UK-based Ghanaian Gospel Musician and Preacher Sonnie Badu has stated emphatically that no preacher, bishop nor gospel artist can win souls than American Rapper and business mogul Kanye West because of his huge influence.

The “Wonder God” has a strong feeling that the American Rapper has the absolute ability to win more souls for Christ than most preachers and gospel artistes anywhere in the world.

According to him Kanye could have a bad past but his influence can help him win more souls for Christ than any single human being could ever do.

Sonnie use the cover artwork of Kanye’s upcoming album to share his thoughts in a lengthy Instagram post on Tuesday, September 17, 2019:

“Jesus is King” with the caption: “The disciples had a major concern about Paul. Why? Because they just could not fathom how they could spend 3 years with the Master and yet Paul who was a killer, had never met him had more insight and wrote more books in the scriptures than they did. Well, the reason is quite simple.

What God could use Paul to do, he could not use Peter in that same regard (illiteracy and understanding times and seasons ). Recall Paul was very well educated and well informed, with that said, this man @kanyew.est can fill arenas and win souls for Christ, more than all of us . But they wondered about his past though..well, just ask God who knows and sees all things.

So he states “JESUS IS KING” Even if he never says it again, this release will get millions looking for Jesus. The truth is no preacher, bishop nor gospel artist can reach out to the lost than this man based on his exposure, so God picks him … I watch the service at @newbirthmbc with my brother pastor @jamalhbryant , his humility was amazing , he had on T-shirt, it was all about God … The gospel is being preached around the world, and this is it. Bearing in mind that we’ve all been commissioned to be fishers of men for Christ. Have you been called?? Food for thought”.

“Jesus is King”, which is Kanye West’s 9th studio project, is scheduled for release on September 27. The artwork for his upcoming album has been shared wildly on social media and it has attracted missed reacts from his fans and Christians all over the world.

Source: NKONKONSA.com  


Volkswagen South Africa (VWSA) will start semi-knocked down (SKD) assembly in Ghana in November this year, giving its expansion into Africa additional momentum. Thomas Schäfer, chair and MD of VWSA, said the group has registered a company in Ghana and will finalise all the details for a joint venture with Universal Motors, its long-term partner in Accra, in the next four weeks.

This follows VWSA signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Ghanaian government in September last year to establish a vehicle assembly facility in the country and assess the feasibility of introducing a modern mobility concept. Ghana will be the fourth new assembly plant VWSA has established in Africa.

The vehicle manufacturer already has operational assembly plants in Nigeria, Rwanda and Kenya and is involved in discussions with the Ethiopian government after signing a MoU with that government earlier this year on collaborating and delivering a joint vision for the establishment of a motor industry in the country.

The establishment of these assembly plants followed Schaefer in March 2017 taking over responsibility for developing and networking 49 African states that are part of a new sub-Saharan Africa region established by the German-based original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Regionalisation
The establishment of the fourth region is in line with the company’s regionalisation strategy for the Volkswagen brand. Schaefer said the new facility will start with the assembly of the Tiguan, Teramont and Passat and then probably go to the assembly of Polos.

He said the group is also considering assembling some Brazilian products in Ghana, including the Saveiro half-ton bakkie. Schäfer said the current vehicle market in Ghana is not a reference for future volumes because the automotive policy the Ghanaian government had put in place will effectively rapidly phase out used car importation over the next three years.

Schäfer said the company is setting up the initial phased SKD plant with an annual capacity of 5 000 units but plans to ramp this up to an annual capacity of 20 000 to 30 000 units soon.

“BURY ME IN LAGOS WHEN I DIE” – Ghanaian Millionaire Oscar Doe Put His Will In Public   

Ghanaian Millionaire King Oscar Doe, President & Executive Chairman of Doscar Group Holdings, has willingly shared information about how he wants his properties to be distributed in an event of his death.

