Ghanaian gospel singer and songwriter Joseph Oscar Nii Armah Mettle better known by his stage name Joe Mettle is set to marry his girlfriend Salomey Selasie Dzisa.

The musician is set to marry on Saturday, August 15, 2020.

This comes after a wedding invitation was sited on social media confirming the news.

There have been lots of rumours about Joe Mettle tying the knot with TV personality Berla Mundi but unfortunately, the wedding invitation did not feature the rumour.

The wedding will be taking place at the Christian Centre, Assemblies of God Church at Tema Community 17.

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Award-winning Kumawood actress, Tracey Boakye, is leaving no stone unturned to prove her wealth and worth over singer Mzbel in their ongoing beef.
not resting on her laurels in her social media war with award-winning musician, Mzbel.
In a new video posted on the IG page of Nkonkonsa, Tracey Boakye dared Mzbel to prove her riches by posting a new house and a new car. Tracey Boakye added that Mzbel’s failure to do so would confirm the assertion that the she was so poor and is useless as well.
Tracey said she has given Mzbel up until Monday to post her new assets (Car and house) to prove her wrong. Among many other things, Tracey Boakye indicated that Mzbel was trying to be in a competition with her by replicating whatever she does in her home.
Boakye said in the video that Mzbel copied and pasted everything of hers including the decorations in her home.
Tracey then went on to describe the 16 Years singer with unprintable words and added that she was too old to be in competition with her.
Tracey Boakye noted that she dates only well-to-do men who can take care of her and provide all her needs.
She went on to add that she uses the money she gets from her relationships to acquire properties for herself, unlike others who date without making any money.
Mzbel and Tracey Boakye have been in a hot social media banter with each other over what is believed to be an issue of ‘two ladies dating the same man’.
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Renowned Ghanaian actress Martha Ankomah has made it known that she’s not under pressure to get married for society. The GTP brand ambassador made this statement while being interviewed on the weekly Instagram Live Sessions with Nana Adwoa Sarkodie.

“People usually say a lot of things to me with regards to marriage. But the Bible says all things work together for good to them that love God and also in His time, He makes all things beautiful. So I believe when its God’s time, I’ll get married. Delay doesn’t mean denial. God reserves the best for his children.

Remember, it’s not about just getting married, what is important is to be happily married. So you don’t just marry for marrying sake.

Most people aren’t patient. We tend to easily forget all the great things God has done for us and saved us from. Marriage is nothing big for God to do,” she narrated.

The veteran Ghanaian actress has been known in showbiz circles as a very devout Christian who is not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ. Speaking on combining her seemingly circular career with her faith, Martha insisted that she only chooses to portray in movies that inspires and transforms people.

“God has given me the talent but I need to represent his character in everything I do. So whenever I get a script, I analyse it and sometimes suggest to the directors to make changes. Some of the directors listen but others don’t.

What we do educates, informs and transforms people. We tell a story, so the story must be told well. For me, the story line is very important. People watching should be able to learn something from it. I’ve rejected a lot of roles because the scripts didn’t suit me. But I’m still a full-time actress, I’m only selective because I want viewers to be inspired by my movies and take me as a role model.”

She lamented the poor structure and bad state of the Ghanaian movie industry stating that the government needs to act boldly to solve some of the issues. Foreign telenovelas for instance have taken over most of our airwaves in Ghana and it is at a point where they even translate it into our local language. This situation has left Ghanaian filmmakers twisting in the wind.

Our neighbouring country Nigeria is flourishing because of the structures they’ve put in place and the support from their government.

Martha called on government and individual investors to act upon the situation in Ghana swiftly because she believes it could go a long way in tackling unemployment and providing income for many people. She also described how our movies play a major role in promoting our country and boosting tourism.

“Our movies sell Ghana to the world, so if we don’t do a good job, we tarnish Ghana’s image. The kind of movies we do will push Ghana out there. America is a great example. Everyone wants to go to America because of the movies they produce. You see all the action and it makes you interested in the country” she said.

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Entertainment pundit, Arnold Asamoah Baidoo has indicated that Shatta Wale’s collaboration with American multi-talented singer Beyonce is a huge accomplishment.

