony that he’s still a police officer, he could not provide any evidence of reinstatement under cross-examination – till his mouth was sealed and discharged.

Asamoah Gyan’s manager, Samuel Annim Addo, who is the complainant in the trial, stopped going to the court over a year now. In his testimony to the court, Samuel Annim shockingly confessed that its Gyan’s lawyer, who advised him to implicate Osarfo Anthony.

Asamoah Gyan’s lawyer, Kissi Agyebeng, who was the believed last witness for the prosecution, after telling the judge in open court a year ago that he will be the next witness, has failed to appear in court to testify. He’s currently no more the lawyer for Asamoah Gyan.

Judge Closes Prosecution’s Case

The trial judge, Ms. Afia Agbanu Kumador, having patiently allowed the prosecution to drag the trial unduly for over 3 years, closed the case of the prosecution “suo motu” (on the court’s own authority):

“The Attorney General Officer, Richard Gyambibi, who is in charge of this case is absent; though the court has adjourned several times to enable him come to court to continue prosecuting this matter.

“The PW3 (Landlord) who is in the box, failed to avail himself in court for further cross examination. His evidence is hereby expunged from the records. The court ‘suo motu’ closes the case of the prosecution because despite the substantive prosecutor and the witness having been given several opportunities to come to court to prosecute this matter, they have failed to do so. The case of the prosecution is hereby closed.”

Defence Counsels’ Remarks

All 4 accused, instructed their lawyers to file a submission of no case – which was done, presented, and accepted by the trial judge. According to defence lawyer, Maurice Ampaw;

“All the accused ones did not commit any crime and so this whole trial is a waste of the court’s time, my time, my client’s time, and all who followed this case’s time! Prosecution has not been able to establish any case against any of the accused because the accused ones did not commit the alleged crime in the first place! They are all innocent from day one!

“Prosecutor, complainant, and witnesses have all ran away (laughed)! We were always present in court – daring them to face us! We were fully prepared for this trial but they ran away. I knew they will run away because they have no case.”

He added that, “There’s no need to open any defence. It will be a waste of time for the court and my clients. We want the court to pass judgement based on the submission of no case we submitted. The court accepted it and the judge has written her verdict. The press and all those who want the truth, should be in court to listen to the ruling. Thank you.”

Judge Sets Date For Passing Judgement

Come Wednesday, 20th March, 2019, Accra Circuit Court 9 will see the trial judge, pass verdict for all and sundry to know whether the suspects are guilty or innocent.



Fast-rising Ghanaian actress, Ellen Mensah, says she had to take an injection which cost about 2000 pounds to bleach her skin in order to grab rich white men.

According to her, most of the Ghanaian men are jobless and poor so would She also added that because they are jobless they like wasting ladies time.

The budding actress further revealed that she is now into white men only. Ellen stressed that, it is not all white who qualify but very rich ones because poor men can’t approach her.

She made this known when she appeared on the Delay Show hosted by Deloris Frimpong Manso.

Watch the full interview below:


Video credit: Delay TV(YouTube)


Ghanaian ethnomusicologist and composer, Emeritus Professor Joseph Hanson Kwabena Nketia has died.

The renowned writer died at the Legon Hospital in Accra, Wednesday morning after short illness, can confirm. He was 97.

Kwabena Nketia was born (June 22, 1921) at Mampong, then a little town in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. He received his first musical education, and eventually trained as a teacher at the Presbyterian Training College, Akropong Akwapin – where he later taught and was appointed Acting Principal in 1952.

At 23, a very young age to go abroad in those days, Kwabena, through a Ghanaian government scholarship, went to the University of London to study for a certificate of phonetics at the School of Oriental and African studies.

He went on (1949) to Birkeck College, University of London, and Trinity College of Music, London, to obtain his Bachelor of Arts degree.