Although he was quick to point out that he is not suffering any life-threatening ailment and that he has not received any death threats from anyone or organization, the multi-millionaire businessman on Wednesday released his private will, where he stated key things that must be done after his death.

Suprisingly, the philanthropist stated in the ‘Will’ that he should be buried in Nigeria; Ikoyi in Lagos specifically. He also stated that senior workers who have been running his companies for 10 years and above would be entitled to 10% shareholding in the company.

He also said that his properties should be sold and the proceeds lodged in his foundation account to continue the legacy of support for education.

Read the contents of the will below..

I, His Royal Highness, The Most Colourful Oscar Yao Doe Write My Own Will And Wish When I Die (That) My Family, My Friends, My Companies, My Business Associates Should Respect This Will. Doing Otherwise, God Will Strike.

1. My First Wish When I Die, Bury Me In Lagos, Specifically Ikoyi Or Victoria Island.

2. My Companies Should Continue To Contribute To And Take Care Of My Schools. My Properties Should Be Sold And The Money Lodged Into Doscar Foundation Account.

3. All My CEOs, Country Directors, D.Gs Who Have Worked With Me Up To 10 Years Should BE Entitled To 10% Shares Of My Company They Are In Charge Of.

4. 20% Share Dividends To Be Shared Among Those Who Are Part Of The Management Board.

5. One School Each In Ghana, Nigeria And Cote D’Ivoire To Bear My Name Should Be Built From My Personal Allowances, Salaries And Share Dividends.

6. I Have Already Given Full Education To All My Siblings, And Cousins, So They Have Already Been Taken Care Off.

7. I Have Also Sorted Out My Aunties, Uncles With Financial Support For Their Businesses. So, They Have Already Been Taken Care Of.

8. The Management Of Doscar Foundation Can Then Open Up To Contributions From Reputable Individuals And Organisations.

9.The Criteria Should Be Strictly For Those Who Have Done Selfless Works. Contributions From Individuals Or Organisations Who Are Known To Destroy Other People Must Be Avoided. The Doscar Foundation Activities Should Remain Strictly For The Support Of Education Only!

10. I Plead With The Hamoui Family, Kalmoni Family, Odaymat Family, Wolley Family, Irabor Family, Duffour Family, Nike Okundaye Family,Otunba Tolani Oladipo Family To Assist In Carrying Out This Will.

(However) Let Me Make One Thing Clear; I Have Neither Received Any Death Threats, Nor Received Any Intimidation From Anyone Or Organisation. I Do Not Have Any Chronic Diseases Or Any Incurable Illness! The Truth.

Perhaps, The Events Of Recent Years Have Really OPENEDy My Eyes! I Thank God.

LET’S BOYCOTT SOUTH AFRICA’S MTN IN GHANA – Actress Bibi Bright Tell Ghanaians

Ghanaian actress, Bibi Bright has advised her country folks to stop using MTN-which is a South African telecommunication company.

Bibi’s call comes on heels of the recent xenophobic attacks in some parts of South Africa on Nigerians and other foreigners which have claimed about five (5) lives and many others injured.

In a post on her Instagram page-which was sighted by zionfelix.net, the actress wrote: “Just left the Glo office! Ported my number from MTN (South African) company to Glo (my brother Nigerian) company.! Today it’s Nigerians, tomorrow is may be Ghanaians in SA been killed! Let’s not wait till it’s our turn!”

She added: “Ghanaian celebrities throw your weight behind Nigeria! The pain these videos caused me as a Ghanaian, i can imagine what our brothers and sisters in Nigeria are going through! No one deserves to die this way. This is too much! For South Africans to do this to us? This isn’t their first time! It will not be their last!”

Bibi Bright concluded: “I urge all my colleagues to entreat their fan base to port from Mtn to Glo!”

Source: Zionfelix.net 


Popular actor and newly elected opposition NDC Parliamentary Candidate for Ayawaso West Wuogon, John Demelo says last weekend’s parliamentary primary has left him stark broke.