Speaking on Saturday’s ‘Entertainment Review’ on Peace FM, Arnold noted that he was extremely happy for Shatta Wale. He stated emphatically that Beyonce is a worldwide superstar and one taking a picture with her is a big deal.

“This project is gargantuan, it’s huge oh” he exclaimed.

Arnold stated that even if Shatta Wale decided to quit music today, he would still rake in uncountable amounts of money forever.

“Even if Shatta Wale decides to retire today, he is sorted. Because in America, you can actually produce one hit album and go to sleep, because the system has been structured in such a way that one hit album would fetch you so much royalties” Arnold said on the show.

According to him, Shatta Wale is done. He has arrived. His generation is rich forever.

“But here he is, he is credited as a songwriter; so the American songwriting unit – RIAA – they will sort him out as long as he lives. Even when he dies, his children will enjoy his songwriting credit forever. He is credited for the sound score in the movie; again, he enjoys the royalties and then he’s credited as an actor…He is rich,” he emphasised.

Shatta Wale has been the trend in recent times, ever since his feature in Beyoncé’s music video hit screens around the world. The Already video which sees the Ghanaian dancehall star featured in, is just a few numbers shy of reaching 10 million views in just 4 days of its release.

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Movie director, producer and actor, Kobi Rana, has taken fellow creative Yvonne Nelson to the cleaners over her recent comments about lack of support in Ghana’s entertainment industry.

The Kiss Me If You Can star took to social media to accuse Yvonne of preaching virtue and practicing vice in her claims of unsupportive colleagues.
Kobi Rana’s post on social media read: “You have never posted or supported anybody’s movie in your entire life. Today, you cry about support. Let us not preach LOVE and practice otherwise. We are ALL involved in making the INDUSTRY strong.”
The “Thank You To My Ex” singer indicated that Yvonne Nelson had never supported any movie produced by industry colleagues but was now crying out after the same treatment was meted out to her.
He went on to admonish the Heels and Sneakers star to support others if she also wanted to be supported. Kobi Rana’s comments come on the back of claims made by Yvonne Nelson to the effect that players in the entertainment industry were unsupportive of each other.
“I woke up this morning just thinking…… I DONT GET WHY INDUSTRY PEOPLE HATE EACH OTHER SO MUCH!!!! Like can you be happy when someone wins? And such wins are actually for GH Imagine being a blackstar player and hating when another player scores for GH!”
“Ghanaian entertainment industry = you’d have to actually tell peeps in the industry to push your work…..they see it and ignore! Im THANKFUL the fans BELIEVE in me! Afterall i do this for the FANS”
“An INDUSTRY full of HATE & JEALOUSY. Learn to love one another and see how God will BLESS you!”, Yvonne Nelson tweeted.
The actress also added that the entertainment industry was full of hatred and jealousy. The CEO of YN Productions took to Twitter to bemoan the current state of the industry and quizzed why her colleagues always adopted such a posture.
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Award-winning actress Yvonne Nelson, has said that Ghana’s movie industry needed to receive some attention over what she described as the industry’s unsupportive nature.

The Heels and Sneakers star did not mince words in her view of what she thought the entertainment industry in the country had grown to become.
She took to Twitter and in a series of tweets, bore it all out on the kind of relationship that was existing between industry colleagues.
According to Yvonne, the industry was full of unsupportive people who you would have to constantly remind or push before they showed some form of support.
She also added that the industry was full of hate and jealousy. she then went on to admonish her colleagues to love one another and see if God would not bless them.
One of her tweets read: “An INDUSTRY full of HATE & JEALOUSY. Learn to love one another and see how God will BLESS you!”
She also indicated that she was at a loss as to why industry players trying to promote the same industry be hating each other. It is yet to be determined who Yvonne Nelson’s rants are directed at but it appears she is not pleased with the way things are going.
Yvonne Nelson’s latest project, Fix Us, was released yesterday, August 2, 2020, on Netflix and it has racked up a considerable number of streams and reviews.
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“NANA WUY3 GUY WATI”- Shatta Wale Replies Akufo-Adddo’s Congratulatory Tweet

Man of the moment, Shatta Wale, known in real life as Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jnr., has responded to President Akufo-Addo’s message to him.

President Nana Addo took to Twitter to congratulate Shatta Wale over his massive feature in Beyonce’s Already project.

