DKB cleaning Bolaray's shoes
DKB cleaning Bolaray’s shoes

Reigning Ghanaian comedian Derick Kobina Boney aka DKB is surprised some people are criticizing him for cleaning Bolaray’s shoes on stage during the just ended Radio and TV Personality (RTP) Awards.

DKB who was the host of the awards night was seen bowing down to clean popular Broadcaster Nathaniel Kwabena Anokye Adisi aka Bolaray’s shoes when he mounted the stage to accept an award and this DKB said he never regrets doing adding that he would do it for the rest of his life if need be because Bolaray means a lot to him and his career.

DKB in an interview with celebrity gossip website Nkonkonsa.com said people should “shut up” because what Bolaray has done for him none of them would do that especially when he really needed that push but Bolaray was there for him and gave him all the opportunities for him to be where he is now.

“I don’t regret cleaning Bolaray’s shoes on the RTP stage because he deserves my honour. First of all Bolaray was a very big influent to my career. As I speak now I am the best event host and the king of comedian in Ghana and in these two areas he contributed greatly”.

Revealing some of the great things Bolaray did for him in the beginning of his career, DKB said;

“My first ever performance on TV on ‘Music Music’, it was Bolaray who helped me. In fact he spoke to them on my behalf and the audition was very flexible and truly I came out pretty good, and then I was given a chance to perform on ‘Music Music’ that was way back in 2006 and as at that time he could tell that I can be comedian and he gave me the chance. To talk about being an MC, I was a young MC on campus and Bolaray who runs Empire Entertainment puts up a huge stage fully sponsored by big cooperate companies to do artistes night I approached him and the next thing I knew Bolaray brought me on stage to host the show together with him and then he got know I was a good MC. So for rest of my years on Legon campus from level 300 to 400, it has just been me hosting all his events on campus and that made me very popular and people got to know of my talent. In fact it was through that I got my first job in life and also looking at him as a personality, he inspired me to believe that you can make it without being an employee”, DKB recounted adding that he never got the kind of inspiration from family and friends but Bolaray gave him that strong inspiration he needed at the time.

The former Big Brother Africa housemate still justified his shoe cleaning gesture

“At the RTP he was the man of the night so why shouldn’t I do this man the little honour of cleaning his shoes? So people should just allow me. In fact I am even ready to watch his singlet and iron his socks. Yes! I am ready to do all that just so people would know that I value him that much and I am that humble to do all that for somebody who has been able influence my career to this point. So anybody saying anything should just shut up. If they don’t know how to appreciate they should allow those of us who appreciate people to appreciate. If you don’t like that person that doesn’t mean I should appreciate him for what he has done for me. I don’t care about how you feel about Bolaray all I care about is what he has done for and my appreciation in return. In fact look at all these he has done for me and money I am making now from all this. And all I have to do it to clean his shoes? Why not? I am ready to clean all his shoes even the ones he hasn’t bought, I am ready to clean all of them and people should leave us alone. They should shut up”.

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Ofori AmponsahEvangelist and Highlife musician Ofori Amponsah claims he has no idea who Rapper Criss Waddle is and he has never heard his name before.

Ofori who was reacting to Criss Waddle’s harsh Facebook statement that he (Ofori) was never called by God, said on Neat FM’s “Entertainment Ghana” this morning that he doesn’t know who Criss Waddle is and he if really said that then he (Criss Waddle) just wants his attention.

“It is his opinion. Everybody would say what they want so some of these things I shouldn’t even react to it. I don’t read all those things so I don’t know anybody called Criss Waddle. A lot of people can say a lot of things about you but can you go to their individual houses to reply them? But people know who you are. The fans who like my music and follow me, they know me so someone’s comment about me will not chance anything”.

“Who is Criss Waddle what work does he do?” Ofori asked and when he was told that Chris Waddle is a musician; Ofori said “That means Criss Waddle don’t like the competition coming. This is very simply because I have never heard his name before so maybe be he wants an opportunity for me to say something about him”.

Rapper Criss Waddle released a statement on social media doubting the repentance of Highlife musician Ofori Amponsah. Chris has thrown a direct question to Ofori Amponsah after he released his new Highlife single “Alewa” featuring Sarkodie.