According to him, huge sums of money was channeled into work in the constituency to make his victory possible but has also made him bankrupt.

He’s revealed that he undertook many philanthropic works before the party’s primaries on Saturday including paying of school fees for some people.

According to him, he does not consider those kind gestures as vote-buying as he did all that in a bid to help the people in his community.

John Dumelo waged a strong campaign to win the Parliamentary candidate slot by garnering 758 votes in the polls as against 94 votes by his contender Suzzy Afua Adoboe.

Speaking to host Kwaku Owusu Adjei on Anopa Kasapa on Kasapa FM on the aftermath of the elections, John Dumelo stated that presently he doesn’t have even a dime left on him for the next round of campaign activities.

“I’m broke rough, the campaign has drained my money rough. All the cash I had has been spent on the campaign I have absolutely nothing left on me for the next round of campaigning. I’ll have to look for money elsewhere for that exercise. As I speak with you I’m laying flat on the ground, I need help to get back onto my feet. There’ll have to be voluntary contributions from my loved ones to see me through the next level of campaigning for the 2020 Parliamentary election.”

A research conducted by The Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD) revealed that a candidate in Ghana spent approximately GHS 390,000 (USD 86,000) to secure the party primary nomination and compete in the parliamentary election during the 2016 elections.

The findings show that the cost of running for political office in Ghana went up by nearly 60% over one single electoral cycle (2012-2016). Ghana has 275 legislators which means they cumulatively spent approximately $23,650,000 to enter the law-making chamber.

The Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD) research stated: “Between 2012 and 2016 the cost of running for political office in Ghana increased by 59%. On average candidates needed to raise approximately GHS 390,000 (approx. USD 86,000) to secure the party primary nomination and compete in the parliamentary election in their constituency.

“If the cost of politics rises to unaffordable levels the danger is that politics becomes the domain of the elite and wealthy and that the motivation and incentives of MPs move from serving the public to recovering their own investment.”

The research which was done in collaboration with the Ghana Centre for Democratic Development (CDD) surveyed over 250 candidates and sitting MPs about their experiences in the 2012 and 2016 elections.