In 1958 he came to the United States, attending Columbia University, Juliard School of Music, and Northwestern University to do courses in musicology and composition. After a year in the United States, he returned to Ghana where he rapidly rose through the ranks at the University of Ghana, Legon – from Senior Research Fellow (1962), to Associate Professor, and finally a full professor in 1963. Two years later, he was appointed Director of the Institute of African Studies.

Prof. Nketia is world-renowned as musicologist and composer. He is to African music what Bartok is to Western music. Of all the interpreters of African music and aesthetics, Nketia sets the pace.

His concept and interpretation of time and rhythmic patterns in Ghanaian and other African folk music were revolutionary, and became standard for researchers and scholars around the world.

For example, Nketia introduced the use of the easier-to-read 6/8 time signature in his compositions as an alternative to the use of duple (2/4) time with triplets used earlier by his mentor, Ephraim Amu. Although this practice undermined Amu’s theory of a constant basic rhythm (or pulse) in African music, and generated some debate, Nketia maintained that the constant use of triplets in a duple time signature was misleading.

Today, many scholars around the world have found Nketia’s theory very useful in transcribing African music. Prof. Nketia’s work to reconcile the melodic and rhythmic elements of folk music with contemporary music spurred a new kind of compositional technique for African musicians and academics, worldwide.

Other pioneering work include the transcription of many Ghanaian folk songs in a manner virtually free from Western influences.

Kwabena Nketia studied with the Rev. Danso, who was a pupil of Ephraim Amu. It is, therefore, no surprise that his earliest choral works were deeply influenced by the pioneering work of Ephraim Amu.

Some of his well-known choral works include Adanse Kronkron, Morbid Asem, Monna N’Ase and Monkafo No. Other vocal works with piano accompaniment include Yaanom Montie, Onipa Dasani Nni Aye, Onipa Beyee Bi, Yiadom Heneba, Mekae Na Woantie, Maforo Pata Hunu, Obarima Nifahene and Asuo Meresen.

He also wrote extensively for Western orchestral instruments, like the flute, violin, cello, percussion and piano. But it is through Nketia’s pace-setting works for traditional African instruments that his genius is acclaimed.

He wrote for a variety of combinations of modern and local African instruments. Works in this category include the Builsa Work Song (1960), Dagarti Work Song (1961), At the Cross Roads (1961), Owora (1961), Volta Fantasy (1961) and Contemplation (1961).


Actress Priscilla Opoku Agyemang, known is showbiz as Ahuofe Patri, has denied reports that she is into drugs.

According to her, such reports are only misconceptions by people which carry no iota of truth. Speaking on the Drive Time on Joy FM, she said many rumours about her life are untrue, adding that she has never been on drugs.

“Just like every rumour I was hurt to see the news go around that I was on drugs, it’s not true. I never have been on drugs,” she told host Lexis Bill.

Some months ago, reports emerged that Ahuofe Patri was into drugs and was also a heavy smoker. The actress was also rumoured to be dating singer Kwabena Kwabena at some point.

Responding to this, Ahuofe Patri said that is also not true, insisting she has grown to a stage where she no longer focuses on what people say.

“I have realised that you cannot change people’s perspective of you. It has been six years going on to seven now, I have grown, I am a strong girl and do not focus on such news.”

She added: “You see what we want you to see but there is life. We need our own life outside the industry.”

Ahuofe Patri shot to fame after starring alongside Kalybos in the popular Boys Kasa series.



Talented actress Nana Ama Mcbrown and her husband, Maxwell Mensah have welcomed their first child in far away Canada.

Speaking exclusively to, the beautiful screen goddess who is over excited and full of praise to almighty God, revealed that she gave birth to bouncy baby girl in the early hours of Thursday March 7, 2019.

Nana Ama has assured her friends, family and her fans that both her and the baby are in good health.  “Glory be to God, it is a baby girl and we are both strong and happy. We thank God. He makes things beautiful in his own time”, McBrown stated.