Criss Waddle took to his Facebook page to question the “Otoolege” hitmaker why he’s back to Highlife music.

He wrote; “Ofori Amponsah God never Called You, infact he didn’t even Flash you!!! Why exactly are you back to highlife? S3 Sesia wo p3 Kakra?#?AMGToTHEBLOODCLATWORLD ?#?akaBaako”.

This Ofori Amponsah believes is an attention seeking gimmick by Criss Waddle.

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Criss Waddle
Criss Waddle

Rapper Criss Waddle has released a statement on social media doubting the repentance of Highlife musician Ofori Amponsah.

Chris has thrown a direct question to Highlife maestro, Ofori Amponsah after he released new Highlife single “Alewa” featuring Sarkodie. Criss Waddle took to his Facebook page to question the “Otoolege” hitmaker why he’s back to Highlife music.

He wrote; “Ofori Amponsah God never Called You, infact he didn’t even Flash you!!! Why exactly are you back to highlife? S3 Sesia wo p3 Kakra?#?AMGToTHEBLOODCLATWORLD ?#?akaBaako”

Ofori Amponsah’s manager, Frank Agyekum, had confirmed in an exclusive interview revealed months ago that Ofori Amponsah never said he was quitting Highlife music, he only needed restoration from his old ways that’s why he became a Pastor.

In July 2012, the award winning Highlife musician claimed to have received the calling of God to be a pastor.  He formed a church named Family of Faith and Love Ministries, which he now heads. This year, he announced that he was making a return to secular music, insisting it wouldn’t conflict with his work as a Pastor.


William McDowell in Ghana
William McDowell in Ghana

American gospel music star William McDowell has arrived in Ghana ahead the much anticipated MTN GHANA STANDS IN WORSHIP concert.

McDowell arrived at the Kotoka International airport with his entire crew to fulfill his promise to Ghanaians to lead the official national Christian worship event in Ghana.

“I am excited to be in Ghana. It will be going to a great experience in the presence of God”, he said the media on arrival.

William McDowell would be joined in Ghana later this evening by Nigerian gospel star Sinach to lead the lineup of great praises and worship singers. Playing hosts to the international stars would be Ghanaian vibrant gospel singers including No tribe, Tagoe Sisters, Boadiwaa, Ceccy Twum, Selina, Joe Mettle and many more.

The official national worship event –MTN GHANA STANDS IN WORSHIP concert is scheduled for Saturday October 10 2015 at the Accra Sports Stadium. Tickets for the event in Ghana are finally out.

The standard ticket (Yellow band) goes for GH¢30 whiles VIP (white band) goes for GH¢50. The tickets are available at MTN offices inside Accra Mall, MTN office in Osu, Graphic Road and MTN office in West hills Mall, Peace FM, Joy FM, Sunny FM, Airport Shell and all church offices.

The MTN Ghana Stands in Worship Concert is not just an ordinary concert; it’s an ultimate Worship experience. The Concert is set to take place on the 10th of October 2015 At the Accra Sports Stadium. This year’s GSIW experience features a book fair where Christian literature will be on display for sale.

The event is proudly brought to you by Ghana’s leading telecommunications company MTN and supported by Pepsi, Footprint TV, Best Western Hotel and many more.

In 2013, with over 20,000 hands lifted, Ghana stood in an unforgettable worship experience with Donnie Mcclurkin, Uche Agu and Mthunzi Namba; taking the nation by storm in the 2013 MTN Ghana stands in worship concert. Imajin Advertising and MTN have promised lots of surprises on the night. MTN Ghana Stands in Worship Concert, your ultimate worship experience!


Sarkodie Black Entertainment Television (BET) Award winning Ghanaian Rapper Sarkodie has reportedly been invited by the Police for allegedly trying to register a stolen car.

According Starrfmonline.com the Hiplife musician Sarkodie is being investigated for allegedly stealing an Infinity saloon car.

The famous rapper was Wednesday invited together with his lawyer by the Police Criminal Investigations Department for questioning and granted bail after interrogation.

Public relations officer of the Police CID Joseph Benefo Darkwah who confirmed the incident to Starr News said investigations are still ongoing into the incident.