In a strongly-worded public post, the Chairman of Doscar Group, Oscar Yao Doe revealed that there is a deliberate aim by certain individuals in the Ghana economic sector to hurt him, and subsequently stop him from accessing credit in the Ghana banking sector.
This revelation is coming on the heels of the revocation of Unibank Ghana Limited, where Oscar has a pending credit transaction that the Receiver appointed for the bank, as well as the Bank of Ghana have yet to reconcile, several months after.
In his post, labeled ‘The Destruction of Indigenous Banks, Local Businesses,Well-To-Do Individual Ghanaian Business Owners (Dr. Ndoum, Duffuor Family, Kofi Amoaben Family, Ato Essien Family, The Awuah Darko Family Etc.) They Say We Should Fear! Fear Who? Fear What?,’, Oscar revealed different examples of decision-summersaults, taken taken by the current runners of the Ghanaian economy, that have leading to economic chaos.
Read his post below..
“As a corporate executive, business owner and a father of community, I came to the conclusion that everybody has their own hidden interest in every situation. This is classically the human nature. It’s hiding in everyone, including myself. Therefore, any leader (who wants) to succeed (always has to) ask critical questions before arriving at decisions. (As a leader) if you make your decisions based on the opinion of other people, they will mislead you to make wrong decisions. And you can even be trapped by making your friends, enemies.
Example 1: The President relied on the opinion of former Energy Minister, Hon. Boakye Agyarko to make decision on the AMERI Deal which went wrong. Reading the document carefully, and asking critical questions could have aided the president to have clarity on the matter.
Example 2. The President also relied on the advice and opinion from our usual degree holders top advisors for the PDS Deal, which also went wrong. And it has brought a big challenge on the government.
It is also now clear that a certain element within the finance ministry( MOF), and the Bank of  Ghana (BOG), allowed KPMG & Nii Amanor Dodoo to use KPMG in twisting an incomplete audit report, which led to the collapse of several indigenous banks. This is THE TRUTH! You can see ego, show them where the power is. You can see clear vendetta in making this decision!
And then, they appointed Nii Amanor Dodoo as Receiver to cover up his own deeds! Why not appoint a neutral person as a Receiver to validate KPMG Audit for the good Of Ghana. What stops them from rescuing this indigenous banks and local businesses. Even if there was indiscipline, even if they were facing financial difficulties. That would have been the best decision for Ghana! Save them and then tightening regulations; including implementing new tough rules and regulations for the future.
Example 3: Can you imagine I was told 3 million US Dollars paid in 2015 towards my loans at Unibank has been tracked to a ledger? Another ledger, perhaps millions of ledgers, as if I was the treasurer of Unibank or I turned myself into a spirit to put the money in my Account. Or I hacked into Unibank computers to lodge the money Nii Amanor Dodoo is claiming into my account. This is unheard off (completely alien). I have multiple examples of my dealings that I can refer to with ith clear evidence, which doesn’t make sense.
I just even discovered recently that some irresponsible, faceless people at BOG have placed fictitious records at the Central Banking Credit Control, showing that I am in indebtedness to Unibank (to the tune of) over 8 Million. This aim is designed to hurt me so that I wouldn’t be able to access credit in the banking system in Ghana. Weird!
Meanwhile, I have paid my personal loans at Unibank since the bank was subjected into administration. I have also settled my other obligations towards other banks, which is also under receivership. Payment were made directly into the Receiver’s bank account, and there is ongoing reconciliation with the Receiver, in which the Receiver and BoG have demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt, bad faith in resolving the outstanding matters.
So, I asked BoG to explain or give further clarity and I am yet to receive a response! I am waiting. They better response fast! Who knows? Who cares?
Is this the kind of mindset for the 21st Century? Can this kind of reasoning unleash prosperity ? Can this kind of actions from people in strategic positions take Ghana to a premium economy status? Time will tell.
I made a strong case in a letter to the Governor  of Bank of Ghana (BoG). The 1st Deputy Governor,  2nd Deputy Governor and also copied the Presidency and other stakeholders, challenging the Bank of Ghana. If this is the analogy. If this is how KPMG, led by Nii Amanor Dodoo arrived at their figures. Or if this is the trend they used to deal with. And was that what they used to destroy our indigenous banks and local  businesses? Then there is a red flag!!
Let’s go deeper and find out what really occurred during the audit; for the sake of Ghana, and for posterity. Because Ghana is not the property of an individual. It is not the property of a particular tribe. It is not the property of a particular family, not even the President. Therefore, there is an obligation on appointed officials to make decisions in the interests of Ghana Only. Ghana is for all Ghanaians. We have an obligation and responsibility to make decisions that take everyone on board regardless of their mistakes and shortcomings.
Rescuing and saving our indigenous banks and local businesses could have been the better option if the decisions were made fairly with compassion, forgiveness, caring, for the sake of not pushing out our own people, Ghanaian business owners, and well-to-do Ghanaians into the wilderness, empty-handed.”


Ghanaian businessman, Oscar Yao Doe who is the President & Executive Chairman of Doscar Group Holdings has exposed the rot bedevilling the Ghanaian economy, which has caused setbacks to the development and prosperity of the country.

He particularly singled out the inefficiency of people appointed as Receivers to some financial institutions and local companies that collapsed recently.

In a public statement he posted this morning, the Doscar Group Chairman hit out at the Receiver for Unibank Ghana Limited, Nii Amanor Dodoo, who is the Senior Partner at KPMG Ghana. One of Oscar’s companies, Prime Properties has a pending transaction with Unibank before it went into receivership. He is however pained that the Receiver was not capable enough to work out any reasonable reconciliation/resolution for the said transaction (between the parties concerned) despite several attempts made by him for months. In his post, KingOscar lamented that Ghana is in trouble!