The tweet from the president has gained some response from the Ayoo hitmaker as he took to the comment section to react.

Shatta Wale’s response read: “Nana wuy3 guy wati, you do all too Infact this your tweet dierrrr am keeping it for “4 more years ” Pah pah pah pah God bless our home land #GHANA#Already#SM#Reign#Allout2020”.

Akufo-Addo’s tweet has been retweeted over 1,000 times and received some 6,400 likes.

Shatta Wale’s response follows the tweet made by Ghana’s sitting president over the international linkage between the musician and award-winning American star, Beyonce.

In just 3 days, the Already video has been watched 7.8 million times on YouTube.

Nkonkonsa.com earlier reported that the husband of Beyonce, Jay Z, also shared the Already video on his official Twitter handle.

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Ghanaian actress and comedian, Valentina Nana Agyeiwaa, popularly known as Afia Schwarzenegger, has endorsed President Akufo-Addo’s candidature for the upcoming 2020 in a new trending video.

The video which was sighted by Nkonkonsa.com, saw the popular on-screen personality asking Ghanaians to vote for Akufo-Addo for another for years.
According to her, she would have loved to give her vote to her ‘father’ John Mahama but on second thought, she would rather cast her vote for Nana Addo. Afia Schwar indicated that the main motive for her political decision was owing to the fact that her twin sons, James and John, were beneficiaries of Akufo-Addo’s flagship Free SHS policy.
She added that just as her kids had benefited from the programme, she wanted other parents to also enjoy it, therefore, her campaign message for Nana Addo and the NPP.
The outspoken TV and radio personality also touched on the fact that the Akufo-Addo-led administration was giving free water and also free electricity to the citizens which was a plus to them.
Madam Valentina Agyeiwaa, still on reasons to vote for NPP come December 2020, added that the government had fulfilled so many promises and had ensured that things were running smoothly.
The 2020 general election is just a few months away and as is custom, many people would show their political affiliation and also campaign for the candidate they desire to see lead the nation.
Not long ago, actor Prince David Osei also campaigned for NPP and Akufo-Addo.
The actor indicated that if the NDC had come out with another candidate apart from Mr. Mahama, he would have personally campaigned for the opposition party.
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Multiple award-winning American rapper, songwriter, record executive, entrepreneur, businessman, and record producer, Jay Z, has played a major role following the release of Beyonce and Shatta Wale’s Already music video.

Shawn Corey Carter, known widely as Jay Z, gave his wife Beyonce and Shatta Wale a massive boost as he took to his Twitter account to share the Already video.
It is yet to be known what necessitated the move but his singular act would go a long way to give Shatta Wale a lot of mileage as Jay Z is noted to carry a lot of star power.
The American star who is currently worth $1 billion dollars, after posting the Already video, captioned it with the”#BlackIsKing”#BlackIsKing”.
As at the time checks were made by Nkonknosa.com, the post had racked up a massive 4,400 retweets & comments and a whopping 14,400 likes and counting.
Many Ghanaians took to the comment section under the post to heap praise on Shatta Wale and also thank Jay Z for the gesture. Not long ago, there were speculations going round that Shatta Wale had high hopes of getting a feature from Jay Z.
Unconfirmed reports went on to add that Shatta Wale had indicated that he was going to save up money that would be accrued from the ALready project and use it to pay for a feature from the Empire State Of Mind hitmaker. The Already video which was released on July 31, 2020, has already been watched 6.5 million times on YouTube in just 2 days.
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American Rapper Meek Mill and Ghanaian dancehall artiste Shatta Wale are reportedly set to work together on a song.

The two music kings will record a song for Meek’s upcoming mixtape titled ‘Land of Africa’.

This comes after a snippet of Beyoncé’s ‘Already’ which features Shatta Wale had gone viral.

A verified Instagram account dedicated to publishing news about the award-winning American rapper posted the news during the weekend “Seems #shattawale may have a record featuring #meekmill to be on his next mixtape for ‘Land of Africa’. If so, it’s gonna be a bop,” 

Shatta Wale has been trending since weekend after posting a snippet of the video for his song with Beyoncé titled ‘Already’. It is believed that the dancehall king is expanding his territory with the Beyoncé’s song—and the Meek Mill collaboration will be a typical example if it goes through.

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