“We had information that Sarkodie was going to register a stolen car so we immediately followed it up and we invited him for questioning and he complied so as we speak, investigations are still ongoing into the matter,” he explained.


Afia Schwarzenegger
Afia Schwarzenegger

Radio and TV personality Valentina Nana Afia Agyiewaa popularly known as Afia Schwarzenegger has denied content in a 15 seconds viral video that is suggesting that she used certain unprintable words on the President of Ghana, His Excellency John Dramini Mahama.

A short video that surfaced online on Tuesday October 6, 2015 shows comedienne involved in a heated exchange with a cleaner at the Accra International Conference Centre washroom and this according to Afia is yet another mischievous attempt to put her in a bad light.

The “Kokooko” hostess have release a video message to explain what really happened. In her video Afia revealed that the said incident happened in May this year during the “Ghana Meets Naija” concert when she tried to use the washroom backstage.

Read Afia’s full explanation below:

“Friends, family and fellow Ghanaians It is with very saddened heart that I post this video message.

Before I continue I would like to apologize to the president of this country, President John Dramini Mahama and plead and again apologize on behalf of the perpetrators of this mischief. This video was made by Ghanacelerities.com  I believe, by editing portions of an event that stretched well over 30 minutes, involving a cleaner at the Accra International Conference Centre during a show dubbed Ghana meets Naija in May of this year that I happened to patronized with a friend and during the event we sought to use the washroom. When we got to the wash room this friend of mine that I was walking with was very upset with the state of the washroom, it’s with regards to filth. She dared to complain and this resulted in a confrontation between herself and the cleaner and my mistake or my crime or my sin was for me to open my mouth and just said to the cleaner to let it go and to stop the confrontation with my friend.

At this point I am strongly convinced that it was all premeditated, because this cleaner out of nowhere with no provocation whatsoever begins to throw insults at me, begins to throw insults at the president of the republic of Ghana, calling the president, my president and making statements that I repeated to him and it is in this repetition of what he said that really angered me that has been recorded and played back 15 seconds of that. What you hear in the 15 seconds video was me quoting, throwing the cleaners words back at him saying how dare you but unfortunately I did not record that video.

This 15 seconds video was posted shortly on a platform on the internet called ghanacelebrities.com that sort to suggest that I have rained insults on the president of this country and using words that are very unpalatable to say the least and Implying all sorts of false information involving the president.

But eerm this is a very sad day for me that people will go through this length to be so childish and insensitive and disrespectful to the highest office of this land. We are all not perfect we learn everyday but sometimes somethings overwhelm us. Once again I apology on behalf of the perpetrators of this mischief, to the people of this country, to the highest office of this country and to the first gentleman of this country and of course his beautiful wife and family. May the God of Shilo deal with them, may the God of MOPA deal with them and may the God I serve deal with them.Thank you”

Meanwhile a photographer who is seen in the video has also revealed to Nkonkonsa.com that Afia has narrated exactly what happened. The Photographer Edward K. Boateng who happens to be Peacefmonline.com photographer said he was the one leading Afia and her friend to the washroom when a cleaner starting insulting Afia and her friend for complaining about how untidy the washroom was. According Eddy the cleaner accused Afia of having a sexual relation with President Mahama because she (Afia) keeps saying John Mahama is her boyfriend constantly on radio and TV. The photographer said he tried to calm Afia and her friend and the cleaner down but his intervention yielded no results.

He said he was going with Afia to meet and take pictures with Nigerian Singer/ Producer Don Jazzy back stage, when she and her friend asked to use the washroom before.

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Sexy songstress,Itz Tiffany born Tiffany Owusu Hayden has rubbished rumours that she has toned or bleached her skin.Itztiffany 1

The Spanner rapper said in an interview with Deloris Frimpong Manso on The Delay Show that she has never applied any chemical or taken any milk to tone or brighten her complexion.

In cosmetics, skin toner or simply toner refers to a lotion or wash designed to cleanse the skin and shrink the appearance of pores, usually used on the face and bleaching refers to a number of chemicals which remove color, whiten or disinfect, often by oxidation.