The “madam mock” actress gave birth today in a plush hospital in Canada where she has been living for some months now in preparation for the coming of the baby. Her husband Maxwell Mensah who was in Ghana, flew out of Ghana to Canada on Sunday March 3, 2018 and he was right beside his wife when their cute baby girl arrived.

Nana shared the good news with her followers on social media this morning by sharing a beautiful picture of her baby bump with these emotional words:

“I’ve had many tears and sorrows
I’ve had questions for tomorrow
There’ve been times I felt so all alone
But in my lonely hours
Yes, those precious lonely hours
God let me know that I was His own
I thank God for the Mountains, the Storms, the Valleys, the Ridicules, through it all I learned to trust in Him and God has given me Blessed Consolation. This is what faith In God could do. Believe In HIM For Your TESTIMONY #MYTESTIMONY IS HERE

See more photos below:


“I’M STRESSED UP. . . I NEED YOUR PRAYERS” – Gospel Singer Philipa Baafi Cries Out   

Gospel musician Philipa Baafi who has been conspicuously missing from the music scene for some time now, has hinted that she is currently going through some stressful moments in her life.

The Ghanaian music star who won the hearts of many with her scintillating gospel songs has asked fans to remember her in prayers as she goes through these difficult moments.

The “Go Higher” Singer revealed this in a recent facebook post, explaining that her absence from the music scene has been due to her battle against stress.

She explained she was currently undergoing “distress therapy” and need the prayers and support of her fans.

“Good evening to all, It’s been a while. Hope all my loved and cherished family are well. Am stressed up, so I have taken sometime off going through distress therapy. Need your prayers and support. Stay bless,” she posted.

Ever since busting onto the Ghanaian music scene, Philipa Baafi has managed to entertain many with songs including; ‘I Go Dance’, ‘Megye Me Din’, ‘Go High’ and many others.

In 2011, the musician lost her triplets few months after a safe delivery.  According to her husband, the kids were afflicted by some debilitating sickness .


YOU CAN’T KEEP A MAN WITH SEX OR BABY – Nadia Buari Advises Women

Ghanaian actress Nadia Buari has advised women to desist from the notion that having sex or having a baby for a man can help them keep a man.

In an Instagram post, the award-winning actress said there is very little any woman can do to keep a man who isn’t willing to stay.

According to her, “only a man who wants to be kept” can be held down, adding that not even having a child for a man can guarantee a lady keeping him.

“So I just got off the phone with a childhood friend of mine who’s having relationship issues and feels her last resort is to get off the pills and have a baby for him.

“In her naive mind, that will certainly hold him down. Well…I ain’t no counselor, neither I’m I clairvoyant, but I do know this however, that, a baby WON’T keep a man, being beautiful WON’T keep a man, sex WON’T keep a man, Heck, being a good woman, BARELY keeps a man. The only thing that’ll keep a man, is A MAN THAT WANTS TO BE KEPT!” she wrote.

Nadia Buari is a mother of four children, but has often kept her family life away from the media.


Actress Fella Makafui has revealed that dating AMG Business Rapper, Medikal, is not as fun and rosy as it may seem, although she is benefiting from it positively as far as her businesses are concerned.

According to the “YOLO” star, “life in its actual sense is not an easy one, because whenever an individual begins any journey, a lot of bumpiness comes along, but you don’t give up, you just soldier on as a true fighter”.

Fella further stressed that she never expected to have it easy when they started their love journey and as such, she is very okay with some of the troubles that comes their way.

She however added that dating the Rapper is good for her business.

“On my side it is good for me. It is good for my business. For me, I am all about business because that is where I get my salary from, I don’t do office work. All my businesses are on social media,” Fella stated.

She also revealed that she owns four businesses, namely; an eye lashes line (Beauty by Fella Makafui), a wine shop(Fella Wine & Liquor), a delivery company(FM Delivery) and a clothing line (FM Fella Makafui).

