Selorm Galley and his boyfriend Cartel Big J have finally announced the date of their marriage and they have shared a couple of pre-wedding snaps.

The former member of now defunct ‘Praye’ group, Cartel Big J and Ghana’s rep to ‘Big Brother Africa – The Chase’ Selorm Galley have been in the news of late talking about their upcoming wedding which they say would be happening on  September, 26.

Ahead of their traditional wedding and white wedding ceremony, the two shared their pre-weddingphotos shot by Seth Appiah.

Checkout more photos:

Selley and Big J -2 Selly and Big J



Beautiful movie stars Nana Ama McBrown and Emelia Brobbey have finally been seen together again after about 3 years apart.

Kumawood stars uniformThe two were very good friends both on and off set but their friendship fell apart some years ago. A source close to the two have disclosed to that they had a lot of misunderstanding and it got worse when Emelia was accused of shoplifting in London in 2013.

The source also told two had some heated confrontations on phone in the heat of the scandal when Emelia was still in London trying to sort her issues with London Police.

Even though they didn’t really talk about the misunderstanding publicly, Nana Ama and Emelia not being talking to each other and they’ve not really been seen hanging out together as they used to for more than two years now.

Thank God for forgiveness and reconciliation…the two who were once seen as sisters are back together hopefully for good.

Emelia and Nana Ama have been seen together on location of an upcoming movie and if their smiles and their posture in the photos are anything to go by, then it surely seems the two are warming their ways back into building that enviable friendship they once shared.

Emelia shared the photos on her Instagram page showing herself and Nana Ama in school uniform with other Kumawood stars clearly enjoying the roles together.





Guru - Ruff N Smooth

Rapper Guru has reacted to allegations by Ghanaian Afro-Pop duo Ruff N Smooth that he (Guru) performed their song “Send Your Fire” in Gabon even though they had asked Guru not to perform the song.

The “Pooley” Rapper apologized to Ruff and Smooth; indicating that the performance was a mistake from the DJ.

Read Guru’s statement below:

We went to Gabon to perform at the Gabon Le Grand Concert on the 12th of September which by the grace of God, Guru as usual gave a splendid performance.

And will like to make it clear that it was never ever in our plans to perform the song Guru had with Ruff and Smooth and we had more than enough songs to perform for the whole event. What really happened was our Disc jockey due to some problems he had we his documents couldn’t go with us so we had to employ the services of a DJ in Gabon.

We met with the Disc jockey hours before the performance and gave him a list of songs Guru was going to perform and arranged them accordingly. We didn’t add the song “send your fire” to the playlist even though the song was a popular song in Gabon and as result of Guru’s slogan “See you baby”, the populace generally thought it belongs to him.

On the night of the event, as evidently seen in the videos which we will soon release in full, Guru gave a historic performance with his songs back to back, but at the end for some indistinct reasons the Dj dropped the Send your firetrack after Guru’s last song for the night.

We knew Guru was almost done with his performance so we were preparing the exit for him with the security, before we could run to stop the DJ, he had already started playing the song whiles Guru was on stage and he had no choice than to perform the song.

And at the end Guru told the crowd to watch out for Ruff and Smooth who will be there very soon.

Guru never had plans to perform the song and he never performed it three times as bullet of ruff and smooth claimed. We will like to say once again that the song being played was not in our plans and was out of control and we like to apologize to anyone who has been affected for the song being performed.

Finally, we expected Ruff and smooth to contact us to make known their displeasure and grievances in order for issues to be resolved but not to make certain allegation to dent Guru and his career. We know a lot has been said, but this was what happened in Gabon.

It looks like some people have wrong perceptions about my silence on issues arising. I have never responded to any issue so far not because they are true or I have nothing to say. But it’s because most of the time management stops me from doing so or we realize the devilish intent behind the accusation so we pay no attention to them.

But for people I call brothers who I have walked with and to accuse me wrongly with the aim of tarnishing my image and career before the right thinking members will be the last thing I will entertain. With what happened in Gabon I guess my management have explained the true turn of events and I have to make this clear to the whole world that I had no intention of performing the “send your fire” track which I featured on, and wasn’t expecting it to follow my last song on stage, but I was on stage and caught in the moment so had to perform it for the crowd but it was never my plan to.”

Secondly, I never insulted Bullet when he contacted me on Whatsapp which he claimed on Pluzz Fm AM rise and here is the proof. I respect Ruff and smooth a lot as artists and a friend, but I guess once intention are known when you have a problem with them.

I want to thank the people of Gabon for the love and support and promise to return very soon. And talking about my works, I just released a video to my single “Baba God” a couple weeks ago which is doing very well and as soon I touch down in Ghana am dropping a video to my single “Epic”. I want my fans and the whole world to know we just getting started so they should expect more hitz.”



Caroline and JaydenRadio Presenter and Model Caroline Sampson has being thinking about marriage and guess the kind of man she want to marry.

Caroline has revealed that she might end up marrying someone way younger than her.

She tweeted on Friday: “Moving on…I have a feeling I will marry someone younger than I am.”

It is not too clear what motivated her thoughts but this is to tell older men who may be eyeing her to back off and look elsewhere.

Caroline had a rather rough ending in her last relationship with the father of her son.




Timaya Bentley

Nigerian singer Timaya escaped unhurt after he was involved in an accident on Thursday September 17, 2015.

The “Shake ur bom bom” singer made the revelation on his Instagram, accompanying it with a picture of the front of his Bentley horribly smashed.

The singer noted no one got hurt and thanked God for saving him.

“Had an accident yesterday but I thank GOD nobody got hurt… blessssssss”, he captioned this picture.