“I have not drunk any milk or toned my skin; this is just the way I am. If I had, you would realize that my knuckles would be black and different from my skin”, She said

“My skin colour is all natural,”

Tiffany released her first single in 2006 and appeared on a number of tracks featuring Castro, Jayso, and Sarkodie.

In 2012, she released the single “Fake London Boy,” as well as an EP, Press Play, with featured the likes of Copta and Mugeez of R2Bees.

A year later, she was featured on Fuse ODG’s single “Azonto,” a Top 30 hit in the U.K.

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Ghanaian Rapper Kwaw Kese still can’t believe his partner, friend and Manager Fennec Okyere has been murdered in cold blood for almost two years now and the police have still been able to apprehend the killers.

The big question is Who Killed Fennec Okyere?
The big question is Who Killed Fennec Okyere?

Kwaw who seemed very disappointed about how the case is being handled by the police poured his heart out on Hits FM.

“There has been nothing, absolutely nothing. We trust the police, but they are not helping us in this case. It’s been close to two years, but there has been no clue as to what really happened. I actually fear for my life. These traitors need to be put behind bars for good,” he said.

The “Yakubu” Rapper is also scared for his life because Fennec’s killers are still walking freely and they may be following him. Abodam said his life is not safe as he has been watching his back anytime he intends to make a move.
“When I’m driving and I observe a car following me for too long, I have to park so the car can pass before I can proceed to wherever I’m going. Something needs to be done about it, but it seems nothing of that sort has been put in place for that matter,” he said.

As to what he would wish to be done in order to bring the culprits to book, he said; “As individuals in this country, we need to be our brother’s keeper, if we notice something going wrong, we have to report it so peace can prevail.”

Fennec was murdered in cold blood on Thursday March 13, 2013 at his Manet Gardens residence on the Spintex Road, Accra, which many saw as a clear case of assassination.

Following investigations by the police, Shatta Wale’s manager Lawrence Hanson aka Bulldog was arrested due to alleged threatening messages he had sent to the deceased.

He was arraigned before court and later not found guilty, hence he was discharged and since then nothing has been heard of the case.

Source: NKONKONSA.com 


Daddy Lumba pictured on Thursday October 1 with Nana Akufo-Addo
Daddy Lumba pictured on Thursday October 1 with Nana Akufo-Addo

Highlife legend, Charles Kwadwo Fosuh aka Daddy Lumba has officially invited NPP flag bearer for the 2016 elections, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo for his 51st birthday bash and album launch which happen at the National Theater on Saturday, October 3.

Daddy Lumba who recently released his collaborated song with Great Ampong, “Hosanna” visited Nana Addo at his office on Thursday to officially make him aware of his upcoming event.

Daddy Lumba has on many occasions released campaign songs to support the politician who ran for President of Ghana in the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections as the New Patriotic Party candidate.

The show which happens at the National Theater tomorrow will see Daddy Lumba and Great Ampong deliver first-rate performance with his band led by music producer Roro.

Other seasoned Ghanaian artistes who will join daddy Lumba and Ampong at the event are Bisa Kdei, Joyce Blessing, SP Kofi Sarpong, Gasmilla, Morris Babyface and many others.

Tickets for the event are fast selling at Gh70, Gh100 and Gh150 for regular, VIP and VVIP respectively.

Source: Zionfelix.com/Nkonkonsa.com


Nollywood sweetheart, Ini Edo has erected a nightclub in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos and named it ‘Mimz Lounge.’

Ini Edo inside her night club
Ini Edo inside her night club

The actress who doubles as a producer opened her new investment on Wednesday, September 30, 2015.

Mimz has a prime location, and apart from night clubbing, will also be serving sumptuous African and Continental dishes at it’s restaurant, plus exotic drinks. It has a rooftop lounge.

For icing on the cake, Mimz boasts of a well-furnished guest house. The event was hosted by OAP and hypeman; Dotun, with several A-list celebrities graced the event. Music was by Dj Kentalky, Dj X-ray and Dj Swag.

Mimz is located on Durosinmi Etti drive, opposite Carol Court before Dowen College or 52a Omorinre Johnson Street, Lekki Phase 1.