Fella also disclosed that she currently has fifteen people on her employee list and a total of thirty people on the list of the individuals she has to pay every month.

Asked if these problems are ones they have in their love life, the actress revealed on the ‘Uncut’ show hosted by Zionfelix that it was never the case because they consider themselves as a family now. She added that the problems they have had so far, have been with the media, some fans and a section of the society.

Watch the full interview below:



The World Bank has approved a US$40 million grant to support the country’s tourism and creative arts sector.

Delivering the State of the Nation Address to Parliament last Thursday, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo said the grant was to help improve Ghana’s tourism to make it attractive to patrons across the globe.

The grant is to be used, among other things, to upgrade tourist facilities in the country. Already, the President said, tourist sites, including the Elmina Heritage Bay, Axim Fort St Antonio, Assin Manso Slave River, Tetteh Quarshie Cocoa Farm, Bunso Arboretum, and the Kintampo Water Falls, were being upgraded to meet world class standards.

A draft policy to ensure that world-class standards were set and maintained at all tourist sites and attractions was in the pipeline, he added. He expressed concern about how Ghana was always in the news for the good reasons yet had not taken advantage of that to attract visitors.

The President recalled that the tourism ministry had rolled out a campaign called “See Ghana, Eat Ghana, Wear Ghana and Feel Ghana” to promote made-in-Ghana products. Under the programme, he said the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) had recorded a 20 per cent growth in visits to various tourist sites.

Creative Arts sector

Touching on the Creative Arts sector, the President said a bill to regulate the sector had been passed, leading to the setting up of the Creative Arts Fund, while the Hospitality Training Institute had been renovated, and re-opened in July 2018 to provide needed training in the hospitality and tourism sectors.

He said the Eastern Regional Arts Theatre had been completed and work on the construction of the Kumasi Arts Theatre was ongoing.

He touched on the proclamation of the 2019 “Year of Return” commemorating the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the first 20 West African slaves in the Commonwealth of Virginia, in what was to become the United States of America, saying “in response to this proclamation, 70 African-American Hollywood celebrities visited Ghana in December 2018.”

President Akufo–Addo pointed out that while the country had many tourists sites, the greatest attraction was its people.

“Yes, we have castles and forts, we have waterfalls and dramatic mountain ranges, we have breath-taking beaches and historical sites that reduce visitors to strong emotions, but it is the people of Ghana and our welcoming attitude that are the strongest attraction to visitors,” he stated.


He was, however, quick to add that bad sanitation habits would continue to put tourists off from visiting the country.

He reiterated his pledge to improve sanitation in the country and make Accra the cleanest city in Africa by the end of his term.

As a result, he said the ministries of Justice and Sanitation were working together to try sanitation offences.

He also touched on open defecation and emphasised that the practice could not be a characteristic of a country that was working to be transformed economically.


Founding President of the Worldwide Miracle Outreach, Dr. Lawrence Tetteh, has strongly spoken against oral sex, describing it as unbiblical and unhygienic .

Dr Lawrence Tetteh who was speaking at the Maiden edition of Duvet experience by GH One TV on the topic sex and christianity , shared some strong stance on the matter of Oral sex – a statement which has since been misconstrued to mean he endorsed the act.

In an exclusive interview with, the respected evangelist cleared the air by strongly declaring his stance against Oral Sex.

“I don’t endorsed Oral Sex because the Bible does not endorse it. It’s unbiblical. It’s even unhygienic. What I said was you can’t restrict how people choose to express their sex life”

According Dr Lawrence Tetteh, Oral sex is unbiblical adding that it’s even unhealthy and the main reason behind many sexually transmitted diseases.

“When it comes to sex, most married Christians just do what works for them. If they have been blessed enough to have discovered something that brings satisfaction, pleasure, closeness, and climax, they most likely will continue that practice. However, some are plagued with guilt because they wonder if what they’re doing is sinful.” he added.