Read his post below…

“I wrote a letter on 19th February 2019 to KPMG and Nii Amanor Dodoo. Even before that, I started the initiative on the same subject since November 2018. I Only received this attached empty-headed response on August 2 ,2019! Ghana is In Trouble!

We have too many non-professionals, petty gossiping minds, (who) make decisions based on hearsays and petty gossips. And as a result, they are stumbling blocks to prosperity! They have loads of degrees but zero reasoning!

The 21st century needs leaders who are larger than life; leaders who makes decisions with open mind; leaders, ho have compassion, who are honest, just and fair-minded. Leaders who have pure hearts, (and posses) the ability to understand this moment of history and act accordingly, not for themselves!

I told Mr Nii Amanor Dodoo many times in our meetings in the presence of his team, ‘if you’re not capable of making decisions, please recuse yourself for your own good’. I also told him, ‘my friend, your company KPMG, led by yourself has done an audit which has brought a lot of indigenous banks and local businesses aground and that appointing him to cover up his own rot was a conflict of interest’. I told him too that he’s lucky Ghanaians just let things go by, which is why he has gotten away with this action. 

So, I encouraged him not to delay the pending reconciliation and resolutions, because (it appears) he has nothing to lose himself. Rather, it is the affected parties that are hurting in serious pain. I reminded him several times. God in heaven and his team are my witness. 

I have had a larger-than-life (lifestyle) for more than 20 years. Sometimes, people ask me why I support the Arts & Culture Industry! I do so, because (that) is the future! Musicians, actors, artists, designers, and other Culture & Tradition practitioners bring so much relief to human sufferings and (I believe) that’s why I have been blessed to understand the value of supporting Art & Culture! My eyes are deeper! I just want to see the best for everyone! I am with zero envy and a huge personality. I am aware of this strength (from) way back. The blessings on earth can contain everyone, (that is) THE Truth!”


Ivorian music artistes DJ Arafat has died following a traffic accident in his country.

He was admitted to hospital in the main city, Abidjan, with a fractured skull after his motorcycle collided with a car on Sunday.

The 33-year-old reportedly died early on Monday August 12, 2019.

He has been referred to as the “king” of coupé-décalé dance music and one of his biggest hit songs, Dosabado, has over five million views on YouTube.

The singer was also known for his love of motorcycles and featured them in his most recent hit, Moto Moto, that was released in May, which has more than four million You Tube views.

Ivory Coast Culture Minister Maurice Kouakou Bandaman has expressed his condolences in a statement and said a tribute would be organised to honour the musician.

Fellow artists have also been sharing their condolences, including Nigerian star Davido and fellow Ivorian rapper Kaaris.

DJ Arafat, whose real name was Ange Didier Huon, was named best artist of the year at the Coupé-Decalé Awards in 2016 and 2017.

Coupé-decalé (meaning “cut and run”) was born in the early 2000s during Ivory Coast’s civil war and emphasised that young people still wanted to have fun despite the conflict, reports the BBC’s Hatouma Diarra from Abidjan.

DJ Arafat came to symbolise the flashy well-dressed lifestyle associated with the music, which features fast percussion, deep bass and hip-hop-style vocals.

Source: BBC


Actress Victoria Lebene Mekpah has been appointed as the affirming new United Nations Youth Ghana, Secretary-General.

Victoria together with other new executive members, new patrons and new UN Youth Ghana – Sustainable Development Goals(SDG) ambassadors were officially sworn-in to office at a brief ceremony at the Ministry of Foreign Affair in Accra.

Actress Lebene who is also a Journalist at GH One Television expressed her excitement and detailed her responsibilities.  