Sensational Ghanaian actress may not be known for her movie roles but there is one thing about her that cannot go unnoticed, her body.

Moesha has a very curvy body especially her big butt and she has never been shy from showing it off and this time she’s gone all out.

The actress whose private naked picture was rumored to have leaked earlier on in the week has spoken to Moesha denied the rumors insisting that the said picture was part of a new photoshoot to market her new lingerie line.

She said shared that particular picture on her Instagram page on Tuesday September 16, 2015 and someone decided to copy it and tag it as a leaked naked picture. She said was in in a lingerie but pose made it look like she was naked.

Moesha believe she has a beautiful body and can’t hide show so she has to flaunt it.

“It is not as if I do those poses or wear dresses to bring my curves out intentionally, the truth is that, there is nothing I can do about it”, I can’t hide these curves and if you can’t hide something, the best thing to do is to appreciate and flaunt it just as the Bible says that everything God created is beautiful”, she told Graphic Showbiz.

Moesha said she sees her body as a work of arts and looks more beautiful without any cloths on and doesn’t see why when a slim model takes photos in bikini or lingerie it is considered arts but when a curvy or bigger lady does same people call it trashy.

“Art is what not what you see but what u make others see”.

“Beauty illuminates the soul -the unclothed”.

“Why is that when a slim model does an implied nude shoot is considered art but when a bigger or curvy does same it’s considered trashy???” this is how she captioned three different photos shared on Instagram from the photoshoot.

Moesha who is a graduate of the University of Ghana, Legon where she studied Theatre Arts, has played different roles in movie such as; A Sting in a Tail, Die With Me, Blood line, Vi times, Yvonne’s Tears, Hostage, Vultures of Horror, The Last Part and Mysterious Girls.

She disclosed that it is boudoir photography and the theme of the shoot was “Bedroom diaries” and she has released exclusive photos to to prove that it was professional photo shoot and not leaked naked pictures, adding that is about to shoot produce her first movie.

Checkout Moesha new lingerie photos below:

Moesha2 Moesha3 Moesha4 Moesha5

Moesha8 Moesha10Moesha13 Moesha14

Moesha instagram 2 Moesha instagram 3Source: 



MzVee -Hold Me now 2

Singer MzVee has showed off his sexy body in bikini in the much awaited video for her new single “Hold Me Now”.

The video which was shot by Gyo Gyimah of Phamous Philms shows a more sexy and daring part of the singer who has been in the music industry for less than 3 years since she went solo.

“Hold Me Now” was produced by Richie Mensah for Lynx Entertainment.

Checkout the new video below:



Pascaline EdwardsNews One newspaper, who reported that actress Pascaline Edwards has made public her fear for the cemeteries and that she is not going back there, have provided evidence to prove that actress indeed made those comments, after she denied their report.

The actress in an interview on Neat FM yesterday denied ever making those statements and accused journalists of misquoting and twisting stories for their own selfish gains and even called on investigative journalist Anas Aremiyaw Anas to investigate journalists.

“In every society there are always some bad nuts. Most of the journalists are good but the new ones that are coming up who want quick fame are the ones giving journalist a bad name. So Anas should also concentrate on the media and investigate journalists”, she said this on Neat FM.

News One reported that Pascaline posted a photo of herself, Yvonne and Eddie at the cemetery on her Instagram and commented that she was not returning to the cemetery again.

“She Prayed! The movie. Mother and Children. That cemetery …I don’t want to go there again oo”.

Pascaline denied ever making these comments on Instagram.

After published Pascaline’s denial, News One sent screen shot of Pascaline Edwards Instagram post and it proves that the ‘Ripples’ actress actually made those comments.

Earlier this week, Rapper Sarkodie and Actor John Dumelo have all accused that media of misquoting them separate reports about them and Pascaline supported them citing News One’s story as an example.



Mummy Kim went with cute baby girl North West to support daddy West.

Kanye with North WestNorth West obviously had a lot of pretty things to look at and a lot of people to carry her around aside her father Kanye West who was busy showcasing his fashion line and her mother Kim at the finale of Yeezy Season 2 in New York.

North West dressed to match with her mother Kim was seen with her daddy at some point and posed with her aunties Khloe, Kendall, Kourtney, among others.

Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 2 took place during New York Fashion Week at Skylight Modern in New York City on Wednesday September 16, 2015.

Adorable North West took the spotlight has all the stars carried her posed with her for the paparazzi…and the cutie surely knows how to smile for the cameras.


Actress Vicky Zugah has been in a series of relationships for the past few years. Leo and ChichiVicky Zugah was reported to have tattooed her then boyfriend, DJ Cash’s name on the body after the guy inked “Vicky Zugah” on his body. Few months after tattooing names on their skins, Vicky Zugah left DJ cash for her colleague actor Leo Mensah. reported about Vicky’s relationship with the current host of Gh One’s Ntoatoa show when the actress made some donations to The Borstal Institute for juveniles in Accra October 11 last year during her birthday celebration.

Few months after the two entered into the relationship, we are informed they have gone their separate ways. Close source tells that the two separated before Vicky Zugah involved in an accident on the GIMPA road when returning home from a movie set.

The source added that the two had broken up when Leo Mensah hosted the actress on his show, Ntoatoa which aired on Gh One.

New pictures emerging on social media suggest that Leo Mensah has entered into a new relationship with another actress, Chichi.

Chichi posted pictures of Leo Mensah and herself on Instagram with some love quotes which has raised questions on her relationship status with the actor cum TV host.

“I felt it….I tasted it hmmmm it was fun lol@leomensah_ntotatoahene”.

Source: Zionfelix