“I am elated not because of the position appointed me, but my call to play a role in serving humanity keeps affirming. The Youth must be more involving in decision making and must be engaged with dialoguing, to play key roles in ensuring safety, peace and security. The resolution 2250 has been approved and targets the youth acting now with the SDG goals, in fighting against climate change, poverty, migration, and other threats and challenges facing them and their surroundings. All these are meant to be by 2030 and we can only come together as individual volunteers, passive citizens to meet the target. Being a representative of the UN Body, the UN Youth, I will continue to use my expertise as a development communicator, humanitarian and journalist along with other executives and volunteers, to execute tasks that seeks to resolve all the problems Nations face today and promote a sustainable development”. 

UN Youth Ghana also swore-in Madam Lilian Sally Addo as the New Country Head. Other executives that were also sworn in are; Mr. Daniel Afari – Special Advisor to the Country Head, Mirriam Lotsu – Head of Protocol, Joseph Bright Sackey – Head of Volunteers, and Emmanuel Abu as the Head of Events.

The new patrons are: Arch Bishop Daniel Antwi Boasiako – Head Patron, Ambassador Nancy Quartey Sam – Deputy Head Patron, Princess Ocansey, Abena Pokuah Amoah Boitey, Nana Amma Serwaa Bonsu, Joseph Anyim Prempeh, Janet Edna Nyame, Edward Osei ESQ, Abdul Latif Abubakar, Samsung Annor and Edinam Atatsi. 

UN YOUTH Ghana also took advantage to officially swear in 15 SDG Ambassadors that have been tasked to push the Sustainable Development Goals. UN YOUTH GHANA was founded in accordance to resolution 2250 of the United Nations unanimously adopted on youth, peace and security. This recognizes the voice of the youth to be part of decision making at all levels.

UN YOUTH in all countries works with their foreign ministry, youth ministry and the United Nations Associations.

It is meant for the establishment of recreational and innovations centre for the Youth, Community Health Facilities, Amusement Park, etc. which will promote the Roles of SDG Goals in Ghana and serve as an equal medium to achieve the SDG Goals in Africa and to promote Peace through Talents, Arts and Entertainment.

The UN Youth organisation is targeting a large number of youth groups needing particular and specific interventions. These include tertiary and Senior High School students, unemployed youth, young men and women, youth on drugs & alcohol, youth from different racial groups, etc.

From the description of Youth from United Nations perspective with a global population of over 1.8 billion people, the youth are the world’s greatest untapped resource, possessing the talents and ambition to overcome society’s biggest challenges. In order to achieve the 2030 Agenda, it is imperative to engage youth as beneficiaries, stakeholders, and leaders in the global movement for inclusive and sustainable development.

Source: NKONKONSA.com 


Ghanaian actress and movie producer, Tracey Boakye said she just cannot understand why someone who doesn’t own a piece of land, decide to fly business class.

Though Tracey Boakye is a hardworking actress and film producer, a section of Ghanaians still question the source of her enormous wealth. Tracey, who is unperturbed by petty criticisms from people, keeps expanding her business empire and has even hinted, on social media, of building another mansion for herself after she completes the final premiere of ‘Baby Mama’ in Sunyani.

According to the post, Tracey Boakye shared on social media, there is no sense in flying business class when one does not even own a piece of land. She further stated that people should not talk ‘bullshit’ about her when they see her building another mansion for herself and that she is saving all her ‘business class’ money to build her future.

Her post reads;

“People are traveling business class, whiles they don’t even have a piece of land, if you see me building another house, don’t say shit!! Im saving business class money to build my future. Yoo”.

Tracey is currently trending on all social media platforms due to the successful premieres of her 14th movie, ‘Baby Mama’, under her own production house – Shakira Movie Production, in Kumasi and Accra.

The movie, ‘Baby Mama’, which is yet to be premiered in Sunyani at the Eusbett Cinema is receiving positives reviews from both entertainment critics and movie lovers in Ghana.